[Story] Adventure of My Own – Part 2
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People thought Crisostomo will remain a bachelor because he refuses to marry and not planning to start a family of his own. What he only wants is to focus on his career as a soldier and his duties as the head of the family. Quite ironic because part of the duties as the head of the family, especially for the main branch, is to produce an heir.

The looks on everyone’s faces when one day Crisostomo entered the city, bloodied and exhausted while being accompanied by a Shai covered in dirt and mud. And on that same day, that very Shai calls him “father.”

He has a daughter!? They all cried.

The very foundation of Calpheon nobility was shaken when they found out that Crisostomo has a child. Not knowing if it’s illegitimate or circumstantial, they all made inquiries, intrigues even. Going as far as breaking into the Ibarra family home to find answers.

They wanted answers if a noble such as Crisostomo Ibarra, sought by many noblewomen but refuse to marry any of them, was hiding a woman that he truly loves and is finally settling down.

Only to find out that the Shai is adopted, and Crisostomo still without a woman in his life. A lot of people turn their attention to the Shai just to gain favours from Crisostomo. This made him furious.

Crisostomo loves his adopted daughter. Taking care of her and loving her as if she is his own. For two years he didn’t let his daughter roam outside of Calpheon City without him… until now.

Calpheon City

Market District

One sunny morning, we see a cheery Shai humming by the Market District, her name is Lorrelle Ibarra. Not much is known about Lorrelle other than she’s the adopted daughter of, what people seem to call him, the Eternal Bachelor, Crisostomo Ibarra.

Some of the vendors gave Lorrelle a piece of fruit, ranging from apples to oranges of the highest quality, Lorrelle then gave them her sincerest gratitude. Lorrelle would wander around the Market District the most and just befriend everyone.

This happened because when Lorrelle first came to Crisostomo’s life and her life in Calpheon started, Crisostomo gave her a grand tour of Calpheon. Everyone knows the Ibarra family, they’re one of the few noble families of Calpheon that are respected by all social classes, especially the lower class.

Left Alone?!

Lorrelle is approaching the gate of the Market District leading to the stables when someone shouted by the distance, calling her by name.

Lorrelle looks around and saw Auraenys, Elina Leight’s niece, wearing a beautiful Calpheon Noble Dress. She’s accompanied by a rather large soldier with full plated armour.

“Good morning, Lorrelle,” Aura said.

Lorrelle waves at Aura, “Hello, miss Aura!”

“Where are you going?”

“Going out!” Lorrelle said playfully.

“Oh? And where’s your father?”

“He’s busy. Uncle Monty said father will be busy with work and he’s going to be busy with research, so I’ll be left alone.”

“Oh really? What about your other relatives? Caretakers?”

“Umm… uncle Monty suggested my father to not hire any caretakers so I can learn ‘how the world works,’ and my other aunts and uncles are away on a business trip.”

“Then you’ll be left alone?” Aura frowns, “Are you going to be alright?”

“Yes!” Lorrelle exclaims as she raises her arms upwards, “Uncles Monty, Jacinto and Simoun, and Aunt Victorina sometimes sneak me away from father to train me outside the city to learn what I must do when I’ll start my adventure.”

“Oh? What did they teach you?”

“Uncle Monty taught me alchemy and about herbs, Uncle Jacinto taught me about camping, Uncle Simoun taught me about self-defence, and Aunt Victorina taught me about cooking and riding horses and donkeys!”

Aura is impressed, “Not bad, it seems they’ve taught you the basics. At least that’ll put my mind at ease, but are you sure that you’ll be fine outside?”

Lorrelle raises her arms upwards again, “Yes!”

Pretty Please

After Lorrelle’s lovely conversation with Aura, she made her way to the Market District Stables. There he sees Gabril, the Stables Keeper, tending the horses.

Gabril deserves credit for Calpheon’s reputation for being the home of quality horses. He knows inside out how to train horses as if he is communicating with them. [src]

“Mister Gabril!” Lorrelle shouted. This made the horse uneasy for a time, luckily Gabril is there to calm the horses down.

“What the…” Gabril looks behind him after calming down the horses, “You know full well not to startle the horses, missy.”

Gabril walks closer to Lorrelle. The Giant is now towering over the little Shai.

Lorrelle looks down, “I’m sorry mister Gabril…”

“Now, now, don’t be crying on me now,” Gabril said as he pats Lorrelle’s head, “I know you didn’t mean it.”

Lorrelle looks up and smiles at Gabril.

Gabril sighs in relief, “Much better. Now, why are you here?”

“I’m going out!” Lorrelle said as she raises her arms.

“Oh? Then you’re here to say goodbye to me?”

Lorrelle nods, “Yes, and I want a horse!”

“Now, now, we both know that you are not allowed to ride a horse.”

Lorrelle puts her hands together and presses it to her mouth, “Pretty please?”

“Don’t give me that look.”


Gabril sits down, “No, and that’s final, your father’s and uncle Montgomery’s orders.”

Lorrelle frowns.

My Own Donkey!

“But…” Gabril smirks, “He did, however, said a donkey’s fine. Just the right size for you.”

Lorrelle is now bustling with joy, “A donkey?!”

“Yes,” Gabril puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles.

Coming out of the stables is a donkey with smokey black and white body colour with dark stripes at its back.

“A donkey!” Lorrelle quickly approaches the donkey and hugs it.

The donkey reciprocates by licking her face.

Lorrelle giggles, “Hey, that tickles!”

“I’d like you to meet Vallet, this one is a very special donkey.”

“Hm? Why is that?”

“She’s friendly, likes to play and her personality almost matches you.”

Lorrelle’s eyes sparkle, “Wow! We’ll be best of friends, Vallet!”

Vallet brays happily.

Author’s Note

I’d like to take this time to thank Auraenys (Aura) for helping me with this story, especially the modelling hahaha.

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This looks so cute. I'm gonna dieeeeee. *w*


Can't wait for the next one!

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Forgot to link the HUMMING. RRRREEEEEE.


Updated the original post to reflect the minor change hahaha.


@Rozenelle, Thank you for the kind words! Yeah, I think my diabetes level went skyrocket when I was writing this hahaha.

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# 4

“Now, now, we both know that you are not allowed to ride a horse.”


Please run PATCH, Sir!


Dont abuse us Shai for material gain! #Shailivematters!

WE demand equal payment for being on creative work................


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# 5

@Veonya, Nothing against the Shai hahaha. It's more like, because of an overprotective father why horses are not allowed... or is it?

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so accident when??  can I skip pages??? ooo the suspense!!!!!!!!!

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# 7

Wow nice plot.

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# 8

It's finally released! Thanks for including me in the story!


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I just wanna say Ibarra is the sweetest dad to Lorelle protecting her and raising her. I'm pretty sure she and Vallet will be the the best of friends! They are not easily startled and good at kids! 💖

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# 10

@Aura, thank you as well for your help in this story!


Thank you @Arabellah for the kind words! Yes, I agree, behind that hard shell of Crisostomo is a heart of gold that just wants to do what's best for Lorrelle.

Mind if I include you next in a story I'll be writing about? It'll be sent at the present with Lorrelle.


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