I. Go Beyond Limits



Black Desert is a game that tests the limitations of MMORPG
with the implementation of remastered graphics and audio.

Enjoy exciting combat and siege, exploration, trading, fishing, training,

alchemy, cooking, gathering, hunting, and more
in the vast open world.
Black Desert - A true MMORPG


II. The Journey to Uncover Ancient Secrets


The Story

The Story
The Black Stones.
A source of power so great they are said to have corrupted the minds of the Ancients and caused the fall of a great civilization.
Commonly found in the harsh, hostile desert situated between the warring nations of the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia.
The Calpheonians call this area the Black Desert, while the Valencians know it as the Red Desert, a testament to the rivers of blood spilled there.
The commercialist republic and absolute monarchy both lay claim to the desert’s resources. Both are ready to wage war for it.
You will uncover the hidden secrets of the ancient civilization through the histories of Calpheon and Valencia.
Lost memories and the secret of the Black Spirit will be unveiled.A journey to seek the true face of the ancient civilization around the Black Desert awaits you.

History of Calpheon

History of Calpheon
The black death pandemic, which originated from the merchants that traveled back and forth from the desert, resulted in high mortality rate wiping out more than half the population in the western continent including Calpheon, Keplan, Heidel, and Olvia.
Anyone affected by the outbreak saw their skin turn black. Everyone kept their distant to ensure that they don't contract the deadly illness. Those thought to have been affected by the disease were forced to leave the castle. #1 Elionian Year 235 There was no exception. Even the nobles and the priests were forced to abandon their children. Those that lived outside the castle walls met a horrendous death. Their lifeless bodies were burned to prevent the spread of the disease. The pandemic that shook humanity to its core simply disappeared without a trace one day, but not before indiscriminately afflicting both nobles and commoners alike. This led the commoners to think they may actually be no different than the nobles. They prayed day and night in hopes of stopping this dreadful calamity, but Elion did not answer their prayers.
The nobles that survived the calamity urgently called for other nobles to preserve their hierarchy in Calpheon. Elionian priests began spreading the lie that the Valencians were the heathens brought this disaster upon everyone, and that they used the black crystal within alchemy for these nefarious purposes. The kings added that the Black Desert must be conquered in order to stop any further catastrophe.
They made this promise to the lower class, who were starting to realize the value of the labor that they had been doing for free up until that point. An alliance was soon established, and this is how the long, bloody war between Calpheon and Valencia first started.
#2 Elionian Year 236

Dead bodies of the Valencians on the road seemed proof enough that disaster had swept across the land. Priests were ridiculed for their accusations and the reputation of the Elionian church began to crumble. But war was all the justification needed for revenge. Repeated expeditions have damaged Mediah. Mediah is located in the middle of the continent, accumulated wealth by providing supplies to the alliance. Swords and shields gave way to guns and cannons, increasing profit alongside the massive quarries that were then established. Knowledge was power.
Black crystals were needed to endure the harsh desert night. The alliance brought back massive amounts of black crystals every expedition, as if trying to rid the Black Desert of them completely. Mediah welcomed this. They informed the alliance that they needed black crystals to melt down and make gunpowder. This satisfied Calpheon, as they were able to cover some of their expenses of the expedition by supplying black crystals. Neither Valencia nor Calpheon knew the true value of those black crystals. While black crystals were being piled up, walled cities were being built in Mediah. Imur Nesser, the King of Valencia, became well-known during that time. First described as a devil who brought disaster, he later became known for mocking the alliance among the people, as Calpheon never once stepped foot in Valencia castle despite the many rebellions that occurred. The war raged on for 30 years until the last expedition, when the sand storm buried Calpheon's King Dahad and his forces beneath the sands of the great Black Desert.
#3 Elionian Year 267 The sandstorm kicked up again, having already wiped out the desert towns, while the tsunamis devoured all the ships anchored in the port towns. Highland earth was swept away by torrential rain, and typhoons transformed the map. In tropical areas beyond the deserts, severe droughts cracked the land. The Black Death had changed people, but natural disasters reshaped the world. The Fogans drove out the Naga and claimed the swamps as their territory.
The Orcs and Ogres migrated en masse in search of lands to settle. Groups of barbarians settled down in Southern Mediah, where they easily plundered anything they could reach, thanks to Mediah's crumbling kingdom. The chaos that ensued worldwide worsened survivors' already abysmal situation. Perhaps there would've been a better outcome if the people and barbarians understood each respective languages, but without this possibility, any hope of establishing a truce or sending an expedition into the country disappeared once the barbarians and people came into contact with each other.
#4 Elionian Year 275

Mediah served as a vital crossroad that allowed Keplan, Heidel and Oliva to trade with Valencia. As resources dwindled due to the ongoing war, there was no other option but to trade with Valencia. Calpheon eventually yielded to the proposals of the Elionin priests and allowed trading. Mediah drastically changed 10 years after the war. The barbarians occupied southern Mediah, and mysterious occupants in the strongholds in northern areas of Mediah were armed with cannons and rifles, looming over the merchants. Still, Mediah bustled with life and billows of smoke from happy homes stretched as far as eyes can see. One day, merchants of Calpheon started moving about the land, but nobody in Mediah knew why, for the answer lied in the sands of the Black Desert. The Valencian soldiers were deployed in the area, indicating that they were guarding something of high value or of great power.
Despite this effort, Calpheon alchemists managed to get their hands on the black crystal. This would explain why the weapons crafted in Mediah became stronger. The magical crystals the priests spoke of were true after all. Eventually, the real worth of these magical stones spread all across Keplan, Heidel and Olvia.

