Ulukita <The Barrens of the Slumbering Sun>

GM Notes Nov 22, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8)



Once frozen in time, Mediah moves forward once more

in the barrens where the sun sleeps


New Main Story

Reunite in Ulukita with Bareeds III, the tragic prince of Mediah...

The story continues nearly 8 years since the first encounter with the Mediahn prince in 2015.

Embrace the new winds arising in Ulukita.


Recap of the 4 major characters

soon to be reunited with the Adventurer

▲ Bareeds III
▲ Neruda Shen
▲ Sarma Anin
▲ Sirare


Let the melodies of Altinova recall their memories.


The Last Prince of Mediah
Bareeds III



The Three Days of Darkness – a calamity wrought upon Mediah by Illezra.


For three days, the people in Mediah trembled in fear, consumed by madness, as pitch-black darkness covered the lands, blotting out both sun and moon.

And, alone in the dark, Mediah Castle was lit ablaze.

Weak and incompetent, the monarchy easily crumbled, while Bareeds III barely escaped with his life still intact, becoming the sole survivor of his royal bloodline. 
From Neruda Shen, the self-appointed premier who claimed to be speaking on the young prince’s behalf, 
to the Mediahn masses, whose favor he had long lost due to the oppressive rule of the Aksulp royal family, Bareeds III realized he was not safe and soon embarked to seek asylum in Valencia. 

However, during that very journey, an incident occurs...



Mediah Merchants Union Chairman
Neruda Shen 


The war between Calpheon and Valencia in the pastand the continent of Mediah in between. 

In place of the rather passive Mediahn monarchy at the time, the Mediah Merchants Union foresaw the flow of events and took matters in their own hands. 

They gathered blacksmiths to support the Calpheon Alliance with resources, and successfully secured trading rights of the Black Crystals, whose value Calpheon didn’t fully realize.

They used part of the compensation amassed from Calpheon to provide aid to Valencia, thereby also securing trade rights with the latter nation, who also would provide protection in return.

By single-handedly monopolizing the supply of goods in the region, they accumulated vast wealth, and with it, the Mediah Merchants Union built Altinova itself

Later, Neruda Shen would be voted in as chairman of the union with overwhelming support. 
The Mediah Merchants Union soon became renamed as the Shen Merchant Guild.

With all of Mediah completely under his thumb, and now premier, Neruda Shen’s gaze lays upon the virgin lands of Ulukita...



Captain of the Shroud Knights
Sarma Anin 



The Shroud Knights, an order of knights who answer solely to the Mediahn royal family.


Yet during the Three Days of Darkness, the order failed to protect the royal family.
The Shroud Knights were left with nothing but dishonor in their name.


Their purpose lost, their body and soul in disarray, the remnants scattered throughout Mediah.


Sarma Anin rose to the position of master of the Shroud Knights
solely due to her exceptional combat prowess from the lowly ranks of a foot soldier.


Having risked her life to rescue the Mediahn prince before,
she continues to serve as loyal retainer to Bareeds III even to this day.

But now, she requests an investigation into the incident which occurs during the prince’s exile...




Prophet of Altinova 



One of the sons of the famed prophet family of Mediah, Sirare.

" The dark shadow is returning with the witch of darkness.."


His prophecies had never missed their mark,
so when he foretold the coming of a threat equal in scale to the Three Days of Darkness to befall upon Mediah,
all of Altinova was shaken to its core.

Having stood by the side of Bareeds III as his childhood friend,
Sirare played a crucial role in aiding Bareeds III's exile, alongside Sarma Anin.


Now, Sirare has a new prophecy to unfold to the Adventurer...



Reunited at last

The wedge furthers between Bareeds III and Neruda Shen
Long-buried secrets of Mediah uncovered

A land where new history shall be written...

Ulukita awaits you, Adventurers.

New Main Story: Continue the Story of Bareeds III
New Monster Zone: Darkseekers' Retreat
New Items: Ator's Shoes, Kabua's Artifact, and more!

