Maximum Enhancement Level Increase

GM Notes Feb 8, 2018, 09:00 (UTC+8)

Hello, Adventurers.

I’m GM Olvia for Black Desert. Today, I’m here to share information on the latest update. It’s the ‘Enhancement System’ that everyone has been waiting for!


Before the update, the enhancement level was limited to +15. Now, after the 02/08 (Thu) update, you can increase it up to + 18! But keep in mind, there will be more risks involved with Enhancement as well. Let’s take a look!

▶ Go to Enhancement WIKI


■ For Higher Level Equipment Enhancement! The ‘Pri Duo Tri’ System

In order to enhance a +15 equipment, you need Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon, Armor) instead of the original Black Stones (Weapon, Armor).

You can get Concentrated Magical Black Stones by heating Black Crystal Shards with Black Stones.

You can obtain Hard Black Crystals and Sharp Black Crystals at a low chance through quests or gathering.



■ How to make a Concentrated Magical Black Stone

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) = Heat 1 Sharp Crystal Shard + 2 Black Stone (Weapon)

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) = Heat 1 Hard Crystal Shard + 2 Black Stone (Armor)

From +16, the enhancement levels will be displayed in Roman numerals and the name ‘Pri Duo Tri’ will be displayed on the item tooltip.



Although the enhancement limits are gone and you’ll be able to get stronger, there will be an equal amount of risk involved. Starting from Duo, if you fail an Enhancement, it will take Black Stones and lower the max durability of your equipment. The enhancement level will decrease by one every time you fail as well.


Not only that, starting from +15 you won’t be able to perform Forced Enhancement, where you can use a large number of Black Stones to guarantee a successful enhancement. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to try Enhancement after you have enough Fail stacks.


Now you know more about the new Enhancement system, I hope this information helps you get stronger equipment for your battles.

We’ll be back with more interesting and useful information next time.


Thank you

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