Appearing from the Clouds, Only to Vanish with the Fog – Dusa of Sangdo School

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Appearing from the Clouds,
Only to Vanish with the Fog – Dusa of Sangdo School


On a winter's night, with a high full moon, snow blankets the ground, a silent sigh.
In the ruins of Sangdo School, where echoes die, only two remain, in stillness they lie.

Master Hee shattered the stillness, her voice reaching the figure perched upon the worn rooftop.
“Reminiscing about the past again?”

The figure responded,

"The life I led before meeting you is long forsaken, master.

Worry not for your disciple’s sake. The night is cold. Head on inside."


Hee, in a graceful bound, joined him on the roof.

"The entire land is blanketed in snow, shimmering under the moonlight...

 And you intended to witness this beautiful world... alone?”

she said, settling beside him.


On a summer night, with a half-moon's light, cicadas sing, piercing the quiet night. 

In the ruins of Sangdo School, a solitary sight, only one remains, in the silent twilight. 

Breaking the quiet, he steeled his gaze upon his sword, Hwando, while uttering a vow,

"Those who speak lightly dare claim you are no longer of this world, master.

But I shall scour the ends of the earth to find you."


On a winter night, with an old moon's gleam, the ruins of Sangdo School, a desolate dream.

No one remains, not even a beam, only silence, where memories teem.




"Behind the clouds, the moonlight smiles, how forlorn."


In the 21st year of King Yeongjong’s reign (Elionian Year 254), born as the second son of the noble house of Seonwoo, one of the seven prestigious families, he enjoyed a childhood of abundance and privilege.

 in the 28th year of Yeongjong (261 EY), at the tender age of eight, the king's death plunged the realm into chaos, ensnaring his family in the ensuing purge. He alone survived, clinging to life amidst the ruins of his once-great house.
For years, he wandered aimlessly, stealing food to stave off hunger. In the 9th year of King Hyojo’s reign (267 EY), at the age of fourteen, fate led him to Seoul, where he encountered Gang Hee, a Do master of the esteemed Sangdo School.
Taken into the school as her disciple, he initially dismissed her, refusing to accord her the respect of a true master due to being of similar age.

However, upon learning that she too had suffered the annihilation of her family due to treachery, his heart softened.

Moved by her determination to revive the Sangdo School and her genuine care for him, he grew to follow her with unwavering loyalty.
But their happiness was fleeting. Pursued by those hunting the descendants of traitors, the two were ultimately forced to part ways...



Main Weapon: Hwando / Sub-weapon: Gombangdae


Brandishing the mighty Hwando sword and the cloud-conjuring Gombangdae pipe,
Dusa is the Sangdo School’s true heir, walking the path of enlightenment to uniting body and spirit.

Dusa can summon archers and spearmen infused with umbral and luminous energies, 
and even formidable warriors from his clouds at the ready.
He shrouds the battlefield with smoke from his pipe, obscuring the vision of his foes, then closes in to finish them off with his powerful blade.

Beware, for a moment's distraction could lead you to face Dusa’s sudden emergence from the clouds.


Autumnal Blitz


Gather a great deal of luminous energy to summon forth cloud warriors who fire burning arrows at a rapid pace while darting between the clouds.

Prime: Cloud General


Summon the cloud general to your aid.


Harmoniously blend umbral and luminous energies
to unleash your most potent Do art.

Summer Breeze


Wrap luminous energy around your hwando to summon forth cloud warriors
who extend out with the clouds, attacking in all directions.

Winter Squall


Gather a great deal of umbral energy to summon forth cloud warriors who fire icy cold arrows to enemies in the front.

Wind Shear, Flow: Virga Shaft


Deflect off enemy blows with your hwando.
Like fog turning into clouds, approach your foe, then strike upwards.

Skill Combo



Appearing from the clouds, and vanishing into the fog, Dusa of Sangdo School arrives on July 3.


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