Preview of Maegu’s 30 Day Adventure!

GM Notes Jan 20, 2023, 19:30 (UTC+8)








Maegu has planned an exciting 30 day journey to getting stronger!


Week 1

Week 1 Growth! 
There’s a rumor brewing that mysterious Do Art books have been making their ways to the shores of Velia...and with week 1 being about growth, maybe the two are connected! Could there be something for the Tome spot in the inventory?



Week 2

Week 2 Guild & Lifeskills



Twice as much enjoyment starting with Guild Bosses, while also including Life Skill Missions


연n Florin, Stella has been complaining about losing her pouches filled with alchemy materials. For those who return a lot of these pouches, it is said that Stella has worked with the renowned tailor Merv to offer a special Outfit Chest


What’s this? A shai cooking during the “Life Skill Week”, but what’s that shining in her hand?



Week 3


Week 3 Valentines & Item UP Week!

Get more items with an Item Drop Rate increase week!


What’s worth more than items Love... love is obviously the answer.

Why not declare your feelings to the NPC that you've always liked for Valentines Day.

But it's not easy declaring your Love...



Week 4


The last week in the 30 day adventure and it’s Enhancement Week!

We’ve heard that Valks is preparing a surprise for Adventurers!
As you can see, he’s hiding his plans pretty well, but that’s clearly a...

Valks Advice.. Cron Stone..? Valks’ Cry..? