Arena of Arsha 2019 Guide

GM Notes Oct 30, 2019, 10:00 (UTC+8)


Greetings Adventurers, 


We want to thank you for your passionate support for the “Arena of Arsha Championship 2019”, which is returning with new competition rules and format!


Of course, if you are an Adventurer wanting to join the competition, then learning these newly changed rules and format is a must!  And for those watching the Arena of Arsha Championship 2019 live streams, make spectating all the more enjoyable by learning the key points!


Now, let us immediately introduce you all to the new rules and format of the “Arena of Arsha Championship 2019”. 

◈ Arena of Arsha’s Major Rules and Key Points!

Challenging the Arena of Arsha

All Adventurers will participate in the Arena of Arsha using Trial Characters

Unlike the previous Arena of Arsha, all participating Adventurers will battle it out at the same level, gear and conditions. You can test your true skills in this competition.


However, you must participate using a Trial Character that is the same class as the character you signed-up with, and cannot change this class during the competition.  

For example, if you signed up with a level 61 Warrior named “Riorraw”, then you must participate using a Trial Character that is a Warrior. (Cannot use a different class) 

Additionally, you cannot sign-up as a team with more than 1 of the same class. 


※ Essential Tip!

Stats/abilities obtained from the Adventure Log will also be applied during the competition. 

Complete the Adventure Log in advance to jump into the arena with all its advantages!  


  1. Determining the strongest teams - the Group Stage! 


Number of Rounds

Decisive Match (No Bans)


Single Match


Group Stage

Best of 5 (First to 3 wins)

5th Round

Round of 16

Best of 5 (First to 3 wins)

5th Round

Round of 8

Best of 5 (First to 3 wins)

5th Round

Finals, 3rd/4th place decider

Best of 7 (First to 4 wins)

7th Round


(1) Arena of Arsha - high stakes from beginning to end! 


The Arena of Arsha 2019 will be entirely team matches, all the way from the preliminaries to the finals. 


In the preliminaries, all participating teams will be randomly assigned a group and the teams will face each other in single-elimination matches until 4 winning teams remain. 


For the Group Stage, the top two teams of each group will be the ones to advance. Teams in each group will face each other once and be ranked according to the number of wins and losses. If there are teams with the same number of wins and losses, the round score will decide the winner, and if this is also the same, then the teams will engage in a survival match until the winner is decided. 


Next is round of 16, where each group’s 1st place team will face off against another group’s 2nd place team. The 1st and 2nd place teams from the same group will not face each other in the round of 16. 



(2) Strategize and seize victory!


Class bans will be included starting from the group stages onwards.    

Each team captain can ban one class on the opposing team per match. 

The Adventurer with the banned class cannot participate and the match will proceed as a 2 v 2. 


However, you can’t ban the same class in the following matches. 

Bans cannot be used again for the same class if it was used in a previous match. You can only re-select the same class after all the classes in a team have been banned once. 

These bans will have a significant impact on the outcome of every match during the Arena of Arsha, so choose wisely to ensure you’ll be one step closer to 1st place. 



(3) The spark-filled Decisive Match!


Beginning from the Group Stage, there will be a Decisive Match

The Decisive Match will only take place for the final round, and there will be no bans for this deciding finale.  


  1. You can’t run away in the Arena of Arsha!
  2. Now, there’s no escape in the Arena of Arsha!
    Be warned, intentionally aiming for a draw may result in the match being determined as a loss or even disqualification. 

For example, not leaving the starting area (near the NPC) or going into this area to avoid fighting during the match. 



Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019 Guide Summary

1. Only Trial Character can participate (However, Trial Characters with Succession update cannot use Succession skills) - Last modified: 11/26 9:42

 - Compete with your true skills in the Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019 


2. After the Preliminaries, the Group Stage will be a group league (round-robin) format! 

- 32 teams will advance from the Preliminaries to the Group Stage and compete with their true skills  


3. The Group Stage introduces the class bans!

- Grasp victory with strategic decisions


4. The final round will be a 3:3 decisive match between everyone  

- In the final round, your team’s fate hangs in the balance… become the hero that will advance your team! 


Thank you to all our Adventurers that signed up for this competition. We look forward to your continued support and interest. 


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