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[Progression Guild] TrinityOrder Welcoming All the New and Returnee Adventurers
Dec 13, 2023, 17:56 (UTC+8)
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馃専 Welcome, Brave Adventurers, to the Heart of TrinityOrder Guild! 馃専

Dear New and Returnee Companions,Step into the enchanting realm of TrinityOrder, where courage is our compass, unity is our strength, and friendship ignites the flame of our collective journey! 馃洝锔忊殧锔忊湪

Every adventurer is a cherished part of our family. Whether you are just starting your journey or rekindling the flames of old, know that you are not alone. Our guild thrives on the spirit of camaraderie, where each member is a vital piece of the mosaic that paints the tale of our exploits.

Welcome home, Adventurers! Together, we are bound by the threads of destiny, and the chapters we write will echo in the halls of TrinityOrder for years to come.

馃挜TrinityOrder Recruiting馃挜

鈿滐笍International PvE Guild 鈿滐笍

鈿滐笍Newbie Friendly 鈿滐笍

鈿滐笍 Veteran & Returners are welcome as wel 鈿滐笍

鈿滐笍 No Gear Score Requirements 鈿滐笍

鈿滐笍No Rush, Steady Casual Playing 鈿滐笍

鈿滐笍English Speaking 鈿滐笍

鉁达笍We do have our own guides 鉁达笍

鉁达笍Max Daily Payout Available [5m Silver] 鉁达笍

鉁达笍Maxed Out Guild Buffs. 鉁达笍

鉁达笍Vell Taxi/ CTG Available 鉁达笍

鉁达笍Atoraxxion Runs Available, [Guide/Instructor also available for First Timers]鉁达笍

鉁达笍Weekly Guild Boss Raids. {Free Money without Loosing anything plus no gear requirements}鉁达笍

鉁达笍Guild Galley and Guild Mount Available.鉁达笍

馃敯Guild Events Like Arena of Arsha, Open Arena PvP , We Host too馃敯

Join Us & Explore The World Of Black Desert With Us.
:BSblankie: Please Apply Through Here  :BSblankie:

or Talk To Us Ingame
TrinityOnline [Guild Master]
PhoenixBelle [Guild Staff]

How to Join the guild?

- Go to

- Click the Join Discord button (This brings you to the beginners help discord that I am running to help players)

Click [ I Agree ]  button to enter server

- Go to #apply-for-guild 

About Us & Achievements:
1) Winner of Guild Story Contest

2) Pearl Abyss Black Desert Content Creator
3)  Exclusive Guild Interview by GM 

4) Winner Of Guild Recruitment Campaign 2021 ,

Guild Recruitment Support Campaign! 2023 Spring Greetings,

Adventure with New Guildies 2024



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Thanks PhoenixBelle! Appreciate the guild shout out support!

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Yay!! 馃帀

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We are still recruiting members after freeing up afew inactive member slots.

So everyone is welcome to apply via

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