Each country began their own search for the black crystals. Although Keplan was the first to discover the black crystals at the Rocky Mountain, they also found many with impurities. Mediah actually purchased a large number of these because of its superior composition quality and higher resistance to heat. However, Valencia eventually imposed trade restrictions on black crystals, forcing Mediah to search for alternatives.
Black crystals were discovered in Serendia soon after--relatively small pebbles in the hands of the Naga. Mediah merchants traveled from afar to verify the purity of these pebbles. Calpheon grew restless and anxious with each passing day. They searched every inch of the kingdom, but to no avail. Calpheon feared that they would lose their influence without the black crystal and be relegated to a middle power. To prevent this, Calpheon turned their attention to the black crystals in Serendia. The citizens of Calpheon were exhausted from war and the frequent calamities that swept across the land. The leaders of Calpheon knew they would need a large fund in order to field a sizable, well equipped military.
The young Calpheon king Guy Seric persuaded the Elonian Priests to fund the war as it’ll bring glory to Elion. In addition, Guy Seric promised to dispatch soldiers to aid the Calpheon merchants so that they can compete against the Serendian merchants. This war of greed followed shortly after.
#5 Elionian Year 276 Calpheon launched its Road to Serendia campaign and Keplan was the first city to incur its wrath. Now well-known figures such as Cliff and Armstrong took part in the great war in Heidel. Nobody was able to challenge the two generals that were deployed at Serendia watchtower. The Calpheon king, Guy Seric, sent 300 of his finest soldiers to Balenos. Heidel Castle was situated between the river that separated Balenos and Serendia. Calpheon soldiers used light, swift boats to quickly navigate through the river and launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Heidel soldiers. Upon receiving word on the surprise attack, Cliff and his soldiers rushed to repel the invaders, but by the time they reached the castle it had already been set ablaze. Guy Seric was not there.
#6 Elionian Year 277 The flames engulfing Heidel Castle was only the start of Calpheon’s attack. Calpheon had secured an early advantage by capturing Crucio, the king of Heidel. Guy Seric sent an emissary to Cliff with the promise that King Crucio would be released from captivity if three conditions were met. First, soldiers could not be deployed in large groups near the watchtower. Second, Serendia must concede its economic freedom to Calpheon. Finally, Serendia was to surrender all current and future black crystals to Calpheon.
#7 Elionian Year 278

King Crucio returned to Heidel after a year had passed. The war ended before it had even started. Olvia surrendered and was under direct control of Calpheon. Calpheon seized control of the mines in Keplan and constructed an extraction mill in Serendia to extract black crystals. Guy Seric was not satisfied with the current surplus and set his eyes to the Black Desert. Guy Seric was convinced no other powers would challenge Calpheon if it seized control of the Black Desert.
However, Guy Seric’s plan of dominance would only work with proper alliances. Guy Seric knew Heidel would not challenge Mediah and that the citizens of Heidel would not yield to his wishes. As a result, Guy Seric employed a large number of mercenaries and raised taxes to fund the war effort. This unpopular move caused an uproar among the common citizens. Due to growing backlash, Guy Seric had no choice but to request aid from the Church of Elion. The soldiers who were originally dispatched to the merchants returned to the king as well.
#8 Elionian Year 281 The king's ambitions wound up being nothing more than a mere dream. The fuedal system collapsed and commoners were now able to freely participate in various economic activities, opening an era of commerce and trading. Nobles, priests and commoners alike no longer based their actions on the king's decision. Reforms were made to the existing governmental system, and a council was established, with representatives from all classes taking part.

History of Serendia

History of Serendia
Crucio Domongatt found no reason for war. He did not view himself as a servant of Elion unlike his father. Though commoners seemed to have recovered from the restlessness of war, Crucio was not pleased with the way King Dahad treated them. #1 Elionian Year 265 Crucio was crowned King of Heidel when he was 27 years old, and announced to Calpheon that they would not be assisting in the expedition. The priests of Calpheon were frustrated with the situation, and they feared that they would lose their influence if the expedition came to a halt. There were Elion Chapels wherever the expedition went. The priests originally planned to spread Elionism all throughout Balenos. The priests criticized Crucio’s decision, but Dahad remained silent. King Crucio carefully reviewed his options. He knew waging a war against Calpheon would be unwise, as there were many followers of Elion in the Heidel military who remained loyal to his father. After countless meetings Crucio failed to make any headway. he was unable to overcome the pressure and reluctantly agreed to the wishes of Calpheon. Dahad welcomed King Crucio’s decision, and suggested Crucio should prepare an expedition to see Valencia Castle. This took 2 years to prepare.
Domongatt already knew the road to the Black Desert like the back of his hand. However, a powerful wind blew all across Mediah making it difficult to travel. Sand storms also made it difficult for the expedition to advance. The expedition hid and waited for the wind to die down, though it was a week before Mediah even became visible.

