[Story] Adventure of My Own – Part 3
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A continuation of Part 1 and Part 2.

Florin – Two Years Ago

Just northeast of Calpheon City lies the little town called Florin, the home of the Shais. Florin is also famous for its herbal products. Medicine made with local herbs and special Shai recipes are exported to all the major cities including Calpheon. [src]

By the main road is a small wagon containing several crates of potions. There are two Shais aboard the wagon, one is a male Shai with a short brown hair and beard, and wearing a simple ragged farmer’s clothes, his name is Marco, while the other is a female Shai named Mary, with blonde hair and wearing a cook’s clothes complete with an apron.

“Where’s our daughter?” Marco said, “We’ll be late with the shipment.”

“She’s still preparing,” Mary said, “This is her first time leaving Florin. Give her time.”

Marco nods, “True, but we need to go right now.”

“Oh hush, there’s no need to hurry.”


Just a little further up the hill of Florin is a small house where the two Shais by the wagon lives. Inside the house is a rather mischievous little female Shai with blonde hair, wearing orange rimmed glasses, and bisque and white coloured dress with a little dark green pouch on her left side. She’s browsing through the myriad of ceramic jars.

“Where are those berries and cookies?” The little Shai said.

“Lorrelle!” Marco shouted from the distance, the female Shai’s large ears wiggles, “we’ll be late, let’s go!”

“Coming!” Lorrelle shouted, “I’m just… finding my stuff!”

“The cookies are here!” Mary shouted from the distance.

This made Lorrelle bustling with joy and just storms out of the house, making a loud bang in the process.

“Oh my,” Valentine exclaims because of the noise.

“Bye Valentine!” Lorrelle said.

Valentine then saw Lorrelle running downhill, “You and your parents be careful now, alright?”

“Yes, Valentine!” Lorrelle then runs straight towards the wagon.

Lorrelle then made her way downhill and made a full stop just near the main road. She looks behind her and waves and says her farewell.

“Goodbye, everyone!”

Lorrelle then continues her way to the wagon and hops aboard.

Delphe Knights Castle

A castle protected by the Delphe Knights. It was a crucial strategic location during the war between the two realms, but now it is used as a gateway to connect Calpheon with Serendia.

The castle also serves to protect Calpheon from such potential threats as Karanda Ridge’s Harpies, the Khurutos near Calpheon, and even Serendia in the event another war breaks out. [src]

Two days have passed and the family of Shais are by the main road of Old Dandelion, just near Delphe Knights Castle. After delivering some crates of potions to Calpheon City, they are now on their way to Heidel to deliver the rest of the crates of potions.

Lorrelle’s parents are seated at the front of the wagon to steer the horse while Lorrelle is seated at the back with the crates of potions.

“Are we there yet?” Lorrelle said playfully.

Marco looked behind him to look at his daughter and smiles, “We’re nearly there. Delphe Knights Castle is our last stop and we’re on our way to Heidel,” he said as he points forward.

A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the checkpoint of Delphe Knights Castle.

“Hello, Marco,” one of the soldiers said, “here to deliver the crate of potions?”

Marco nods, “four crates, as requested, then the rest are for Heidel.”

“Alright, continue along inside and report to the quartermaster, we’ll unload the crates for you.”

“Why thank you, you are too kind,” Marco then looks inside the wagon, “Come, Lorrelle, let’s meet the quartermaster.”

The two Shais got out of the wagon. Lorrelle gets up and waves at the soldiers then hop out.

The soldiers wave back at Lorrelle.

“What a cute kid,” one of the soldiers said, “I think I want to be a father.”

A Small Reunion

Just further inside Delphe Knights Castle Gateway is Crisostomo Ibarra and Quartermaster Granbill, both in armour, talking to each other.

“Have you heard,” Granbill said, “Those rogues at Biraghi Den are running rampant.”

Crisostomo touches his chin, “Hmm, has Serendia done anything about it?”

“They have, but it worsens as time went by, the half of the guards sent to address the issue ends up joining the bandits’ ranks. Also, I heard they’ve raised the taxes further.”

“Those fools! That’ll only aggravate the lower classes to rebel… to think these monstrous beings appearing are not enough for them!” Crisostomo ponders for a bit, “Has the Kalis Parliament granted us permission to contain the bandits ourselves?”

“Oh my,” A male Shai said behind Crisostomo, “I hope I’m not intruding anything.”

Crisostomo looks behind him and saw the three Shais.

“Marco, my old friend!”

Lorrelle was startled and quickly hid behind her parents.

“Ibarra! Surprised to see you here,” Marco then puts his right arm around Mary, “you remember Mary, right?”

“How can I forget? It’s great to see you two again.” Crisostomo then looks behind the two Shais, “and who might this one be?”

Marco looks behind him and gently moves Lorrelle to be in front of him.

“She’s our daughter, Lorrelle,” Marco said, “Say hello to Sir Ibarra.”

“Hello…” Lorrelle said softly as she waves shyly.

Crisostomo smiles then kneel, “Nice to meet you, Lorrelle, my name is Crisostomo Ibarra, let’s be friends.”

Lorrelle smiles then dash forward and hug Crisostomo.

“Well, well,” Mary said, “looks like Lorrelle likes you already, Sir Ibarra.”

“It’s so great to meet you two again, and you too Lorrelle.”


“Well, I’ll be inside the castle,” Crisostomo said as he lets go of Lorrelle, “I’ll just be discussing something with captain Williar if you need me.”

Marco nods, “See you next time, old friend.”

As Crisostomo went inside the castle, Marco then changes his attention to Quartermaster Granbill.

“Quartermaster, the crates of potions you’ve ordered are here, your soldiers are kind enough to unload the crates themselves.”

“Ah, that’s great,” Granbill said, “that’ll be a great help in our upcoming mission.”

“What’s with the soldiers? What mission?”

“All you need to know is it’s for the stability of the region.”

Marco raises his hands, “Don’t worry, I’m retired, I’m not going back to the military.”

Granbill frowns, “What if you have the chance to go back?”

Marco just smiles and starts walking to the wagon along with his family, “Come now, we’re going to be late.”

“Where are you going?”

Marco looks back at Granbill, “Heidel, I have crates of potions to deliver. Oh, and I’m quite content with what I have now, I have a family.”

As Marco and his family rode off in their wagon, Granbill looks at them disappear in the distance.

“I still can’t believe he was Crisostomo’s second-in-command.”


Quartermaster Granbill orders his soldiers to distribute the potions among themselves. Thanks to Marco, the soldiers at Delphe Knights Castle are fully stocked with potions for the upcoming missions.

After two hours, a company of Calpheonian cavalry arrives.

“Quartermaster!” The captain shouted as he dismounts, “5th Cavalry Company of the 1st Legion! I have news for Commander Ibarra.”

Granbill’s is confused, “1st Legion? Ibarra’s personal army? What in blazes are you doing here?”

“That is classified only addressed to the Commander from the Kalis Parliament.”

“Next to Captain Brego Williar and Vice-captain Margaret, I oversee this castle,” Granbill declares, “Now, I order you, what requires this urgency?”

Crisostomo appears just before the two almost clashes in arms.

“Enough of this!” Crisostomo shouted as he raises his right arm and clenches his fist.

The captain shifts his attention to Crisostomo, “Commander! The Kalis Parliament has granted you permission to continue with the campaign.”

Granbill is now irritated, “What campaign?!”

“An assault against the bandits,” Crisostomo smiles then looks around, “Where’s Marco?”

“They’re on their way to Heidel.”

Just as quickly, Crisostomo’s smile vanished, he then walks towards Granbill, towering over him.

“Granbill, how many hours have passed since they’ve left?”

“Roughly three hours, why?”


There’s a commotion by the other entrance of Delphe Knights Castle leading to Heidel. Crisostomo and Granbill approach the gate and saw a soldier holding on for dear life.

“What happened to you?” Granbill said.

“Bandits… ambush…”

“You,” Granbill said to one of the soldiers, “tend to this wound.”

Granbill looks behind him and sees Crisostomo mounting a horse.

“And where are you going?”

Crisostomo looks at Granbill, “Marco is in trouble.”

This made Granbill flinched, not because of what Crisostomo said but because of what he saw. Even though Crisostomo looks composed, what he sees in Crisostomo’s eyes are pure anger. Hopefully, the anger is not directed at him.

Crisostomo looks at the cavalry, “Tenth Legion Cavalry! Move out!”

The soldiers shouted their battle cry then they ride out of Delphe Knights Castle with Crisostomo leading the charge.

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For some reason, I kinda felt like Marco and Mary will die. OMG my brain, so negative. This is from watching all that GoT. Great story Ibarra!


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@Aura, Shhh. Hahaha.

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OMG, did I just leak a plot line? I just thought since, this is in the past and Lorelle is adopted. Oh my. I'm on to something?!


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# 5

It is spot on, actually, hahaha. 


Just a matter of when and how.

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plot twist!

these plot leaks tsk tsk tsk


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A-ah, everything now becomes clear! Lorelle! 😭

The story intensifies...  

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@Arabellah, yeah, I agree, I think this is the most intense story I've written so far.

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Me, most of the time reading this: OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO


*distant cat-witch's noises*

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