Preview of Upcoming New Outfits – April 19, 2023

Pearl Shop Apr 12, 2023, 13:05 (UTC+8)

"Absolute glory for Calpheon,  
a merciless end for enemies"

New outfit for Valkyrie, Drakania, Guadian, and Ranger 

"Absolute glory for Calpheon, a merciless end for enemies”


Williar, a family with an extensive 

legacy of unrivaled leaders 


Members of the Williar family pledge allegiance to their country  

before they’re old enough to even wield a sword, and it is tradition to undergo rigorous military education and training. 


Their fierce movements and excellent command 

overwhelm many a battlefield. 


Never do they show emotion, nor do they revel in the thrill of battle. 

Only a cold, merciless stance that devours enemies like a furious flame. 


One day, 
 another general of the family 

was appointed commander-in chief 

of the entire border. 


A flame that never withers. 

With a glorious cape swirling around her, she leaves a 

solemn air in her wake as others look on in awe. 


'The world will know no peace as long as there exist different beliefs.  
 I shall color the world scarlet, and it shall not fade away.' 


She cares not what others think. 

Her eyes care only for the red flags that will rise in front of her.  


New Outfit Release Date Class
April 19, 2023 (Wed)
Valkyrie, Drakania, Guardian, Ranger

* Please note that the release order of the outfits/classes is subject to change. We will do our best to continue to release amazing outfits to repay your support and interest.

* The actual appearance of the released outfit may differ from the preview image above. The outfit’s release date is also subject to change.

- We will update you through this notice if any of the release dates are changed.

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