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[Growing Guild!] Aaetheria | Indonesian Casual and Pacifist Lifeskiller Guild 🔰
Apr 21, 2022, 05:53 (UTC+8)
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- Aaetheria -

Indonesian Casual and Pacifist Lifeskiller Guild

Since 2019 - 09 - 11

- κ¦₯ꦺꦂꦠꦺꦩꦀꦀ꧀ | 友情 | μš°μ • | ε‹θ°Š -



How to Join A Guild:
1. Press G
2. Choose Guild Types (Combat/Life/Sail/Adventure) [Example: Choose Life]
3. Find or Type a Guild Name that you want to apply [Example: type "Aaetheria' on search bar]
4. Click 'Join Guild', DONE!


Hello Adventurers !
 This is Narita/Mediciana, Aaetheria Guild Master here~
 I'm here representing our guild member.
 We want to introduce our guild to Black Desert Online SEA players.

 Aaetheria is Indonesian based guild with PURE Casual Lifeskiller Activities.

 PURE means there's no Node Wars or PvP contents.
 You can freely AFK 365 days non stop here.

 And our priority are Manners, Respect, & Honesty.
 If you interesting to join with us, please contact us freely at discord.






- Aatheria Guild Description - 


2020 Guild Anniversary


Aaetheria Guild, still exists since 11 September 2019. At first, our guild's name is Integrity Knight. Then in 2021 we agreed to change our guild name and logo to Aaetheria.

We're still keep our guild 'ideology' Altruism, casual type, and free AFK for all members beacuse most of us are 'hard-worker' in our real life activities/jobs.
There are many long stories drom 2019 to 2022 (today), there's up and down condition, including COVID-19 Pandemic, but we're still loyal to this guild and still communicate through our discord channel.
"There's no members, but friend", thats our guild's motto, members are friends and we're all same. ^_^

Narita,MD and friends after defeat Khan Guild Boss raid


Black Desert Online is a complex game with many features on it including lifeskiller contents, esspecially AFK FISHING LOL, we can keep fishing while at work, because of that we're hard to change our game focus to another game xD.
Actually we're have many other games to play together but its just sometimes.

Meanings of Our Guild Emblem :
1. Bird and Wide Wings : Free and Open to others.
2. Angelic Halo : Altruism, Honesty, and Do Good Things.
3. Simetric Background : Guild based on Sistematic Rules
4. Sakura Leaf : Warm dan Calm Heart
5. Two Wreaths of Blue Emmer Wheat : Prosperity
6. Red Banner : Loyalty and Manners
7. Texts on Red Banner : Lifeskiller's Dignity and Souls



                   Aaetheria Guild Emblem

2020 Guild Horse Parade
We're Extra Large/XL size guild, friendly and family based guild with chill guildies ^_^
We're ban Toxicity behaviour >:(
We have some guild Alliances, but its non-war alliances, just lifeskill and chilling alliances to help and communicate each others.
We usually perform some music band with our alliances at World Boss locations and Event Locations (including Termian Beach) :D

Aaetheria Admin Stucture

We have a structure admin, but thats doesn't mean each member or admins are different.
We're treated all member and admins are same position as FRIENDS. :)
Respect, Support, and Help each others are more important than 'admin status'.
But, the Guild Master have absolute order, but its just for Protecting our guild members policy.


Shai Armies

Chilling Moments with Guildies at Heidel's Cafe


Our Guild Activity Contents:

1. Boss Guild Raid (Muskan, Griffon, Khan, and others)
2. World Boss Platoon
3. Grinding Parties (Turo, Ollun, Mirumok, and Others)
4. Tips and Tricks about BDO (Knowledges, Gear, Lifeskilling, and Others)
5. Chilling Battle Arena 
6. Dailies Party (OE Parties and others)


Aaetheria Carracks Collection, we have over than 10+ carracks ships


Our Guild Requirements:
Actually, we're don't have requirement to join our guild. But we only accept Indonesian Players.
Oh yes, Discord is Mandatory!
We're always open and you can kindly ask to our contact in discord.

No Gear Score Requirement, No Level Requirement
Welcoming Newbies or Veterans.
We're casual guild bois, so you can sleep all day long if you want, but all based on our rules (we will show you the rules during Interview).

Chilling Moments at Heidel Fountain Park                                                                                                                    Guild and Sakura Trees

Aaetheria Guild NEVER declare a war on another guild and NEVER declare back if we got declared from other guild.
All about all guild orders are our Guild Master absolute policy.

If there are some misunderstanding and reason, we're open to communicate! ^_^
BUT, please be rational players.
We're human, not an animal.


Carrack Piano Jazz Session


Guildies Visit to GM's House


Night Party at GM's House


Take A Break After Horse Riding Convoy


Our Visit at Calpheon City


Calpheon Emergency Meeting


Bonfire Party with Guildies and Villagers



Our guild have an un-official Alliances with other guildies members.
There's LegionOfCheese and Undertales guild members are sharing benefits with us!

Band Tour Concert with our Alliances

Band Tour Concert with our Alliances


Fishing Together

We have Community Channel at Discord.
You can feel free communicate each others in discord.
We have many features in our discord, such as radios, movies, other games party, games and many more!

Termian Party

Aaetheria Guild is Our Home, It's our honor to be friend and have those people who sharing happiness, support each others, keep moving forward, and loyal.

We're welcoming other players or other guild who's wanted to be friend with us and sharing benefits each others.
Respect, Manners, Honesty

We Strong Together
"Sharing is Caring"















World Boss raid with Elephant Guild!





Sponsored by : Narita MD TV



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What an Introduction LOL!!
Good job btw

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very interesting guild, friendly player.

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Come join and grind with me :))))

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Friendly guild ..

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Come join and grind with me :))))

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nice!! this is the best poster I've seen!!

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Very nice guild

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Btw, GL mate!


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