Black Desert FESTA! 2023 Heidel Ball Recap!

GM Notes Jul 3, 2023, 18:35 (UTC+8)


Third Mythical Horse, “Mythical Doom”


The long awaited third mythical horse, Mythical Doom, will be blazing in, starting with Korea on July 12, 2023 (Wed).
Are you ready to feel its infernal heat?


Main Skills


· Shadows of Hellfire ·


Summons two additional Dooms for fellow guild members and party members to ride.
Mythical Doom and the summoned Dooms will all have the Two-seater skill. Therefore, up to 6 adventurers can ride on mounts when using the Shadows of Hellfire skill.

The summoned Dooms will disappear after 10 minutes.

The cooldown for Shadows of Hellfire is 20 minutes, which will open it up for a variety of uses.

Additionally, if you use Shadows of Hellfire while it’s on cooldown,

you can give up to 10 guild and party members nearby a Movement Speed +5% buff for 60 sec.



· Infernal Sprint ·



· Infernal Legion ·


Awakening Mythical Horse Difficulty Adjustments

· Improving Mythical Feather Obtainability ·

Improvements will be made to the key mythical horse awakening material, Mythical Feathers, as to the method and limitations on obtaining them.


More quests that give out Mythical Feathers will be added.

They will also eventually become available via the Patrigio’s Secret Shop, World Bosses and Field Bosses drops.

· Adding the Mythical Horse Stack System ·

In the case of Dream Horses, each failed attempt increased the odds of succeeding on your next attempt.

Now, this system will also be added to the Mythical Horse Awakening system as well.

New Treasure, Krogdalo’s Stall

The soon to be added new treasure, Krogdalo’s Stall, will enable you to call any of the three Mythical Horses without needing to visit a stable.

Krogdalo’s Stall and the yellow title ”Cosmic Horse Whisperer” are both given to you when you own all three different types of Mythical Horses.


We hope this will become a new goal for adventurers attempting to get their Mythical Horses.

Mount Improvements

· Improving on the “clunky” sprint issue ·

The clunky spring issue that has been stopping adventurers from running free will be improved on July 5. 2023 (Wed).

We hope your downhill runs will be smoother in the world of Black Desert after this update.

· Mythical Arduanatt Skill Buffs ·

Mythical Arduanatt was the very first Mythical Horse to be introduced into the world of Black Desert.

After its release, we released Mythical Diné and announced Mythical Doom.

However, Mythical Arduanatt felt lackluster compared to the newer two.

So, we plan to improve Mythical Arduanatt.

Mythical Arduanatt will now dash in the sky when you press Q during mid-flight.
· Mythical Diné Unique Skill Buff ·

Mythical Diné has a unique skill that allows them to run on water. However, we’ve received a lot of feedback that the running time felt too short.

Therefore, we will be increasing the time that Mythical Diné can run on water.

· Season Characters – Able to ride Dream Horses ·
Season characters will be able to ride Dream Horses after the July 5, 2023 (Wed) update.

Dehkia’s Lantern


Introducing Dehkia’s Lantern! This will make the current monster zones feel totally different.
When you use the lantern at designated monster zones, monsters will awaken and deal more damage.

Dehkia’s Lantern can be obtained by completing a simple quest. You can get materials to refill the lantern by processing yellow-grade accessories.

· Ash Forest ·
(Recommended AP 310+, DP 410+)
· Olun's Valley ·
(Recommended AP 310+, DP 400+)

Other than the monster zones mentioned above, Thornwood Forest and Tunkuta will be the four monster zones that the lantern can be used in. We plan on expanding on the number of monster zones that the lantern can be used in later on.


Also, even though Cyclops Land isn’t an actual monster zone, we are working on making the lantern usable with “Cyclops”.

The awakened Cyclops are planned to drop Dawn Earrings.

New Region, Noble Land Ulu Kita


Ulu Kita is the most mysterious region in Mediah as well as the homeland of Illezra.

In the August 9, 2023 (Wed) update, the two areas called City of the Dead and Tungrad Ruins will be released first.

They are monster zones for adventurers with 700 or higher gear score.

As monsters influenced by Illezra will appear in Mediah,
you will be able to obtain special rewards like the Origin of Dark Hunger, originally only given out during limited events, and a new treasure item in Ulu Kita.

The Origin of Dark Hunger obtained as loot will be different from the previous version as it can be used to build stacks up to 300 and registered on the Central Market.

The new treasure item that can drop in Ulu Kita is called, “Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Telescope.”

Like how the compass is an item that can call friends from afar, then the telescope is an item that can take you to the location of your guild and party members.