Although they heard stories from the merchants, no one realized how much Mediah had changed. Walls armed with soldiers surrounded the city and dark black smoke rose up from within. Dahad ordered the expedition to pick up the pace so there would be no delays in the distribution of supplies. As the long line of expedition soldiers marched in the Black Desert, strong winds began hindering their path, and they noticed that, quite mysteriously, there were raindrops in the wind as well. Why would there be rain in the desert?
That’s when one of the soldiers saw a red flag in the distance, signifying they were near a Valencia camp. The expedition had entered the Black Desert. The Elionian priests that accompanied the expedition looked up to the sky and prayed. They built the camp despite the strong wind to confront their old enemy. Shortly after, darkness covered the land and a rainstorm came upon them. Dahad was missing when Crucio awoke from a hole in the sand. A red flag sat in tatters next to him, perhaps indicating that Valenica had taken a bigger beating than they had.

What about the expedition? Despite the significant loss, Crucio was glad to be alive. Dark clouds started to form around their position once again. Crucio and the remaining survivors hastily retreated. However, the frequent sandstorms that battered them made it difficult for them to return. In addition, the waters from the Demi River rose to abnormal levels, effectively blocking their path. A month had passed before a large river delta formed, allowing Crucio to cross the Demi River. The defeated soldiers were exhausted from the disastrous event that marked an early end to their expedition. In spite of this, the religious body of Calpheon adorned the soldiers with awards. They made claims that Calpheon secured great victory and utterly defeated Valencia. In truth, this may have been what they needed after such a disastrous event, and this did not affect Heidel Castle and Serendia much at all. However, the wetlands increased in the southern areas.
Nature’s wrath had put an end to the war, something that man could not do on their own. Peace came, allowing those affected by the war to recover. After the loss of their king, Calpheon crowned the young Guy Seric as its successor.
#2 Elionian Year 275 The Heidel merchant guild traveled to Mediah, impressed with how much the city had changed 7 years after the last expedition. Domongatt read the reports from the merchants and ordered them to find out what allowed Mediah to develop so quickly. They soon discovered the significance of the black crystal.
Domongatt later rushed to the wetlands upon learning that the small pebble the young Nagas held were actually black crystals. Domongatt strongly believed that the black crystal was the key to Heidel gaining political independence and free itself from years of suffering under Calpheon. However, what lay ahead of Domongatt was only misfortune.
Calpheon was looking for the black crystals as well, and when they found none in their own lands, their king Guy Seric pounced on the opportunity after learning of the black crystals found in the quarries of Keplan and Serendia.
#3 Elionian Year 276

After securing victory over Keplan, the armies of Calpheon attacked the area near the Heidel watchtower. Heidel had a powerful, well-equipped military. As evening settled, Guy Seric ordered his soldiers to attack Heidel Castle, and an unsuspected ambush made for a quick defeat for Domonogatt. Domongatt dreaded capture, but he nonetheless refused to surrender. Domongatt told the Calpheon emissary that he would rather face death than defeat from his enemy. Cliff and his soldiers established a defense line in Keplan and Armstrong led his soldiers along the Demi Stream to attack the Calpheon soldiers. In response, Guy Seric deployed his heavy cavalry to the battlefield. Both sides suffered heavy losses as the war between Calpheon and the two brave generals raged on. Calpheon knew that even if they were to secure a victory, the casualties from this battle alone would rival the total casualties the Black Death itself.
Guy Seric realized that the purpose of this war was to gain control of the black crystals. As a result, instead of surrendering, Guy Seric offered a proposal. Although it would ensure Domongatt escaped death, he was hesitant, but eventually conceded to Guy Seric's demands. Domongatt was able to return to Heidel a year after the conditions of the proposal were met. The citizens of Heidel understood the reason behind Domongatt’s decision, and Cliff and Armstrong respected Domongatt’s decision to move the camp from the main watchtower to the southern area. There were those who dismissed Domongatt as a coward, but he was unfazed by it. Instead, Domongatt was more concerned about the extraction mill constructed by Calpheon in the wetlands of Serendia. It was around this time when Domongatt starting becoming mysteriously ill.
#4 Elionian Year 281