Before setting off on your journey to Ulukita, have you caught up with the story? Answer the questions in the comments of this GM Note for a chance to win exclusive rewards!
- Nov 30, 2023 (Thu) 13:00

[Jukebox] Winter in Mediah
(20 random Adventurers)




[Event] Valks' Enhancement Help Kit x3
(All Adventurers who answer correctly)


1. What is the name of the Knights belonging to the Mediahn royal family?
a) Sirare
b) Shroud
c) Berd
d) Neruda Shen


New Monster Zone: “Darkseekers' Retreat”

Recommended AP: 310
Recommended DP: 420

Darkseekers' Retreat is a newly added monster zone in Ulukita, where Adventurers can obtain a variety of items to aid their progress.

There are two mechanisms to be aware of. The first is the Eternal Darkseeker. Engaging in combat within this zone can, with a certain probability, spawn the Eternal Darkseeker. Defeating this monster triggers the appearance of numerous Followers who will aggressively attack players. However, don't panic! These monsters have lower health compared to others.

The second mechanism is the opportunity to create a Blazing Embers after defeating other Darkseekers. Destroying these embers activates Sealed Artifacts, which will disorient enemies intermittently for about 5 minutes. However, the Followers are immune to the effects of these artifacts. Destroying embers with rising smoke guarantees obtaining the Embers of Resonance!

Now, let's take a look at the various loot you can obtain in this monster zone!

New Items

The Flame of Resonance is an item used to craft the legendary Ator's Shoes. Like Dahn's Gloves, Ator's Shoes come in two versions. In addition to the Flame of Resonance, you can also obtain the Embers of Resonance at a certain drop rate from the Darkseekers' Retreat. The Flame of Resonance can be obtained by Heating (L) 100 Embers of Resonance.

Enhancement Level
Ator’s Shoes
Ator's Shoes
(Damage Reduction)
– DP: 87
– Evasion: 48 (+96)
– Damage Reduction: 39 (+19)
– DP: 89
– Evasion: 48 (+51)
– Damage reduction: 41 (+46)
Desperate Ator's Shoes – DP: 90
– Evasion: 50 (+97)
– Damage reduction: 40 (+21)
– DP: 92
– Evasion: 50 (+52)
– Damage reduction: 42 (+48)
Distorted Ator's Shoes     – DP: 93
– Evasion: 51 (+98)
– Damage reduction: 42 (+22)
– DP: 95
– Evasion: 51 (+53)
– Damage reduction: 44 (+49)
Silent Ator's Shoes – DP: 96
– Evasion: 53 (+100)
– Damage reduction: 43 (+24)
– DP: 98
– Evasion: 53 (+55)
– Damage reduction: 45 (+51)
Wailing Ator's Shoes – DP: 99
– Evasion: 55 (+102)
– Damage reduction: 44 (+26)
– DP: 101
– Evasion: 55 (+57)
– Damage reduction: 46 (+53)
Obliterating Ator's Shoes – DP: 102
– Evasion: 57 (+104)
– Damage reduction: 45 (+28)
– DP: 104
– Evasion: 57 (+59)
– Damage reduction: 47 (+55)
Crafting Method:
Accept the crafting quest from Durgeff in Atessahra with Flame of Resonance x1 + PEN (V) Urugon/Muskan's Shoes with Caphras Enhancement Lv. 10 or PEN (V) Blackstar Shoes in your inventory.
* Flame of Resonance (or 100 Embers of Resonance) can be obtained as a drop from the Darkseekers' Retreat or purchased from the Central Market.

The next item is Kabua's Artifact, a legendary item that once belonged to King Kabua who decided to remain in his kingdom forever and became a Kyve. This item drops at a certain probability, and you can also craft the artifact with 100 Kabua's Fragment and 1,000 Magical Lightstone Crystals.
Kabua's Artifact
Obtained by defeating monsters in the Darkseekers' Retreat Extra AP Against Monsters +7
Monster Damage Reduction +20
Max HP +100
Max Stamina +75
Crafting Method:
Manufacture (L) on Kabua's Fragment x100 and Magical Lightstone Crystals x1,000
Upon completing the main story of Ulukita, you can obtain Ator's Power Stone . This stone allows you to upgrade Alchemy Stones using both ABlessed Soul Fragments and Exalted Soul Fragments.

Ator's Powerstone (Alchmey Stone)
Obtained after finishing the main story of Ulukita All AP +7
All Accuracy +9
Ignores All Resistance +4%
Attack Speed +4%
Casting Speed +4%

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