[Story] Adventure of My Own – Part 8 (Final)
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A continuation of Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, Part 6and Part 7.

War Between Calpheon and Heidel – 9 Years Ago

By the mountains somewhere east of Keplan, overseeing the fortress which years later is now known as Bradie Fortress, and parts that will be known as the Southern Neutral Zone after the war.

We see Calpheon’s 1st Legion under the command of the Ibarra family, almost finished setting up their cannons and hwachas at the top of the mountain. This will prove a great vantage point for their artillery.

Crisostomo Ibarra is there with the artillery emplacement, accompanying commander Alfonso Ibarra, his father. Alfonso looks like Crisostomo; the only difference is his father has a beard.

When I was a child, a group of boys were caught stealing from the local shop.

At the foot of the mountain is the rest of the 1st Legion, preparing to attack. Just a few kilometres away from them are the armies of Serendia, unaware of their presence.

My father was furious when he found out. I protested to him “but I didn’t take anything”. “Maybe not,” he said.

A soldier approaches Alfonso, “Artillery ready to fire, commander.”

Alfonso nods, “You may fire when ready.”

The soldiers quickly went to work and aligned the artillery on the unsuspecting Serendian soldiers. Fire!

All the cannons and hwachas made a deafening sound when they fired.

A lot is already dead from the initial barrage and a fire starts burning the tents, equipment, and some of the soldiers.

[Play Glorifica by Jodan Söderqvist and Patrick Andrén]

The Serendian soldiers are now scrambling for their lives.

“But you were there.”

Crisostomo looks at the soldier carrying a trumpet, “Signal our men to attack.”

The soldier did so, and now the entire 1st Legion is advancing.

My name is Crisostomo Ibarra, commander of the 1st Legion, and I… was there.

Battle of Biraghi Den – 6 Years Later

The battle continues at Biraghi Den. At the north, the soldiers have successfully rescued most of the captured soldiers and merchants, they’re now making their way further north where the bandits are heavily fortifying themselves.

The soldiers at the south, realizing that the bandits have abandoned the southern area of Biraghi Den, meets up with the central force to reinforce them.

Most of the bandits have been routed after Crisostomo killed two giants, and a couple more as he makes his way to the fortress atop of Biraghi Den. They’re afraid of him, why wouldn’t they? Wave after wave of bandits attacking him, he cuts through them like it was nothing despite using a greatsword.

The soldiers went past Crisostomo who’s just casually walking while resting his greatsword on his shoulder.

Legion! Eternal! Victory!

The soldiers started chanting one of their songs, “Legion! Eternal! Victory!”:

Calpheon! (Calpheon!)
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
We are eternally honour-bound! (We are eternally honour-bound!)
We give our hearts for Calpheon! (We give our hearts for Calpheon!)
We are eternally honour-bound! (We are eternally honour-bound!)
We give our lives for Calpheon! (We give our lives for Calpheon!)
(Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
His strength is Calpheonian! (His strength is Calpheonian!)
Our duty’s to Lord Elion! (Our duty’s to Lord Elion!)
His strength is Calpheonian! (His strength is Calpheonian!)
Our duty’s to Lord Elion! (Our duty’s to Lord Elion!)
(Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
(O Calpheon!) Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victory!
Legion eternal! (Eternal victory!)
Legion eternal! (Eternal victory!)
Legion eternal! (Eternal victory!)
Eternal! (Ooh!)

The soldiers chanting made Crisostomo calm down and think back during the glory days of the legion. This made him smirk.

“Alright, enough fun and games,” Crisostomo looks at the captain, “First Legion, advance!”

The captain nods, “The battle’s almost ours! Advance!”


At Biraghi Den Fortress, the bandits are now in disarray, most of them are packing their belongings to escape the battle, they’re just petty criminals and want no part in any violence. Though some are still steadfast, these are former soldiers from both Calpheon and Serendia that went rogue; disciplined and well trained, though their loyalties are questionable. They’re now preparing for the inevitable assault.

One of them is Titus, the giant, a former Calpheon soldier that defected and went into hiding before the war between Calpheon and Heidel. He’s ruthless and bloodthirsty, but at the same time, he’s one of the sanest people among the bandits.

Lorrelle is by the empty crates, crying.

“Help…” Lorrelle said under breath.

The bandit standing guard looks at Lorrelle, “What did you call me?”

Lorrelle tries to wipe her tears, “What…?”

“I said,” the bandit grabs Lorrelle’s hair, “what did you call me?!”

Lorrelle grabs bandit’s hands “Ow! I didn’t say anything!”

“Yes, you did, you little brat! Don’t insult my intelligence!”

Lorrelle can smell the liquor from the bandit’s breath, she then started crying again after seeing the bandit’s wild eyes.

“Shut up!”

Lorrelle closes her eyes and continues to cry.

“I said,” the bandit raises his sword, “shut-!”

The bandit lets go of Lorrelle.

“Why did you have to hurt our little guest?” a man with a deep voice said.

Lorrelle opens her eyes and saw the bandit lying dead on the ground with a dagger stuck on his chest. She quickly closes her eyes out of fear.