Uneasiness settled in the western continent with the abrupt death of Guy Seric. The officials announced that Guy Seric died from terminal illness, to the suspicion of many. They thought no healthy, young man would so easily succumb to illness, especially the king. Rumors started going around that Guy Seric was actually poisoned. Regardless, Crucio saw the sudden death of Guy Seric as an opportunity. Internal strife and power struggles would weaken Calpheon’s influence. Crucio arranged a meeting with Cliff, the captain of the Western Camp, in regards to terminating the treaty. Cliff was uneasy about Crucio’s plan, stating that tensions between Calpheon could immediately escalate if this was not handled with utmost care. The high chamberlain Jordine joined their conversation as well. Cliff recommended Jordine after hearing the news about Crucio’s illness. Jordine had a good sense of judgement and helped greatly in managing internal affairs. Jordine stated that the power struggle was not for the throne, but between the Church of Elion and the merchants loyal to it. Jordine added that Heidel would not have any influence over Calpheon’s political affairs. Crucio agreed with Jordine, but he decided to listen to Cliff’s suggestion and observe the situation. The Calpheon council quickly the resolved the political tension and pushed for reforms, effectively establishing a new Calpheon that was more powerful. Jordine also became the Grand Chamberlain at 25. Jordine lost all of his family members to Calphone soldiers that pillaged his town. Due to this, he sought revenge and enlisted in the military, leading to his eventual promotion to chamberlain. He was tasked with handling all internal political affairs, and functioned closer to a prime minister. When Calpheon built an extraction mill, King Crucio demoted himself to the title of Lord in defeat, stating he failed to carry out his responsibilities as a king. This is also the reason why Cliff was demoted a rank from general to a captain. Jordine assured Crucio that the Calpheon would eventually lose its power within 5 years. He posited the power struggle between the merchant guilds will continue, and the Church of Elion will focus on increasing its religious influence, which will eventually exhaust Calpheon’s financial system. Jordine persuaded Crucio that they must take this opportunity to collect more taxes to strengthen its military, while Crucio felt this to be the right time to rebuild Heidel Castle.
#5 Elionian Year 283 The peasants took up arms and rebelled--taxes didn't even change like this after a bad harvest! Barbarians had also recently grown violent and damaged many of the harvestable crops. After observing the changes in Calpheon, Al Rhundi went to the castle as a representative of the peasants. However, the lord forcibly imprisoned Al Rhundi and tortured him. After a few days in captivity, they released Al Rhundi at the Neutral Zone. The peasants were furious. However, they knew they could not fight head on with well-equipped, battle ready soldiers. The peasants fled en masse when they saw the soldiers, and others also refused to go back to their daily lives, including Al Rhundi. he eventually became the leader of the rebellion and had to hide in the Castle Ruins for protection. The situation worsened and Jordine found even more reason to increase taxes. However, the rebellion from the peasants was not the real reason Jordine decided to increase taxes again. A light from the sky fell to the ground that same year. Soon after that incident, enraged monsters appeared and went on a rampage among the barbarians. There were reports that rocks began to move as well. This was known as the Tower of Will incident.
It’s been said that the ancients experienced a similar event when they initially built the Tower of Will.
#6 Elionian Year 285 According to the rumors, the number of outsiders increased greatly in Velia.

History of Mediah

History of Mediah
Fallen Mediah, Barbarian's Conquest Both Calpheon and Valencia suffered great casualties from the war. The king of Mediah, Bareeds II, became known as the most incompetent king in history. #1 Elionian Year 235

The king of Mediah, Bareeds II, declared to Calpheon that it had no intention to join the war. Bareeds II allowed Calpheon to cross Mediah to reach Valencia, and informed Valencia that there was no other option but to let Calpheon cross. He relied on Neruda Shen, the leader of the merchant guilds, to make that decision. Neruda Shen assembled a group of skilled blacksmiths to establish a trade deal with Calpheon, in which they supply the Calpheon alliance. In return, Calpheon agreed to supply Mediah with the black crystals required for creating supplies. The trade deal went smoothly, as Calpheon did not yet recognize the significance of the black crystals. The Shen Merchant Guild used the Omar Lava Cave as a natural furnace, where blacksmiths could use the small, flat crater in the case to melt iron and black crystal together, forging weapons at a much faster rate than Calpheon could. Calpheon supplied Mediah with the amount of black crystals required to forge weapons and in return Mediah supplied Calpheon with the weapons they needed for war. As Calpheon was solely focused on Valencia, it was not aware that Valencia was involved in Mediah's political affairs. Only a few were even aware that a group of high-ranking officials from Valencia were visiting Mediah at all. The merchant guilds of Mediah gave a portion of its profit it earned from Calpheon to Valencia. In return, Valencia granted protection and trading rights to the merchant guilds of Mediah. As processing technique improved, Calpheon was concerned that they were on the losing end of the trade deal. Regardless, Calpheon realized it would be impossible to request Mediah to return the black crystals. Instead, Calpheon opted to buy back the black crystals from Mediah. However, the trade negotiations broke down between Calpheon and Mediah, and Altinova, long since a land free of religion, began worshipping the deity Aal, indicating allegiance to Valencia.
#2 Elionian Year 266 Even Mediah was powerless to stop nature's wrath as it ravaged its land. The barbarians migrated from the desert to avoid the typhoon and began to settle in Mediah. Shortly after, citizens abandoned both the Iron Mine and the Omar Lava Cave due to frequent attacks and incidents caused by the barbarians.
#3 Elionian Year 273 The merchant guild of Mediah used the large profit it earned from Calpheon and Valencia to invest in the capital, leading to the establishment of Altinova. As the great walls of Altinova were constructed, the citizens and merchants gathered to marvel at the sight. Even the barbarians that ravaged the land were humbled by it.
The lawlessness that once prevailed in Mediah had finally come to an end. Or so they thought. No one could have imagined that such a monumental accomplish would again lead to a lawlessness they worked so hard to end.
#4 Elionian Year 268

A series of disasters would first begin in Tarif, a small village in southern Mediah that sits along the Junaid River. The sorcerers that lived in the small village had little to no interest in worldly affairs. The great sorceress Cartian led a band of followers from the east and founded Tarif 300 years ago, signifying a new beginning free from the hardship they had endured before. Cartian established the laws of Tarif and after her death, these laws persisted under the Book of Cartian. This magic tome outlined the rules that all sorcerers of Tarif were required to follow, and included Cartian’s power within it. But soon after the Book of Cartian became a source of unstable power. Sorcerers that left Tarif would find their powers had been weakened, and any who had gained knowledge from the Book of Cartian began to experience an instability in their power. The power was simply too great for them to control. The detrimental effects affected them both physically and mentally. As a result, the village sealed the real Book of Cartian and rewrote a copy of it. Only the strongest leaders would be allowed to possess the power to remove the seal from the original Book of Cartian. This was to prevent anyone from removing the seal haphazardly, despite it being impervious to any form of elementally-based attacks.
#5 Elionian Year 273 Illezra became the next leader of Tarif after Ahon Kirus. She sought to go against the law and remove the seal from the Book of Cartian. Unable to overcome her greed and desires, Illezera managed to remove the seal and absorb the power of Cartian. Although this critically injured her, Illezera managed to flee Tarif, where she later encountered the Elric Followers, who worshipped a fallen god. She persuaded the Elric Followers to slay the barbarians, and with them out of the way, Illezera built a tower at the northern part of Mediah. Soon after the tall tower was constructed, an explosion occurred and dark black smoke engulfed the land.
#6 Elionian Year 277

