[Releases January 18]The Fox-summoning Do Wielder of the Jwado School, Maegu

GM Notes Jan 13, 2023, 20:10 (UTC+8)


The Fox-summoning Do Wielder of the Jwado School, Maegu 


Signing a deal with a revered fox spirit,  

Maegu lures her enemies with the Fox Charm, then lands a fatal blow with the Binyeo Knife.  


Releases January 18 (Wed) , 2023

Maegu Weapons : Fox Charm / Binyeo Knife

Maegu, who struck a deal with a revered fox spirit, is a master of the Jwado School, who turns the world red with her spirit magic.  

.Maegu channels various spells through the Fox Spirit Charm. She can tackle enemies from long distances, and spread a dazzling display of Fox Spirit Charms around them.  

Much like a fox, Maegu is cunning on the battlefield.  
Her swift movement allows her to dodge enemies and avoid incoming attacks.  

Maegu can also collaborate with the revered Fox Spirit she made a deal with, and these coordinated attacks can really put the hurt on approaching enemies.  

Maegu's Key Skills

Tethered Souls - Flow: Hanpuri 


With the grace of a dancer, throw out the Fox Charm to interrupt your opponent’s movements. 

After which, she approaches suddenly to place the Binyeo Knife firmly in her opponent’s chest. 


Foxspirit: Deceiver


Channeling the power of the Fox Spirit, Maegu creates a doppelganger, confusing her enemies. 

You can also be cunning and switch positions instantly with your doppelganger.  

Soul Tear 


In the blink of an eye, Maegu is driven forward under the guise of the revered fox spirit. 

After that she will return to her original form, stabbing her target with the Binyeo Knife. 

Ghost Bomb 


Maegu turns her body to the side, avoiding incoming hits, and throws the Fox Charm. 

After which, another Fox Charm appears at the location, exploding and dealing damage.  

Bristling Sparks  


Raise the power of the Fox Charm to form a formation of charms in front of her which inflicts constant damage. 

Then Maegu takes the Binyeo Knife and detonates the summoned charms, causing great damage.  

The Story of the Twins, Maegu and Woosa 


While waiting for Maegu, who will arrive soon, 

check out the story of the twin sisters, born on a fateful day.  

[Twins from the Land of the Morning Light] audiobook series!  


▲ Episode One - Hidden Children 

Episode one takes us back to the time before they were born.  


▲ Book 2 - A Stone That Looked Like Death 

Episode 2 tells the tale of Woosa, hunting down the ‘Black Stone’ at the royal order.  


▲ Book 3 - A Wide, Unobstructed Path

Episode 3 picks up from the story of the previous Maegu & Woosa trailer that premiered in December, revealing the consequences of Maegu snatching the Black Stone from the Woodo School's young master.



Adventurers who have already developed their Winter Season class.  

So that you can try out Maegu and enjoy the season server benefits,  

we're readying an additional Fughar’s Timepiece


However, since the character that used the timepiece item will need to obtain new equipment, we’ll be adding Narchillan Gear (3 weapons & 4 defense gear) to the Winter season graduation rewards.  
(* This is limited to the Winter Season.)
We wish you many more exciting adventures with Woosa and Maegu! 


For those Adventurers who received a Fughar’s Timepiece from Fughar, 

we hope you enjoy the new class on the Season Servers. 


In addition, Adventurers who are able to access the Black Desert Global Labs servers will be able to try Maegu out from January 16 (Monday) 

Please check out the notice below for more information. 


Maegu, coming soon to the world of Black Desert. 


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