It’s Alright

A woman approaches Lorrelle and hugs her, “Are you alright, dear?”

The woman then picks up Lorrelle to get her away from the dead bandit.

Lorrelle opens her eyes and saw a beautiful woman with dark violet hair carrying her. She looks at her hands and saw it covered in blood. She’s now frozen in place.

“No, no, it’s alright,” the woman said, “you’re fine, that’s not your blood.”

The woman then went inside a nearby tent to try and clean her up. Shortly afterwards, a giant enters the tent.

“How’s our little guest, Layla?”

“She’s now asleep because of the shock, Titus,” Layla said as she tries to remove the bloodstains on Lorrelle, “Your men are getting too far!”

“I know… and we’re paying the price… Crisostomo is leading the assault… and he’s not happy…”

Layla looks at Titus, shocked, “What? Then, let’s-”

There are shouting outside.

“-what was that?”

Titus unsheathes his axes, “Looks like he’s here. Stay here, Layla.”

“No!” Layla grabs Titus’s arm and starts sobbing, “Let’s get out of here! Let’s start over!”

“It’s… too late for that… we’re already dead when my men brought her here.”

Layla looks at Lorrelle, “Why? What’s wrong with her?”

“Look at her necklace.”

Layla lets go of Titus and walk towards Lorrelle and looks at her necklace, revealing the symbol of the Black Sun.

“Lord Elion, preserve us…”

“Let’s just hope that Ibarra would show mercy.”

Long Time No See

Titus gets out of the tent and saw Crisostomo Ibarra fighting the bandits.

“Stand down!” Titus orders the bandits.

Crisostomo looks at Titus while his greatsword is buried at one of the bandits.

“Titus, long time no see.” Crisostomo said calmly, “For 8 years, you didn’t even bother writing me a letter.”

“I’m sorry, Ibarra, I meant to do that but… I was busy…”

“I see…” Crisostomo pulls out his greatsword from the bandit, “have you seen… a little girl around here?”

“A little girl? In this dangerous side of Serendia? I don’t think-”

“Spare me the lies, Titus.”

Crisostomo tightens his grip on his greatsword, and Titus did the same on his axes. The mood is getting tenser, even the nearby bandits stopped what they’re doing to watch what will happen.

Admit Defeat

Crisostomo made the first move. A red dot started glowing from his helmet as he rushes towards Titus. Titus parries the attack and the ground started shaking. Titus then kicks Crisostomo in the stomach, making Crisostomo step back.

It’s Titus’s turn, he rushes at Crisostomo and swings his axes. Crisostomo blocks the attacks using his greatsword and proceeds to grab Titus’s upper armour to headbutt him, stunning him in the process. Crisostomo then made a huge swing with his greatsword, but Titus manages to dodge, but he kicks Titus at his feet, making him fall to the ground and letting go of his axes.

Seeing victory, Crisostomo towers over Titus with greatsword resting at his right shoulder.

Titus, now trying to catch his breath, looks at Crisostomo.

“So… this is finally it…”

“Where is the little girl?”

Titus looks at Crisostomo, glaring and remaining silent.

Crisostomo is getting irritated; he then hits the ground with his greatsword.

“Any last words?”

Titus turns his head towards the tent from earlier and remains silent while smiling.

“So be it,” Crisostomo raises his greatsword and hovers it above Titus, ready to stab him by the stomach.

“No!” a woman shouted from the distance.


Crisostomo looks behind him and saw Layla rushing towards Titus. Shortly afterwards, the glowing red dot from Crisostomo’s helmet fades away.

“Layla…?” Crisostomo said softly.

Layla is now lying over Titus to shield him.

“Layla, what are you doing here?” Crisostomo said.

“Please! Mercy! He’s all I got left!”

“Layla…” Titus embraces Layla with his left arm.

Layla’s now building tears in her eyes, “Please, Ibarra, have mercy! Just this once!”

Crisostomo lets go of his greatsword then slowly removes his helmet, revealing parts of his eye sockets darkened and the scar on his right eye bleeding.

“Do you love him?”

Without hesitation, Layla nods, “With all my heart and soul! I’m the reason he defected! We love each other! And the reason I left you is that I’m already carrying his child!”

Titus and Crisostomo are both shocked, “You’re pregnant!?”

“Ibarra, please,” Titus now embraces Layla tightly, “Spare Layla, kill me instead!”

“No! Don’t leave me behind! I can’t live without you!”

Crisostomo took a deep breath, “Where’s Lorrelle?”

Layla looks at Titus and both nods.

“She’s in that tent,” Layla points at the tent from earlier.

“And where are the people that killed Marco and Mary?”

Titus points at the nearby cages with six bandits, “We had them locked up. The moment they got back here with that girl and their weapons bloodied. We knew they have committed a terrible sin.”

“Indeed, and one must pay the price. An eye from an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life… for a life.”

The two are now shaking in fear, they knew that they’ll be killed, but something else happened, Crisostomo walks away from the two then went towards the cage Titus pointed earlier.