Fire devoured Mediah Castle, and darkness settled on Mediah for three days. The thick blackness that blanketed the land made it impossible to see the sun or the moon. Those experiencing the phenomena quaked in fear and relied on torches to navigate through the darkness. Altinova was no exception. Some of the citizens in Altinova grew violent and aggressive, with some even screaming as they ran out of the city. The only thing visible in the thick darkness that surrounded the land was Mediah Castle, burning in the distance. But it did not come as a surprise to anyone to see such an incompetent monarch collapse. There were those that mourned the loss of Bareeds II, but none were pleased to find that the youngest heir had survived. Illezera disappeared without a trace and rumors about Illezera began to spread throughout the land. #7 Elionian Year 280 There were reports that Illezera had appeared. They heard the name among the barbarians that migrated to the Abandoned Iron Mine. A barbarian draped in a black cloak that spoke human language led a small group of barbarians to Altinova, saying that they would occupy the city. This also caused the savage Sezecs that lived in the forest and north west lands to come to Altinova.
#8 Elionian Year 281 With the sudden arrival of these guests, it was only a matter of time before chaos broke out in Altinova. The merchant guilds would not welcome these guests, nor would they forcibly remove them from Altinova. Despite the growing uneasiness, the merchant guild sought to find a way to coexist.

History of Valencia

History of Valencia
Valencia, The Royal Nesser
Someone led the young man to the ancient chambers. When the door opened, men and women were on their knees as if they had been waiting for him. As the young man made his way up the stairs that led to the chambers, he saw a room filled with treasures. Out of all the treasures that laid before him, the young man reached for the golden crown, becoming the moment the first king of Valencia was crowned. The 4th monarch of Valencia, led by Imur Nesser and one of great misfortune and disaster, had ended 50 years prior. The citizens of Valencia wish not to remember those horrific days, when they had to deal with both the black death and the Aakman Massacare, considered the most atrocious event in Valencian history… #1 Elionian Year 233 The conflict between Aakman and the royal family of Nesser was to be expected. The Aakman, who existed before Valencia was established, called themselves the guardians of the Ancient Civilization. The ancient relics and chambers in the desert were a source of conflict between the Aakmans and the royal family. As a result, King Imur Nesser sought to rally the Aakmans to resolve the situation.
#2 Elionian Year 234

King Imur Nesser was infamous for his impatience. He sought to find a common ground on this matter and reached out to the Aakmans, though they swiftly declined. Furious with the outcome, the king sent his soldiers to Aakman territory and slaughtered many of them. The Aakmans refused to concede to such tyranny.
Instead, they hid from the king and his soldiers. It was then when a horrific calamity swept across the western continent. The Black Death that originated from the merchant guild of Valencia affected everything in its wake. Those affected by it eventually died as their skin rotted and turned black. King Imur Nesser witnessed the terrible symptoms of the disease personally when the queen succumbed to the illness. The infuriated citizens criticized the king stating that the Black Death was the result of the Aakman massacre. Other lands saw the king as a devil. In the end, the black stone was deemed the root of the problem and that it somehow caused the onset of the Black Death in Valencia. The Elionian Priests in Calpheon saw this an opportunity and persuaded the king and his officials to seize control of the desert, where the black stones are buried, in the name of preventing this calamity from happening again.
#3 Elionian Year 236

The overly confident alliance expedition of Calpheon marched their way into the desert. Armed soldiers of Valencia stood at the ready in the desert, as if to have been expecting of such an occurrence. However, the Valencia military’s primary role was to protect the monarch, and as such it could not match the strength of the expedition. The war raged on for 30 years due to Guy Seric’s ambitions and greed, so nobody expected his campaign would come to an abrupt end. A great sandstorm appeared and swallowed both the Valencian army and Calpheon expedition. The expedition suffered heavy casualties and caused an end to their campaign outright, bringing an end to this prolonged, greedy war. The desert sands buried the spilled blood and the horrors of the war altogether. To commemorate the fallen soldiers, King Imur Nesser called the place of conflict the Red Desert, and praised Aal for bringing victory. “The vast desert is Aal’s land. The oasis signifies the tranquility of Aal and the black stones represent Aal’s abundant provisions.” The kind reiterated these words as a guide. However, the prevalence of the Black Death and frequent internal struggles made it difficult for Valencia to recover. King Imur Nesser’s ailing health also signaled a new king to be crowned sooner than later. The officials crowned Torme Nesser as the 5th king of Valencia, the oldest king in Valencian history. He already had three sons and one daughter when he ascended to the throne.
#4 Elionian Year 270 King Torme Nesser was sophisticated, open-minded and appreciated culture. As a result, astrology and theology flourished, and Valencia’s wealth increased as it profited from the black stone deposits in the great desert. As time passed by, Valencia emerged as a powerful nation where citizens enjoyed a high standard of life. The citizens heeded to Aal for guidance and looked ahead for a brighter future.
#5 Elionian Year 282

