Guidebook for Adventurers, Part 2

GM Notes Feb 1, 2018, 08:55 (UTC+8)

Hello, Adventurers!

This is the Black Desert GM, Olvia.


Hope you found lots of helpful tips from the first Guidebook for Adventurers!

Today, we would like to address some of the most common questions about the game that come in through our Customer Support.

Answers to a lot of your questions can be found in our Wiki guides about Combat, PvP, Life activities etc.


Don’t know what we mean by ‘Wiki’?

The Black Desert Wiki is a useful feature on our website that provides detailed explanations about how various game contents work and gives you advice on how to maximize your gaming experience.

You can also access the Wiki from within the game by pressing F1.


▲ Location of the Black Desert Wiki on our official website


GM Olvia has prepared the second Guidebook for Adventurers below.

We’re sure many of you will find it helpful!


[Leveling Guide]

▶ Level 50 Questing Guide

▶ Calpheon Leveling Guide

▶ Mediah Leveling Guide



▶ Enhancement System

▶ Transfusion System

▶ Black Spirit’s Rage



▶ Death Penalty

▶ Node/Conquest War

▶ Red Battlefield


[Game Features]

▶ Marketplace

▶ Mounts

▶ Pets


[Life Activities]

▶ Production

▶ Processing

▶ Trade


The Wiki is filled with helpful information that will help you on your adventure.

The next time you’re stumped about something in the game, try looking it up on the Wiki!

Just press F1 while in the game or go to the Wiki section on our website.

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