Titus and Layla get up while Layla continues to embrace Titus.

A Life for A Life

“Your payment,” Crisostomo continues, “to spare your lives, are the death of these fine individuals.”

One of the captive bandits stands up, “I’m the one who killed them!”

Crisostomo’s eye twitched, “Open that cage.”

The bandit looks at Titus, waiting for his orders.

Titus nods, “Do what he says.”

The bandit opens the cage.

Immediately, Crisostomo drags out the captive bandit.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Crisostomo said while holding the bandit by the neck.

The bandit just started laughing, “What can I say? Seeing that fool run towards his dead wife? It’s… amusing!”

Crisostomo started laughing mockingly, “You know what’s funnier?”


“This,” Crisostomo snaps the bandit’s neck.

“Lock that cage, I want my men to bring the rest back to Calpheon to be executed.” Crisostomo looks at Titus and Layla, “Lead me to Lorrelle.”

It’s Finally Over

The three made their way towards the tent. Lorrelle is thereby the makeshift bed, still sleeping peacefully amidst the chaos.

Crisostomo brings out a sincere smile as he kneels near Lorrelle. He strokes her hair, “Lorrelle, don’t worry, I’m here now.”

Crisostomo looks at Layla, “I see that Lorrelle is fine under your care, Layla, as expected of you.”

Crisostomo stands up and approaches the two, “Thank you for taking care of her.”

The two bowed.

“Now… I’m under orders from the Kalis Parliament to clear this area of bandits.”

Titus embraces Lorrelle and uses his body to shield her.

“Don’t worry,” Crisostomo assures them, “You’ve already paid for your freedom. Though I can’t promise for the others.”

Crisostomo walks back to Lorrelle, “I know that more bandits will return to this place, and my army or another will return to clean the place again.”

Crisostomo looks at the two again, “When that time comes, I don’t want to see any of you back here. This is only a one-time guarantee, I want you two to get out of this place and to start over. Do it for your unborn child.”

Let’s Go Home

Moments later, Crisostomo is seen going downhill while carrying an unconscious Lorrelle, passing through the soldiers that are advancing towards the fortress.

“Commander!” the captain shouted as he approaches Crisostomo, “We’ve secured the area and we’re now routing the remaining bandits.”

The two are walking in the same direction downhill.

“As expected of you, captain, great work.”

“What are your new orders, sir?”

Crisostomo looks at the captain, “I’ll leave the rest to you. Continue the assault. I want these bandits either dead, dying, or captured.”


By the distance, atop of the nearby mountain, Layla and Titus can be seen climbing up. They stopped for a moment to catch their breath and looks back, seeing the chaos happening below. They’ve managed to escape with their lives, able to start over again.

A few minutes later, Lorrelle woke up, seeing Crisostomo carrying her.

Lorrelle rubs her eyes, “Sir… Ibarra?”

“Ah, Lorrelle, you’re awake.”

Lorrelle now widens her eyes, “Mom and dad!”

“No, no, it’s alright,” Crisostomo assures Lorrelle, “They’re… in a better place now… I promised your parents that I’ll be taking care of you. I know I won’t be able to replace them, and you don’t have to call me father or anything. But… let me take care of you for now on.”

Lorrelle nods while crying, “Alright…”

After a few hours on horseback, they finally arrived at the Market District of Calpheon. Everyone is in shock by seeing Crisostomo and Lorrelle with their clothes covered in mud and blood.

The two are just casually walking as nothing happened.

Seconds later, Lorrelle’s stomach growled.

Crisostomo smiles, “Let’s go somewhere to eat.”

Lorrelle looks at Crisostomo and nods while smiling, “Alright… Father.”

Everyone at the Market District is in shock. “Crisostomo has a daughter?!”

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The ending gave me tears. But it's manly. I would take care of Lorrelle too in that situation.

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# 3

Thank you for the kind words, @Hudori! Agreed, Lorrelle went through hell at an early age, it hurts my heart writing this.

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# 4

Shais are NOT KIDS!! 

So.... whats did they eat??

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So that's how it is. But seriously though... Layla, how could you?

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Just why... 


Feels satisfied knowing the origin of things now. Good job Ibarra! 🌹

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Thank you for the kind words, @Ara! I'm glad you enjoy the story! Future stories will be about Crisostomo and Layla to explain their relationship and to how it comes to the conclusion shown here.

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you owe me an accident. reminder*

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Finally gets the time to read this - WHY AM I CRYING AT THE LAYLA PART? NOOOOOOO.

Finally, Lorelle saved. <3


It's sad it's the final part already. *crying cat-witch in distant*

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# 9

@Toffee, Hahaha, yes, yes, I'm trying to think of a way to do that without... disrupting the lore, hahaha.


@ReinsWoth, Yes, I'm glad that Lorrelle's finally safe. One of the reasons I want to end it is because I can't bear to see Lorrelle suffer any longer hahaha.


It seems everyone's paying attention to the Layla part hahaha. I'll write more involving her to explain the situation.


Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support!


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