An Introduction to Node Wars

GM Notes Feb 16, 2023, 10:28 (UTC+8)

An Introduction to
⚔️Node Wars⚔️

Make memories on the battlefield with your Guild and earn great rewards, 

Black Desert’s premier PvP Content, ⚔️‘Node Wars’! 


Are you a part of a Guild looking to take on the challenges of Node War? Look no further! 

Check out these 🎥 video guides for Node Wars!  


Node War Basics


Partner Creator's Node War Guide

Geezo's Node War Guide


From the items for Node war how to find a place to install a Fort! 
Various Tips for novice guilds! Check it out now XD



's Node War Guide

Do you want to try to be a Cannoneer?
Then, don't miss Inaba's video! 

Enjoy the thrill of PvP⚔ with your guild, 

take down your enemies and earn great rewards🎁!  

✋ Wait !! 
- Each video was produced before the February 15, 2023 (Wed) maintenance, and some information may differ from the current game content depending on updates and content changes.  

- Please keep in mind that the Partner Creator video may contain subjective opinions, which are the opinions of the Partner Creator.


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