Torme Nesser succumbed to the illness and his first son, Sahazad Nesser became the 6th king of Valencia. To fulfill his father’s wish, Sahazad Nesser appointed the second king Barhan Nesser, who was born from a foreign woman, as the head of the military. He appointed the third king, Manmehan Nesser as the head of the law administration and the princess to look after Aal’s sacred book. The citizens took greater pride in their monarch upon learning the transition of power went smoothly. #6 Elionian Year 282 However, the peace in Valencia was short-lived. Barhan Nesser learned from his mother that Sahazad did not have the golden key. Since the crowning of the first king thousands of years ago, the golden key has played an important part of the inaugural process. They say that only the king must possess the golden key, as it also signifies one’s legitimacy as the true successor to the throne. Aside from this, other strange events and phenomena have recently been occurring in the desert. There have been reports that the Aakmans started appearing again and that ancient giants have begun roaming the desert. Many believed the events to be related. The golden key that played a role in the founding of Valencia now threatened to destabilize the balance of the monarchy.

History of Kamasylvia

History of Kamasylvia
Kamasylvia (Kamasylvia) In the time before recorded history, a holy tree stood rooted in the highest place in the forest. The goddess Sylvia descended alongside the spirits of nature and named the tree 'Kamasylve.' The sun and moon gave her the energy to bring forth the Ganelles and Vedirs, and she was blessed with the verdure and tooth faires of the forest.
#1 Elionian Year 274 The king of Calpheon, Guy Seric, marveled at the sight of Kamasylvia and called it the "fortress protected by nature." The height of the large trees that covered Kamasylvia were greater than any seen before. It almost felt as if the large, tranquil trees were living and breathing. Kamasylvians were famous for mastery of the bow. Guy Seric saw this as an opportunity to bolster Calpheon's own bow mastery and sought to form a military alliance with Kamasylvia. Although hesitant at first, Kamasylvia agreed to Guy Seric’s persistent proposal. Kamasylvia sent its archers to the Anti-Troll Fortification and Saunil Fortress in the south. Nelydormin, the Elf Saint, led a group of priestesses to Longleaf Tree Sentry. To unwitting observers, it seemed Calpheon benefited most from this alliance. However, peacekeepers saught to hide the truth from outsiders that Kamasylvia and Grána were in the middle of a bloody civil war.
#2 Elionian Year 276

Brolina Ornette, who became a queen at a young age, did what she could to resolve growing tensions in Kamasylvia. She was born with strong Ganelle powers--both wise and with a strong spiritual connection to nature. The people of Kamasylvia praised her as a worthy queen. However, the ongoing war was a different story. The Ahib, one of the Vedir faction, constantly harassed Kamasylvia, something that greatly angered Brolia Ornette. Things were not always like this between the Ganelle and Vedir. The goddess Sylvia created Ganelle and Vedir from the energies of the sun and moon. However, the calamity that swept across the land in Elionian Year 235 put their bonds to the test. The descendants of Sylvia, who only sought a life of extravagance, experienced their first trial when the dark spirits invaded their lands, and their lives only worsened over time. The descendants of Sylvia could only rely on the power of the Kamasylve to survive. The ailing land cried out in pain to the descendants of Sylvia. Upon hearing the cries of the land, they prayed but the goddess did not answer them.

The Vedir searched for a source of power to repel the invaders. Unfortunately, the Vedir were unable to find a source of power greater than Kamasylve itself. One Vedir proposed burning the Kamasylve to harness its power. The power that came from burning the Kamasylve was powerful and destructive. But as this was done, the power of Kamasyvle became unstable. A great sense of loss resonated throughout the land when Kamasylve’s power began to fade away entirely. Fortunately, it was the song of the forest that woke Kamasylve from its slumber. The song of hope resonated throughout the forest for the first time in a very long while.

The black spirits that once ran amok disappeared from the land. However, the descendants of Sylvia were concerned they could no longer draw power from the goddess. To protect themselves in times of crisis, they used the power of Kamasylve to forge powerful weapons. The rangers, who were skilled with the bow and sword, created the Acher Guard, who took it upon themselves to protect Kamasylvia, preventing all outsiders from entering Kamasylvia. Since then, the Ganelle and Vedir continued to drift further apart. Although the source of power was the same, each faction wielded the power very differently. The Ahib rose to challenge the Ganelle. The Ahib were the factions of Vedir that relied on supernatural powers. Many say that Ahib came into existence during the time when the Vedir burned the Kamasylve for its power. The Ahib were arrogant and looked down on other factions. They went as far as to discredit the long history of the land. This led to Kamasylvia branding the Ahib as heretics. As a result, there was a sense of mistrust between the Vedir. Some declared their neutrality between the conservative Acher and the radical Ahib. The group of Vedir that declared neutrality possessed dark powers, unlike the Ganelle, but they still fully inherited the Kamasylvian rituals and were entrusted to protect Kamasylvia. The Acher, Ranger, Dark Knight and Ahib found it difficult to find a common ground.

