Keep Blacksmith Crons Price the same
Sep 7, 2023, 14:22 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Sep 7, 2023 (UTC+8)
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With the recent announcement of the value of outfits changing and the amount of crons that can be extracted increased. It has come to my and many others attention that the price of blacksmith crons are increased massively.

With the previous price of outfits at 840m and 621 crons extracted:

840,000,000 / 621 = 1,352,657.004 per cron. (1.35m per cron)

The new price of outfits being 1.63b and 993 crons extracted:

1,630,000,000 / 993 = 1,641,490.433 per cron (1.64m per cron)

With the old cron price compared to blacksmith:

2,000,000 -  1,352,657 = 647,343 (outfit crons are 647k cheaper)

With the new cron price compared to blacksmith:

3,000,000 - 1,641,490 = 1,358,510 (outfit crons are 1.35m cheaper)

The price of blacksmith crons makes it so that outfit crons are more than twice cheaper compared to previous prices. This is a massive disparity. Not to mention the massive economical implications as many of the end game items Pen Blackstar, Pen Accessories consumes a ton of crons per attempt.  If the change rolls out, it will be harder for non-end game players to be able to catch up as the items that they are aiming for will increase in price. This will also gate many items behind the marketplace as the market price cap will be lower than the average cost of a certain item.

In conclusion, blacksmith crons should stay the same at 2m silver.



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