The two new monster zones in Ulu Kita will be released one at a time in September and October.

When these monster zones are released, you will be able to follow a main questline that reveals the hidden story of Prince Bareeds and why he was exiled to Valencia.


Additionally, the last piece of the ancient defense gear, “Ator’s Shoes” will be coming out as well.

Details about the shoes will be announced through a later update.

Treasure Item Improvements

· Ornette’s Spirit Essence / Odore’s Spirit Essence ·

Soon, you will be able to store Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence in your Family Inventory.

The Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence stored in the Family Inventory will be changed so that all characters within the Family can automatically use them through the Fairy’s Skill.


In addition, for adventurers who have already crafted two or more spirit essences, we plan to change it so that the Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence can be listed in the Central Market.


Our goal is to get this content updated in August 2023, and we will provide more detailed information as soon as the preparation is done.

· Archaeologist’s Map ·
With the update on July 12, 2023 (Wed), the Archaeologist’s Map and the Traveler’s Map will be improved to have different cooldowns.

Asia Node War Championship 

We're excited to share that we're actively working on implementing Crossplay for Thailand and Southeast Asia, as announced at the Heidel Ball. Our aim is to launch it in September 2023. 


As part of this, representatives from Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao, and Japan have been selected in each region for the upcoming Asia Node War Championship. 

Once the Crossplay update is live, we'll select representatives for Thailand and Southeast Asia to participate in the Asia Node War Championship. 


Stay tuned for a separate announcement with more details about the Crossplay service for Thailand and Southeast Asia. 


We appreciate your anticipation and interest in the upcoming changes on the servers in Thailand and Southeast Asia. 




War of the Roses


In War of the Roses, there are two factions that battle against each other.

These two factions are the Ornette Castle, representing Kamasylvia, and the Odore Castle, representing O’dyllita.


As each faction can have up to 300 participants, for a total of 600, we are preparing for not only guilds but also individual adventurers to participate.


We have simplified the complex preparation process of the existing Conquest War in the War of the Roses so that participants can focus on their skills and strategies.

The goal is to occupy the sanctums of each faction and defeat the NPC leader of each castle.


Participants can check the war situation through the tactical map and can also become the commander and give various orders to their allies.


If the development of this content goes as planned, War of the Roses pre-season will start from Aug 26, 2023 (Sat). As this is a large-scale content, we will provide a detailed introduction through additional GM notes before the update.

3rd Season for Arena of Solare


This season of Arena of Solare will start in a new stage, the Land of the Morning Light.

We expect adventurers to enjoy a diverse experience as they explore the spaces they have passed through, from the Maehwa Tree Road in Dalbeol Village, Shimnidae Forest, Dokkebi Cave, Provincial Office of Donghae, to the reed fields of Gowun Plateau.

PvP Improvements

· Restrictions on Using Certain Functions/Items during Combat. ·

The casting time for Emergency Escape and Traveler’s Map will be increased. And during Emergency Escape, you will not be able to access the character selection screen or move to another server.

You will be able to see this information through the update on July 19th, 2023 (Wed)

· Emergency Escape during Knockdown and Stiffness ·
It is planned to be improved on the update on July 5th, 2023 Wednesday to allow the use of Emergency Escape even in Knockdown and Stiffness states.
· Visualization of the Status Effects ·

An additional icon will be added to allow you to quickly recognize the status effects during combat.

It is planned to be applied in the same way with the defensive icons such as Forward Guard, Invincibility, and Super Armor. The goal of applying it is in August 2023.

Accepted the Revered Fox Spirit, Awakening Maegu - July 5th, 2023 Wednesday Simultaneous Global Update Scheduled

Main Skills
Unlike her sister Woosa, Awakening Maegu holds two fans and uses them as Awakening Weapons. She utilizes her inner energy in her own unique way.
A circular effect of the Fox Eye appears on the ground where Maegu stands when using a skill and she can instantly enters the Spiritforged state.

After entering that Spiritforged state, when using another skill, it is significantly enhanced.

You can try Awakening Maegu out in advance in the Black Desert Global Lab from July 2nd, 2023 Sunday.

Characters Improvements


The prepared video showed Awakening Ninja’s skill Sura ChaoSpree,” which is scheduled to be improved through the update on July 12th, 2023_

We redesigned the movement and effects as it proved to have limited usefulness.


We are preparing improvements not only for the Awakening Ninja shown in the video, but also for the Awakening Kunoichi and Succession Nova.

You can see them on the Black Desert Global Lab next week with the details,

and we plan to gradually and consistently improve other characters as well throughout this year.