The Ahib grew even more arrogant as time went by. There were rumors that the Ahib were involved in suspicious activity in Loopy Tree Forest and Kabua Mountain. The Acher Guard set up posts to closely monitor and prevent the Ahib from further entering their territory. The Dark Knights also opposed the Ahib, but the Ganelles grew even more resentful against the Vedir faction. They openly expressed their discontent towards the Vedir. The Acher were not afraid to wage war, while the Vedir faction knew they were greatly outnumbered and at a disadvantage, numbering just over half the total population of the Acher. As tensions escalated, the Dark Knights left Kamasylvia. On the day the Dark Knights disappeared from the history of Kamasylvia, the Acher moved against the Ahib, defeating them and forcing the Ahib to flee southeast. The Acher tried to exterminate the Ahib, but were forced to retreat at Ferocious Salun Bear's Realm.

It is said that the ferocious Salun Bear cannot be reasoned with. With their monstrous mass and eyes that glow in the dark, the Salun Bears are a terrifying sight. In spite of that, the Ahib were able to find a common understanding with the Salun Bear. The Acher had no choice but to retreat from the border of that barren land where thorny vines grew. The Acher focused on healing the ravaged lands that resulted from the frequent conflicts. They also needed to find a way to preserve the life force of Kamasylve. Some of the Vedir faction did not leave Kamasylvia. Some of them possessed Ganelle powers while others went so far as to seal their power as a sign of discontent with Vedir as a whole. Regardless, the Acher allowed them to stay in Kamasylvia.
#3 Elionian Year 283

Many in Kamasylvia rejoiced when mother nature recovered. The priestesses worked hard to harness sufficient energy to wake up Kamasylve from its deep sleep. Those among the priestesses who became Saints went beyond the borders of Kamasylvia and out to the world. They searched for energy that would wake up Kamasylve and finally begin to restore the Kamasylve’s energy. #4 Elionian Year 284 8 years since the Ahib fled to the Arid Land... an Ahib stronghold arose in O'dyllita, a land shrouded in darkness, as rumors abound of a new weapon created from their alliance with the Salun Bears. The once dried-up thorn briars now bear murderous intent, as the barren soil now radiates with a crimson hue. In the northern plains of Kamasylvia, the Lemoria Guards kept a wary eye over the Ahib while bolstering their defenses. One day, the Lemoria Guards and Ahib from the Arid Land were caught in a skirmish at the Duzak Tunnel. The Lemoria Guards called for reinforcements, but the results were disastrous. They lost half their forces in the fight, which ended with the Kamasylve Priestesses sealing off the tunnel, as the Ahib withdrew. They were not the same Ahib as before. What did it take for them to become so strong? It was as frightful thought as meeting with the dark spirit. As the Ahib's reach continued to expand, the Achers grew restless. For the moment of the Kamasylve's restoration was ever so near. Yet with the current tide of the Ahib, peace may be a lost option...
#5 Elionian Year 286 Queen Brolina opened all the gates and roads coming into Kamasylvia. She sent out messengers to Calpheon and Drieghan.

History of Drieghan

History of Drieghan
Drieghan - The Land of Dragons The price for the Dragon's blood was high.
The curse for killing the dragon will never leave "Sherekhan" and they shall roam forever to soak the throat of the dragon. #1 Elionian Year 185

There was once a race that, not by anyone's choice, became covered in the Dragon's blood. Their skin hardened like that of a dragon, and their bodies started to grow in new ways. They eventually started to call themselves "Sherekhan." Their first settle was to the east of Drieghan, and a Shrekhan named Akum eventually became its first ruler. However, this new society crumbled before the end of their first year. A terrible drought came over the land they settled on, and they started to die out on this desolate land from sheer thirst.
As Serekhan warriors faced their death, one clerk stated that this disaster was the price they were paying for bathing in the Dragon's blood. He expected little more than a single passage in the annals of history for the rise and fall of the Sherekhan. But as Akum, the longest surviving Sherekhan that killed the dragon, was about to take his last breath, he took out the tooth of the dragon to the future generation and said, "Bury this in the ground and settle on the land where the blessed rain falls." This is when the future generations of the people that died to the dragon's curse started their nomadic life following their ancestor's will.
#2 Elionian Year 226

Finally, rain began to fall from the heavens. As rain started to pour down on the land for the first time in 40 years, it created a never drying waterfall and lake in the valleys of Drieghan, and announced the birth of the land where the dragon's tooth rests - Duvencrune. As the Sherekhans, worn out from their long nomadic life, were finally led to this land by the rain, their bodies changed to a small and weak one. Drought was not the only disaster that they had faced. The Sherekhan used to have a huge frame, larger than even the Giants, but their future generations continued to shrink in size and lose their strength. However, with the effort it took to simply find a land to settle in, these changes in their figure could scarcely be considered a real issue.
#3 Elionian Year 235 Even though the descendants of Drieghan wandered for what seemed ages, as few would associate with those thought to be involved with the Dragon's blood, the idea that Dreighan was the land of dragons actually became a source of protection, like an impenetrable castle wall. Many also assumed the long drought left it as nothing but a wasteland, and this persisted even some years after the first rain came. The mere existence of Duvencrune as the capital wasn't even made known to foreign nations until much later. The land of Drieghan was split into five different regions, in the shape of a dragon, and the Sherekhan Necropolis rested in the north at the head. It bore a much deeper meaning than as a simple graveyard to its people. The future generations continued the Sherekhan's will of always keeping their own pride above all else, so three times a year they commemorate the short lived but most glorious days of the Sherekhan.
#4 Elionian Year 276

