[Suggestion] Ideas for playing comfort and safety from in-game bullies
Feb 2, 2024, 11:44 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Feb 2, 2024 (UTC+8)
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  1. Hello guys,

    We understand the situation on the Korean server, it might even happen on the majority of BDO servers that we play that in-game griefing is still a complicated debate, we really understand that when people first introduced BDO, it was an open world PVP game. There are many policies that MrJ has made to make its players comfortable but also disappoint other players who want to enjoy BDO in other ways. I understand the situation, because I myself am a victim of someone who is always really trying hard to hunt me down and look for me wherever I grind, I'm a bit annoyed with that but you won't find a sensation like that in other games, therefore this becomes a point for me, do I have to agree with J or Contra with him, because sometimes I also enjoy that content

    Maybe this idea can be implemented, even though there are still many shortcomings and need correction, but at least I want to give an idea where 2 parties who are pros and cons can enjoy the game the way they go.

    When we first played at BDO, especially in my time, we were introduced to the New Olvia server, we can agree that this server is the safest server, umm maybe?

    Unfortunately, this server can only be accessed by new players and returning players, even though it's only for a short duration, well, I think 1 month is a short time.

    the idea is, create a system, let's call it "The Olvia Contract"

    a contract where you can access a server like New Olvia for a duration of 30 days, this contract can be renewed after it expires every 30 days

    The contract cannot be canceled and you have to go through it by spending time with it

    with this contract, you will get a symbol/label perhaps in the friendliest and above your head such as the Olvia Growth logo, proving that you are in an active contract.

    with the active contract you can enter the Olvia server, immune from force PVP (Alt C), this contract will also make duel invitations disabled, only this contract has the effect that you cannot do all the PVP content in BDO such as WAR (Node war and Siege war), AoS (Arena of Solare), ALT C, duel, Battle Arena, RBF (Red Battlefield), if your guild is in war condition then your status will be like it is in a protected state, the difference is that you will not be able to force PVP (alt +c) or being hit by your opponent with force pvp (alt + c) too.

    So you really can't access any PVP content, to prevent players from abusing it, maybe buffs for party and guildmates cannot be applied to friends while Alt+C is active.

    Yes, maybe it can also be applied if the buff/heal from a player with Olvia Growth status cannot be applied to the platoon, to avoid players abusing it from GVG, as I know, the platoon is more often used during war and vell, from these 2 contents players from with Olvia growht status also can't access war, and even for vell we don't need heal, there is at least 1 more content that sometimes still requires platoons like world boss/guild boss raid but we can discuss that later.

    with this, players who want to progress can get comfort and the right to play, and players who like content with the opposite such as pvp, and open world gvg/pvp don't lose the content that has been in BDO for a long time, maybe that's what makes BDO still exist today , I hope it can be considered before removing more content.

    The reason why players with Olvia growth status must be labeled is only so that guilds with a pvp background can recruit the right players. just that

Last Edited on : Feb 2, 2024 (UTC+8)
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I agree with this sugestion, this can be a win win solution for player who want to enjoy PVP or PVE.

for player who want to enjoy PVE and lifeskill content can take "The Olvia Contract" so they can grind/lifeskilling peacefully whitout force PVP or grief from other player. but "cannot do all the PVP content" maybe can be adjusted to only can enjoy Arena of Solare (AoS),RBF and Duel only for player who take the contract. so they still can enjoy "Legal" PVP whitout being bullied/force PVP and enjoy duel with their friend only. so they will not easily getting bored of PVE and lifeskill only.


and for player who want to enjoy PVP, just bring back the one dec system like the old days, it was a good content and it was the only uniqe content that cant be found in other game, it was some reason why player play BDO. Or make the declare system cant be retract by one side, because it need 2 agreement when declaring war, so it need 2 agreement too for stoping war. 

for chat bullying, its unavoidable, and it happen in all online game and all online platfrom/social media, we already have "Request chat ban" feature, i sugest to just make block/mute chat for specific player, so we not recive message from the blocked player. 



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