Adventures in Black Desert are Endless

GM Notes Jul 4, 2023, 13:00 (UTC+8)



Adventures in Black Desert are Endless

Our legacies, as with Adventurer BRASILTEAM, live on in the swirling sands of Black Desert











Adventurer BRASILTEAM, from the South American server,

left an indeliable impression upon the soil of Black Desert

writing their own story into its ever-flowing sands.







Unfortunately, Adventurer BRASILTEAM has passed due to health issues.
We remain with the memory of a passionate Wizard who conquered the Calpheon battlefield every week. To commemorate their memory, Black Desert has prepared a special statue.

Although they have become a star in the skies overhead,
they will always shine down upon us, radiating the glory of Calpheon.







"Liga para eles não (Don’t mind others)"


The memorialized adventurer from the South American server

will appear in Black Desert globally on July 5th, 2023.













Their legacy will live on in the eternal sands of Black Desert.


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