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"If you hear the eerie roar of a ferocious beast, turn back immediately."
Black Knight

Beserker, Archer, Ninja, Striker


As darkness spread thickly across the night sky, 

a menacing howl reverberated through the air. 

It was impossible to tell whether the sound was human or beast. 

"Could they be... the mercenaries?” 

A man asked nervously to those around him. 

The Black Knights, the Silver Wolves, Death's Shadows. 

They were referred to as many things, 

but their identity remained shrouded in mystery. 


Even in the darkness, they communicate through unique signals, 

and to unfamiliar ears, they sounded like the haunting wail of wolves. 

They were not bound by loyal to any region or reverence for any god. 

Driven only by the promise of wealth and renown, their next move remained unpredictable. 


At times they attacked without mercy, or they emerged from the shadows like an omen of the apocalypse. 

Even if one tried to flee, they would chase them relentlessly to delivering death upon them. 

"If you hear the eerie roar of a ferocious beast, turn back immediately. 

It's the howl of darkness and soon someone will become prey. 


That night, the prince of a kingdom who didn't heed these words 

was devoured by the Silver Wolf without even a chance to scream

Release Date Classes
May 24, 2023 (Wed)     Beserker, Archer, Ninja, Striker


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