Everything about Black Desert’s Horses!

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Training A to Z

Let’s catch a wild horse!
▲ You can find Tier 6 and 7 horses in these locations.

The rare Tier 7 wild horse can be found more often in Drieghan.
· Preparation for Capturing Wild Horses ·

Capturing Rope

Buy from any Stable


Lump of Raw Sugar

Heat together the following Items
Raw Sugar x10 + Mineral Water x1

purchasable from Cooking vendors in main cities

▲ Once you find a horse, equip the Capturing Rope and throw it at the horse.
▲ Time to reel in that Stallion with a test of strength!
Hit that space bar as fast as you can to overcome the strength of the horse!
▲ Once you manage to get close to the horse, press F5 to try and tame it with the lump of Raw Sugar.
(We recommend at least 4 to 5 lumps of Raw Sugar).
When you feel that the taming is complete, board the wild horse and visit a nearby stable keeper.
Once registered, you are the proud owner of a brand new horse.

Let’s Raise a Horse
The more you ride your horse, the higher your horses level and training skills go,
and as your horse levels up, the more chances you have of your horse learning new skills.
Your training level increases the rate at which you earn mount EXP, and the increase goes up to 75%!
Therefore the higher your training level, the faster your horses grow.
· Increase Your Training Level ·
① Ride horses where ever you go.
Training Leap quests!
Top Tip One!
▲ Set up a looped path!
Get horse and training exp even while you’re away!
Top Tip Two!

Manos Trainer’s Clothes


Izaro Trainer’s Clothes


Loggia Trainer’s Clothes

Getting to enhancement level+8 now gives Increased Training EXP effects!

Let’s make a baby horse!
· Breeding Horses ·
① Prepare a female horse, head to a stable and select the ‘Breeding Market’.
②-① [Female Horse] Find a male horse in the breeding market and select the ‘Breed’ option.
▷ Once the breeding is complete, you will get a brand new level 1 horse.
②-② [Male Horse] Register the Male horse to the breeding market and wait for a female horse.
▷ Once the mating is complete, you will recieve silver!
Depending on the level of the horses used for breeding, and the skills they have acquired, the probability of receiving a good horse increases!
Work hard on your horses, and choose the horses you breed carefully!
· Imperial Steed ·
▲ Imperial Steeds, approved by the Stonetail Horse Club are born with the “Imperial Stature" skill learned!
If you obtain an Imperial Steed, raise it to level 15 and then deliver it to the Imperial Horse Delivery!
A well raised Imperial Steed will earn you 120,000,000 Silver along with the following rewards.

Materials for making Mythical Horses


Materials for making Dream Horses


Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]


Horse Gear Crafting materials and other items

· Horse Exchange ·
① Get a male and female horse ready
② Go to the stable, press Exchange, and select the horses you wish to exchange.
③ A new horse is born!

Selling Horses / Imperial Delivery!
Get Silver and items with your horses!
① Selling to Market
▷ Large amounts of silver! (Tier 8 Courser is worth 1,600,000,000 Silver!)
② Imperial Delivery
▷ Although worth less silver than selling to the market, additional rewards can be obtained! (Tier 8 Courser is worth around 800,000,000 Silver).

Flower of Oblivion


Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]


▲ Horses which acquire certain skills have the Courser icon shown in the stable UI.
In order to create the Dream Horses of Black Desert, you must have a Tier 8 Courser.
You can see which skills are required for a Courser in the skill list of the Mount Menu.

Let’s get a Dream Horse!
▲ Take a tier 8 courser to Gula of Stonetail Horse Ranch or Melabee of Grána to start Courser Training.
Materials for Courser Training can be obtained through various methods, including Imperial Steeds, farming, Imperial Delivery and more!

Get items related to training!
Visiting Gulla and completing the Family Leap quests will give you materials for horse training, including Mount Skill Change Coupons and more!
Complete the Family Leap quests for a wide array of Pearl Shop items!
Now are we ready to start the new Family Leap Quests?

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