Account Restrictions due to Central Market Abuse (2023.11.16)

Notices Nov 16, 2023, 13:25 (UTC+8)



The Black Desert Team spares no effort in order to ensure an enjoyable and healthy game environment. 

This includes taking action against activities that violate our Terms of Service and/or Operational Policy, such as the transferring of silver between accounts.


Abnormal gameplay activities like this not only bring disorder to the in-game environment, but also negatively influence elements related to system balance.


Such activities will result in game access restriction according to our Terms of Service and Operational Policy. We strongly advise our Adventurers to become familiarized with our policies and refrain from abnormal in-game activities that violate them.

   ▶ Black Desert Terms of Service

   ▶ Black Desert Operational Policy


Please refer to the information below for more details:


※ Account restrictions due to silver transfer between accounts

   ▶ Date : 2023/11/16 (Thursday)

   ▶ Restriction Details:

   ● 1st violation: 30-day game access block, silver deduction equal to up to 3 times the value of the total amount obtained

   ● 2nd violation: Permanent game access block

※ Depending on the severity of the violation, the number of offenses can be skipped and the violator may be immediately permanently restricted.

Restricted Users (Family Name)
1st violation



Our investigation uncovered repeated transactions where silver was transferred between specific accounts by using the price difference of certain items. Thus, the accounts above have been restricted in accordance to the [Trading Between Accounts] article of the Black Desert Operational Policy. 


We are constantly conducting investigations related to transfer of silver between accounts; all information related to the results and additional restrictions will be announced on our website.


And so, close monitoring will continue in order to provide the healthy game environment expected by our Adventurers.


Thank you.

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