Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins Chapter 5

GM Notes Jun 19, 2023, 13:40 (UTC+8)

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins Chapter 5

Immerse yourself in the enchanting backstory of the Land of the Morning Light, as your imagination weaves threads of curiosity and wonder through these illustrated tales.  


Familiarizing yourself with these tales will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience!  


Chapter 4 of the Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins  

is about the Bamboo Legion. 

[!] Curious about the previous stories? 


 Don’t forget to take the pop quiz at the end of the GM Note!   

Read the story and put your knowledge to the test! 


Tale of the Geuseunsae


❖ Story 1 ❖
Tale of the Geuseunsae 
~A hidden story behind a friend’s peculiar behavior~ 

 A village farmer was heading to his friend’s field 

to return home together. 

 Upon arriving, however, he saw that his friend had untied the reigns of his ox 

 and was winding and unwinding them around his own neck, 

over and over again. 

Then suddenly, his friend took these reins to a nutmeg tree 

and tried to hang himself

Startled, the farmer rushed to save his friend
and asked why he would do such a thing, to which he replied, 

"Something resembling a raincoat flew over to me 

and put a noose around my neck...”

Tale of the Changui 


❖ Story 2 ❖ 
~What happens if you’re devoured by a tiger...?!~

They say that if a tiger takes even a sip of liquor, it becomes deeply intoxicated, and if it devours a human, it births a strange phenomenon. 

In essence, whenever someone is killed by a tiger, 
their souls are corrupted within the tiger's belly to re-emerge as a Changui, the tiger’s servant.

Something that the Changui does is sneak into a house and lick the kitchen pots clean.

Then the master of the house will grow hungry and ask his wife to cook for him, 
which will cause her to head to the kitchen, where a tiger will be lying in wait. 

Ah, and the Changui cannot ignore a sour fruit. 

If they come across green plums or bayberries  they’ll devour them senselessly. 



 Leave your answers to the quiz below in the GM Notes comments section!  

Jun 15, 2023 (Thu) to Jun 26, 2023 (Wed)


Q . What does a Changui like to gorge themselves on?

1. Balenos Meal 
2. Green plums and bayberries 


10 lucky adventurers will be chosen from those who leave their answers in the comment section! 

 [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) x1  

Tip! You’ll have a higher chance of being chosen if you leave 
your thoughts about the tales along with your answer!  
※ Players who were chosen will be announced within 2 weeks 
after the end of the event through this GM note.


Go to the link below for the previous chapter!

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins  

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins  

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins 

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins 


This was the fifth and final chapter to “Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins”! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the stories 

that lie behind our new continent, 

“The Land of the Morning Light”. 

Now, it’s time to go explore! ✨  

See you all there (*'▽')! 


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