On a night not different from others, a small post near Drieghan’s border was lit on fire. The ones who broke the silence were the Ahibs who came from Kamasylvia. Fleeing from an internal conflict, they were trying to cross Drieghan’s boarder to enter Salun Bear’s Realm. The clash between the Ahibs and Drieghan vigilantes were interrupted by the Kamasylvian army, who had chased the Ahibs to Drieghan. This event made Drieghan, with only a handful of vigilantes to its name, feel utterly helpless, despite the small threat. This caused Chief Durgeff to request to establish an army to protect their land as the descendants of Sherekhan, but the senior council suggested that the vigilantes simply be promoted to Duvencrune’s official guard, with no further action to be taken. #5 Elionian Year 286 A hunter witnessed a strange sight while out hunting at night--an enormous beast spreading its wings on top of the hill. “A Dragon!” yelled the hunter, and beacons were immediately lit from the Night Crow Post to the Morning Fog Post. Hearing the news, Chief Durgeff began to tremble. Though they were descendants of the Sherekhans who defeated Dragons before, it was the first time they had to face one themselves. Durgeff knew that they didn’t have the manpower to fight off the Dragon. After a series of meetings, Chief Durgeff decided to ask for the help of foreigners, despite the villagers' objections. Hunters, mercenaries, retired soldiers, it didn't matter. Advertisements were posted in nearby countries with the quote 'All able-bodied persons who are willing to fight are welcome'. This was the start of their new story.

History of the Mountain of Eternal Winter

History of the Mountain of Eternal Winter
The Six Witches, who bloomed from the death of Labreska, protected us from dreadful dragons.
But the witches, who weren't immortal, were looking for a Winter Warrior to replace them before they disappeared... O, You Warrior who will overcome the trials of the Six Witches and stand alone on the ice peak! Hold Ynix, the treasure of the Great Labreska, the flame of abyss that burns and kills even the gods, so that you may fight against the darkness. Come to the Mountain of Eternal Winter, the Haven of Slumbering Origin... #1 4000 Before Elion

The Dragon Labreska, scourge of all Dragonkind. She devoured the hearts of her kin and thus reigned over the Golden Mountain. Long into her rule, and with all who would seek to challenge her slain, a flame appeared. Was this a trick of the gods, or a test? And so it was that Labreska came to possess the god-consuming flame, Ynix, She used this flame to challenge the authority of those gods. But she underestimated them. They tore from her body all wing and all limb, and wrought eternal winter upon Golden Mountain so its name and glory would be forever lost. It was in this pitiful state that Labreska experienced her "first death," laying herself to rest in the Haven of Slumbering Origin, the flame nestled deep in her heart. But, from Labreska's first death seven beings awoke who, in the village below the mount, came to be known as the Seven Witches of Everfrost.
#2 1000 Before Elion Bronte, Witch of Thunder, she who rends the Dragon's wings. Kehelle, Witch of Blight, she who rots the Dragon's claws. Sethra, Witch of Rifts, she who splits the Dragon's scales. Lesha, Witch of Fever, she who drains the Dragon's energy. Marsh, Witch of Swamps, she who binds the Dragon's ankles. Awina, Witch of Ruin, she who collapses the Dragon's airways. And last but not least... Erethea, Witch of Erasure, she who expunges all fear of Dragons. Their mysterious powers protected the people from the dragons. However, the era of misfortune came earlier than expected. The Six Witches took away the wisdom and blessing granted to Silverfrond, and took away the life of Erethea with Labreska's teeth. As the forgotten fear of dragons slowly rose and strangled the humans, they trembled at the curse of the Six Witches. Silverfrond then headed out to find Labreska to obtain Ynix, the holy flame.
#3 500 Before Elion

"I vow to return, for I know this flame is your life," promised Silverfrond to Labreska as he set off. But no sooner had he left, a deathly winter descended upon the Mountain. With the Ynix gone, the Black Spirit slowly encroached over the body of Labreska. So, from the bitter tears of the dragon the Okjinsini were born. And after Labreska faced her second death, the Abets rose from the scarred body of the dragon. When both Lebraska and the six witches died, people who absorbed their essence became deformed and decimated the village. Turmoil raged below the mountain.
#4 Elionian Year 180

Upon christening himself as the "Great Founder," the Chieftain of the Black Lake tribe united the other five tribes. The Deer Abets, also known as "Eil," promised to protect the village in place of the tribes who responded to the call of the Great Founder. That fateful day was also the very first day that the Abets dared venture beyond the Zvier Highlands. The ambition of the Great Founder, who had inherited the wisdom from the sixth witch, Kehelle, to rule the Murrowak legion consisting of Queen Vercedes and her Murraska soldiers, knew no bounds. And yet, contrary to his expectations, even the wisdom of all six witches gathered in one place was not enough to deal with the Dragons. In a fit of rage, the five tribes that had abandoned and left their homeland stoned the Great Founder to death. However, the Great Founder's son, Akum, witnessed his father's death, and would come to reunite the tribes once more...
#5 Elionian Year 287 An unexplained explosion occurs in the Sherekhan Iron Mine. Soon after, a disturbing event unfolds at the Zvier Highland, dubbed "Paradise of Longing", where the sacred Black Leopard Totem is shattered. Investigation points to "Okjinsini" as the culprit behind the destruction of the totem. During these unsettling times, Khan, the chief of the Abets, disappears while on a mission to confront Okjinsini Floki, whose whereabouts are now equally enigmatic. Amidst this chaos, a mysterious fox Abets sets out to find a winter warrior to climb the mountain with.
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