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Jun 3, 2018, 06:24 (UTC+8)
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On my problem i got 2 problems.

First, after game start> screen loading BDO> xigncode error 0xe0191009.
On this issue, i've checked the file 3 times, but the problem is not solved.

Second problem, after the first problem never finished, I delete Bin64 folder, and re-download the game. After the download is complete  game start> Xigncode3> Failed to init security. on this second problem BDO screen loading does not appear and directly to xigncode.
I've tried various ways with this method and disable antivirus and windows defender but have not finished the problem. if anyone has the same problem and already resolved please help. Thank you

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Oh man i think my PC broke with that game,,
but we have the same case..
maybe anyone know about this case...

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Error code 0xE0191009 & Failed to init security is caused by faulty internet.
This means that Xigncode executables was not able to "update" or connect to Xigncode "update server".


Try the following solutions:

Navigate to your Black Desert SEA folder.

\Black Desert\Bin64\xc\id\2 and delete xmag.xem.
Restart the launcher.

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maybe ur xigncode is corrupt

Download this file and replace it...
\Black Desert\Bin64\xc\id\2

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all not work

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My field is gone, is this a bug?

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its happen to me since yesterday
after trying everything like replacing the bin file and scanfile more than 3 times, all my effort wsted! but i tried something by changing my conection from indiehome into my phone tathering of telkomsel (yea i live in indonesia) its working. but i dont want to waste my phone internet quota so i switch back to indiehome and get dc'ed i try to relog again (using indiehome and its xign problem again) so i switch back using phone for the pathcing of xign and before inputing second pasword i swicth the conection back into indiehome
conclusion: by the fact that i cant reach (without vpn) at the same time as this problem (its normal 2 days ago), i assume the ISP somehow mess up or block xign (and some other IP) conection (bdo still working thou)

TLDR: try change ur internet or using VPN 

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This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.

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