Regarding Restrictions on Unauthorized Program Users

Notices Apr 18, 2023, 21:40 (UTC+8)


Greetings, Adventurers. 

In recent months, we noticed an uptick in unauthorized programs being advertised or sold on a variety of social media platforms, which led us to strengthen our restriction criteria based on what we identified in our unauthorized program and data tampering detection systems. 
And based on these strengthened restriction criteria, we took action against violators of our policies in three separate ban waves on March 9, 15 and 22. After these gameplay restrictions, we began receiving appeals, leading us to conduct a comprehensive review of the affected Adventurers. 
From our investigations, we reconfirmed that there were no issues with the detection results of our unauthorized program and data tampering detection system. However, we could not rule out the possibility that our strengthened restriction criteria included outlier cases unrelated to Black Desert, such as PCs infected by viruses, malicious code, or certain “PC management programs,” which could affect the detection systems. 

Taking the possibility of viruses or malicious code having an influence on some of these cases into consideration, we determined that imposing restrictions on accounts without major abnormalities in their in-game records would be unjust and made the decision to lift the restrictions on these accounts. 

* Adventurers who were unbanned were contacted individually.  

In order to ensure a safer gameplay experience, we will continue to do our best to improve our internal restriction criteria and in-game monitoring to combat the influence of unauthorized programs on our service. Furthermore, our strict policy against users of unauthorized programs -- who adversely impact gameplay -- will remain unchanged. 

We also ask our community to be vigilant in managing the security of your PCs, as activities such as using unauthorized programs or tampering with game data not only violate our policies but may also result in leaked personal information or virus infections.  

Thank you for your cooperation and support. 

The Black Desert Service Team 

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