GM BLOG #4 - "Set Sail! To the Port Ratt!"

GM Notes Mar 16, 2023, 18:00 (UTC+8)

[GM] Nasrin prepared a cruise tour🚢 and went on a trip to Port Ratt⚓,

a mysterious port located at the far end of the sea with adventurers.

First, let's stop by Nada Island to take a short break!

Overflowing waves, various ocean monsters, ghost ships...
and finally..! We've arrived at Port Ratt! 

There were adventurers👩‍🦱 who were visiting for the first time,
and adventurers👨‍🦱 who remembered their first visit to Port Ratt!

We said hi🖐 to NPCs and took pictures📸 at some photo spots.
And got the [Vadabin diving Mask]🤿 as a souvenir that can only be obtained at Port Ratt ><

A new dawn will break, and on that day, let's meet at Nampo Harbor in the Land of the Morning Light-!

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