[Dev Note] The Great Expedition Preview

GM Notes Oct 11, 2019, 18:20 (UTC+8)


Greetings Adventurers,


We’ve come to you today with this Dev Note to bring you a sneak peek at the next content update you’ve been anticipating after the newest class, Shai...

It’s the “Great Expedition”! 

Soon-to-be the newest adventuring destination; let us show you what this means for Black Desert!    

Shall we take a peek?  

  2. Q. How did the Great Expedition come to be? 

Black Desert’s ocean is as large, no, larger than its land, yet the ocean content you could enjoy was somewhat rather limited. Nevertheless, there are many Adventurers who love adventuring across the ocean, so we wanted to introduce a wide-range of suitable activities by expanding this into a central region and content. Thus, the “Great Expedition” came to be.      


Originally, Black Desert not designed with the ocean in mind, which meant many parts had to be developed. After a long period of development, we were able to grasp an understanding and are ready to introduce you to the results of this endeavor.    

It may not be content meant for all our Black Desert Adventurers, but we hope this can be a gift to everyone who gave us suggestions and ideas these past few years. Of course, we will not stop here, but will continue to add and expand new content as well.     


Q. What is the new core content/system added with the Great Expedition?

Bartering is the main new content that is different from what’s available on land. It is a new “exchange” system where you exchange specific items for higher level items and provides you with a new type of playstyle that involves complex factors such as time, barterable items and more; rather than simply exchanging items you acquire from defeating monsters, gathering, fishing, and other activities.

Black Desert’s ocean truly has a lot of different islands. In fact, you have probably only visited the node managers and forgotten all about some of these small islands. Therefore, the hope is that the brand new Bartering system will bring life to these forgotten islands with visits by Adventurers, who will then move on to explore many uncharted areas.  

With new captains sailing and exploring the vast ocean for the more efficient and quick bartering, we hope you can find new meaning in your adventures. 


Q. With the Great Expedition update, what is the biggest difference compared
to the existing ocean environment we have now?

Before the Great Expedition, all you had to do was get on your ship and go forward. However, the arrival of the Great Expedition introduces a system of ocean currents and winds, which really feels like navigating the ocean. As you gain experience navigating and discovering your own ocean routes, you will be able to master this great ocean.

This system of ocean currents and winds may sometimes be a hurdle in your voyages, and other times, they may even be beneficial. Still, they will let you experience a true expedition across the vast ocean. 


As shown below, the current and wind information will be displayed at the bottom of your screen when you board your ship.

Generally, the ocean current and wind will not really affect your ship near the coastline, but they will have a greater influence the further out from land you go. 


If you are able to correctly ride the currents, you will reach your destination faster than other Adventurers. However, if you encounter headwinds or a countercurrent, you will experience the harsh reality of the ocean.

Tip! Sometimes it is faster to go back if you encounter a strong countercurrent.

Tip! The Great Expedition introduces the ability to furl and unfurl your sails. Use this feature to take command of the winds and be one step closer to becoming a true captain of the vast ocean.

For now, the current and wind information is limited to your present location while sailing. While, we have not decided on a clear method yet, a system will be later added that will help you identify the currents nearby your vessel and let you navigate your own routes.

Yet, could one truly be called a navigator if they could only guide their crew through serene waves and not through rough conditions?  Unlike the perpetually calm seas you are familiar with, the winds and currents that await you far out in the ocean are as unpredictable as the wild horses of fantasy.


We count on you magnificently conquering this unpredictable “ocean” as you blaze your own trail and successfully complete your voyages. 


Q. Will there be new ships with the arrival of the Great Expedition?

Yes! The current best ships are the Epheria Sailboat and Frigates, right? With the Great Expedition, expect the introduction of new ships and systems for expansion.

As you can see in the image above, the large ships start off with the Bartali Sailboat and end up as Epheria Carracks. Depending on your sailing preferences, you can choose to build ships suitable for either trade or combat. Further details of these ships will be shared with the Great Expedition update!


And the main content being added with ships are... sailors?   

Voyaging across the vast ocean on your own can sometimes be lonely and difficult. It’s at these times when sailors can be the best companions of Adventurers on expeditions.

Sailors wishing to explore the Black Desert seas wait on your call, so why not hire them to take on your journeys? These sailors can be invaluable in your seafaring adventures, but they do need to be cared for as they can become weak from hunger or even fall ill. 

Nonetheless, if you take sailors on your voyages, they can uncover treasure in unexpected places or pick up useful materials/ingredients for you to use.   


Q. Are there new monsters? 

What comes to your mind when you think of the monster to represent Black Desert’s ocean? I think most would agree it’s Vell. The most popular ocean content right now is the journey with other Adventurers to defeat Vell and claim Vell’s Heart.

In the Great Expedition, Khan will reveal himself to you. This is a monster that is summoned and defeated as a guild. 

By defeating Khan, the Eye of the Great Ocean, you will be able to obtain Khan's Concentrated Magic, which can be used to craft Khan's Heart.

There are three types you can make - Khan's Heart: Destruction, Khan's Heart: Protection, and Khan's Heart: Vitality.

Each item respectively provides useful buffs for attack, defense, and life skills. You can craft the Khan’s Heart that matches your playstyle. Isn’t that exciting~? 


Q. Many Adventurers are already playing the Great Expedition on the Black Desert Global Lab and Korea. Do you have any future plans to expand the ocean content?

Ever since the Great Expedition was first introduced in the Global Lab, we have continuously added new content and improved awkward parts based on Adventurer feedback. Additionally, we plan to continue small and large updates related to the Great Expedition as well. At the moment, most of the content can be experienced on your own, but we are developing content you can enjoy with friends or other Adventurers, such as a "fleet" system and a ship warfare content called the "Blue Battleground (Placeholder)" for the future.

We look forward to your support and interest for the continuously developing Great Expedition. 


Q. When can we expect the Great Expedition to arrive?

Currently, the Great Expedition is continuously being updated with new content, and we aim to deliver more enjoyable content to our Adventurers as soon as possible. We are almost there, please hold on for a little longer!  


Q. Do you have any last comments? 

For a long time, we have placed great importance on changing and growing existing content and had many discussions regarding this subject. We hope Adventurers can see this Great Expedition update as our commitment to developing and evolving Life content. While, introducing other changes as large as this might be difficult, we will do our best to develop other content to be more enjoyable to play as well. This isn’t limited to Life content, but all other content as well, including PvP and PvE. We will do our utmost to meet your expectations for a more enjoyable game and repay your support in playing our game. As always, thank you for supporting and caring for our game, we hope you will enjoy the upcoming Great Expedition.

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