The Black Shrine

· New Boss, Imoogi ·
Imoogi, the mystical being of legends, will arrive as the 10th boss of the Black Shrine for adventurers around the world on July 5th.
· Increasing the Rewards for Defeating Bosses above Calamity 6 ·
We plan to add the possibility of obtaining DUO (II) grade Arboreal Deboreka Earring when successfully defeating a boss above Calamity 6.
· World Buff by Defeating Calamity 7 Bosses ·

If you defeat a Calamity 7 Boss, the highest difficulty currently available, we plan to add a world buff to to the same server immediately, all in the name of the adventurer who defeated the boss on that server.

Depending on the unique aura of that defeated Calamity 7 Boss, you will receive one of the following buffs: AP +1, DP +1, or Item Drop Rate +20%.

The Great Ocean Improvements and Updates

· Removing the Current ·

The currents that adventurers were concerned about while sailing will be removed.

You can sail faster with the wind at your back, and even if there is a headwind, lowering the sail will not slow down your sailing speed.

· Increasing the Profitability of Bartering / Adding the First Mate ·

And to increase the profitability of Bartering, we have adjusted the value of level 5 trade goods up to a maximum of 50%.

Additionally, we will add a new First Mate sailor who can provide special benefits to ship skills and stats.

· Ship Call Distance and Movement Distance, Terrain Improvement ·

Adventurers have experienced getting stuck on random terrain, so we will double the range where you can call ships to alleviate this problem.

In addition, we are working on fixing those parts of the terrain that hinder or cause problems with ship movement.

· New Monsters in the Ocean ·

First, a powerful pirate fleet of 5-10 ships will appear in the sea.

And the strategy is to defeat them while trying to avoid getting surrounded.


Next, we are preparing the “Void Maretta”, a new type of a monster in the ocean, designed around the concept of a sea harpy.

It lures and attacks sea creatures like Hekaru, so the key is to attack it while avoiding the attacks of those sea creatures.

· The Ebenruth’s Nol Requirement Relaxation ·
The ship stat restriction, which is a requirement for using Ebenruth’s Nol, will be removed with the update on July 19, 2023 Wednesday.

Ebenruth’s Nol

· The Guild Galley Upgrade ·
The guild Galleys will be much bigger and be given more cannons.
Also, a mini-game that guild members can enjoy together will be added while the guild’s Galley is in operation.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

· Characters’ Inventory ·

A function will be added to categorize items in the inventory.

This feature will also be applied to the Pearl Inventory and the Family Inventory on July 12th.

· Novice's Bag ·
This is a new feature for new adventurers who find it difficult to accurately distinguish where various items are used.
The Novice's Bag allows you to use an additional inventory to store items separately from the character’s inventory that was previously used.

New adventurers can use them on July 12th, 2023.

In the long term, we believe that we need to improve this aspect by reducing the number of items and organizing them by integrating them.

· Liana's Tool ·

A dedicated gathering tool slot for equipping various gathering tools will be added, allowing you to swap equipment slots and enjoy gathering and life content whenever you want.

And you will be able to do basic gathering even without any gathering tools.

We expect these updates to go out in September.

· Removing Pet Levels ·
The pet level system will be removed, so that pets can pick up items right from the get-go regardless of the time spent adventuring with the players.
· Preserving the Node Levels ·
We will permanently preserve the node level that's been invested in when it is temporarily reset for various reasons.
This process may take some time due to the existing structure, however, we will try to do it as quickly as possible.
Furthermore, while working on the structure, we also plan to develop a more convenient way to invest energy in nodes.

Summer Event, The Sea Palace - July 26, 2023 (Wed) Global Release


As we welcome the summer of 2023, a new event area called “The Sea Palace” will be updated.

Players can become the protagonist of “Byeoljubujeon” (the Korean folktale of “the Hare's Liver” and experience exciting stories firsthand.

A New Outfit, Yeoreum



I believe that we were able to provide service for Black Desert for such a long time

because you adventurers always have been there and supported us from the beginning.


We want to look back on the memories of when Black Desert first opened to wrap things up today.

· The First Reveal Appearances of Ranger, Tamer, and Musa Restored ·

We've taken the first reveal appearances of Ranger, Tamer, and Musa and recreated them in a remastered version.

1 hairstyle for males and 2 for females will be added so that you can meet them in the game soon.




Black Desert FESTA, 2023 Heidel Ball

It was truly a meaningful Heidel Ball we got to enjoy with our adventurers that was condensed down to its essence.

We hope you all enjoyed the event and created some fond memories!
Thank you to all our adventurers who have always been with us!




※ Global updates will come after the dates that are mentioned in this GM Note unless it is specified to be global release. Global release dates will be announced at a later time.

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