Gaze into Abyss One: The Magnus

Events Oct 19, 2022, 09:00 (UTC+8)
Travel quickly between the major cities!

Every time you complete certain points in the main questline, you can unlock fast travel between various places of the Black Desert world through The Magnus!

Balenos – Bartali Farm

Serendia - Moretti Plantation

Calpheon - Gabino Farm

Mediah - Altinova Gateway

Valencia - Erdal Farm

Kamasylvia - Grána Dirt Farm

Drieghan - Marak Farm

O'dyllita - Delmira Plantation

Mountain of Eternal Winter - Erethea's Belt

Your items are in a different region’s Storage? Now it‘s no longer a problem

As you progress the main questline, you’ll unlock each the Storage of each region, allowing you access to these Storages from anywhere through The Magnus.

Now you might think, “how do I get my PEN (V) defense gear?”

Complete [The Magnus] A Box from the Abyss to get the item below!


A Gift from Wuju to the Traveler of the Abyss


Open the box to obtain one of the following:

PEN (V) Griffon's Helmet
PEN (V) Giath's Helmet
PEN (V) Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
PEN (V) Red Nose's Armor
PEN (V) Bheg's Gloves
PEN (V) Leebur's Gloves
PEN (V) Urugon's Shoes
PEN (V) Muskan's Shoes
How do you learn the new skill?

During the [The Magnus] Enlightenment quest, you discover new revelations...
And learn a new skill!


[Secret Book] Abyssal Legacy


Armstrong's Skill Guide (1 Day)

Check out some of the skills you can learn!

And finally, here are the rest of the rewards you can earn from The Magnus!

You can receive them once per Family. All you have to do is complete the questline!


Elion's Tear x5


Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) x5


Item Collection Increase Scroll x5


Valks' Cry x5


Artisan's Memory x5


Sealed Compass (7 Days)


Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)


Sealed Book of Life (7 Days)


Secret Book of Florin x5


Tachros' Spirit Stone


Stella's Spirit Stone


Shakatu's Luxury Box


Enhancement Help Kit III


Golden Blessing of Agris x3


Supreme Old Moon Scroll x3


Item Brand Spell Stone x3


Patrigio's Apparel Bag


Advice of Valks (+120)


Cron Stone x500


Value Pack (15 Days)


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