One More Week of Amazing Events!

Events Oct 12, 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8)
Hot Time, Heidel Fountain buffs, treasure items, and World Boss heart events, all extended for one more week!
Non-stop Hot Time for 
1 more week! 
October 12, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance – October 19, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance


Combat EXP



Skill EXP



Life EXP



Item Drop Rate

One More Chance to Make Them Yours 
Additional locations for ‘Treasure Items’ have been added, for a limited time only!
October 12, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance – October 19, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance
Map of Unknown Piece
Upgraded Compass Part
Ornette’s Spirit Essence Components
Odore’s Spirit Essence Components

Item Name

Existing Drop Location

Additional Drop Location

Map of Unknown Piece

Roud Sulfur Mine

Taphtar Plain (Centaurus)

Pila Ku Jail

Waragon Nest

Upgraded Compass Part

Hystria Ruins

Kratuga Ancient Ruins

Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper)

Aakman Temple

Thornwood Forest

Kratuga Ancient Ruins

Ancient Valtarra's Clairvoyance

Valtarra's Memory

Navarn Steppe (Tanning)

Blue Whale

Fugitive Khalk

All Valencia Hunting Monsters (Butchering)

All Kamasylvia Hunting Monsters (Butchering)

All Drieghan Hunting Monsters (Butchering)

All O'dyllita Hunting Monsters (Butchering)

All Mountain of Eternal Winter Hunting Monsters (Butchering)

Ancient Narc's Crimson Tear

Manshaum Forest

Wolves of Navarn Steppe

Narc's Solace

Manshaum Forest

Navarn Steppe (All Monsters Except Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant, and Baby Belladonna Elephant)

Ancient Markthanan's Gland

Katzvariak's Venom

Tshira Ruins

Fadus Habitat

Ancient Sherekhan's Panacea

Dragon's Fang

Sherekhan Necropolis

Protty Cave

Ancient Ron's Tintinnabulum

Tranquil Tinniolum

Forest Ronaros

Crescent Shrine

Ancient Ash Half-Moon Kagtunak

Blood Wolf's Oath

Blood Wolf Settlement

Cadry Ruins

Another Chance at a Heart
World Bosses Vell, Garmoth, Karanda, and Kutum are twice as likely to drop hearts
October 12, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance – October 19, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

Crimson Dragon Garmoth

Twice the chance of receiving Garmoth’s Heart!


The Heart of the Ocean, Vell

Two times the chance to get Vell’s Heart!


Stormbringer Karanda

During the event, Stormbringer Karanda will appear 50% of the time!

Double the chance of getting a Heart of Karanda!


Thundercloud Kutum

During the event, Thundercloud Kutum will appear 50% of the time!

Double the chance of getting a Heart of Kutum!

Another Week with the Heidel Fountain
Once per day, you can complete the '[Event][Daily] Fountain of Fortune' quest from Lara in Heidel and get a 10 hour buff that applies immediately to bless your adventures.
October 12, 2022 after maintenance – October 19, 2022 before maintenance.

Ready to Subjugate

  • Item Drop Rate +10%
  • Extra Damage to Monsters +5
  • Monster Damage Reduction +5
  • Critical Hit Rate +2

Steps to Growth

  • Extra Combat EXP +300%
  • Extra Skill EXP +30%
  • Knowledge Gain Chance +10%
  • Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +5%

Wise Housekeeper

  • All Life Skill Mastery +50
  • Cooking/Alchemy Time –1 sec
  • Life EXP +20%
  • Processing Success Rate +10%
  • Gathering Item Drop Rate +5%
  • Weight Limit +100LT

Best Fisher

  • Fishing Mastery +50
  • Auto-fishing Time -10%
  • Chance to Catch Rare Fish +5%
  • Fishing EXP +30%
  • Fishing +5

Wind’s Jockey

  • Life Skill Mastery +50
  • Training EXP +30%
  • Sailing EXP +30%
  • Mount EXP +15%

* You can select one of the buffs above when you complete the '[Event][Daily] Fountain of Fortune' quest.
* Quest resets daily at 00:00.

*Additional Notices 

[Non-stop Hot Time Event] 

- This event applies to all Black Desert servers including Olvia and Season servers. However, all the other sources of Combat EXP boosts in Olvia and Season server will not stack with the event buffs. 

- The event buffs will not affect Combat and Skill XP acquired from completing quests. 

- The event’s Combat XP buff will not apply to level 50 or below characters. However, the Skill XP buff will still apply. 

- The event EXP buffs will stack from other EXP buff sources such as scrolls, elixirs, and the Value Pack. 

- This event’s Hot Time benefits do not stack with other Hot Times, and this Hot Time event has priority over any other Hot Time event. 

- Accessing the game before this Hot Time begins, the UI indicator for Hot Time will not show up, however the effects will still be applied as written in this notice. The UI element will show once you reconnect to the game. 

- The duration of the Book of Training does not pause when disconnecting or switching characters, and will continue until the effects of the book expire. 


[Hearts Pound to the Sound of Double Heart Rates Event] 

- World bosses do not appear on the Season-Arsha, Arsha, and Olvia Servers. 

- The World Boss spawn areas may include Combat Zones, so please pay close attention to your character’s safety. We are unable to provide any compensation or recovery assistance if you suffer losses due to normal in-game mechanics. 


[Heidel Fountain Buff Event] 

- You can accept one of the five buffs from the “[Event][Daily] Fountain of Fortune” that last 10 hours from the time the quest is completed. 

- You can obtain 100 Contribution EXP for completing the [Event][Daily] Fountain of Fortune quest. 

- If a new buff is received after 00:00 and before the previous 10-hour buff has been exhausted, the old buff effect will be removed and only the new buff will be applied. 

- The event quest will not count towards Rulupee’s Travel Log. 



- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page. 

- Event items may have restrictions (sale/trade) and/or different binding settings/expiration dates. Due to this reason, these items cannot be transferred or restored. 

- For details such as whether the item is bound, please refer to the in-game item description. 

- Items and/or rewards that were used normally cannot be recovered. 

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game. 

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support]. 

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules]. 

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