Awakening Mystic PVP Damage and bugs
Aug 16, 2022, 04:27 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Aug 17, 2022 (UTC+8)
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August, 16  2022

Black Desert

Southeast  Asia Server


    Dear Pearl Abyss,

                                 First of all, I would like to share my experience as a Awakening Mystic player since 2018. She's my first ever character in BDO and I enjoy her playstyle. She uses both her pre-awakening kit and awakening kit in her pvp combos. Before the REBOOT her damage was enough to defeat a player with PEN (V) armors especially on DR and struggling a little bit on Evasion players. But it was manageable back then since I only need 1 or 2 more combos to defeat someone. However, I needed to do a FULL combo to defeat a player and it takes like 10-12 skills per combo and it depends on the other players dp type (dr or evasion). I was satisfied at her damage before the REBOOT it wasn't broken or anything like "Succession Mystic". But still being able to combo someone to death is satisfying. But after the REBOOT. Awakening Mystic's damage was toned down so bad that even at full combo the enemy's HP pot is stronger than the full combo damage. Its not even normal in my opinion. Even Elbow's Edge is nerfed because of the distance change. Its mostly used in pvp for dp defense down but after the REBOOT its not usable anymore because sometimes I just dash out of combo instead of staying close at the enemy to combo. And even Adamantine a decent skill for pvp to use into Wave Orb. Before the REBOOT it was usable but now after the REBOOT most of the time it displays "Please try again in a moment" when using it into Wave Orb. Its annoying even at pve. And also the Crouching Wolf skill sometimes displays "Please try again in a moment" after using it after a skill, Especially after Spiral Torpedo. Also before the REBOOT I could use Flash Step backwards without using Martial Spirit Shard, But after the REBOOT, Sometimes I need to use a Martial Spirit Shard to be able to use Flash Step backwards. Its awkward especially in PvP because I go into S-block instead of Flash Step. It makes me vulnerable to faster classes that can go behind Awakening Mystic. I'm not asking for huge buffs but Please let Awakening Mystic's damage be viable again to be atleast able to defeat 1 player like it was before. So that I won't be relying to hard hitting monsters/mobs to defeat 1 player. And please fix the bugs. That is all.



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