Merv’s Boutique is now OPEN!

GM Notes Oct 24, 2022, 17:05 (UTC+8)




welcome to Merv’s Boutique.


I am Merv, the owner of Merv’s Boutique and quite clearly, the best tailor in the world.

Today at my boutique, let me show you some of the styles that my fantasic tools allow you to create on the newest halloween outfit.
Oh come along, I’m sure there will be something that will take your fancy.


First up, our model Warrior here clearly looks like he means business this all hallows eve.
A classic black with orange motifs of halloween merge with the sophisticated look of the outfit to create this absolutely stunning ensemble.


The pure coldness of the Nova and the warm hearts of the Shai help create a stunning metaphor for the stuggles of life, would you not agree? While the warmth of the accents of the Nova’s costume do nothing to thaw that icy gaze, the color scheme of the Shai’s baby pink brings a little extra protection for your eyes. And despite everything my brain was telling me, I just couldn’t resist the halloween motif again.


Yes, yes, it might be cliche, but going for a Witch theme for the Witch model was just too good to leave behind. Using a very dark blue helps promote an air of mystery and seriousness unrivalled by any of my other creations.


And finally, the Crimson Glaives helped inspire this handy color scheme for Lahn. The blood and darkness required to exact vengeance upon those who betrayed you are reflected perfectly with the black overlaying the blood red underneath. Does it not just exude determination to bring death and destruction to all those who wronged you?


As we all know, my skills are unmatched, and it’s impossible to top my style, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.
Try to express your self, share it with the world in the style album, and let’s see if you can match my skills.

How do I register my style in the Fashion Album?

  • In the Pearl Shop (F3), you can find the costume in the sales list, then click the ‘Fashion Album’ button. This will also allow you to check out other creations that your fellow Adventurers have created.

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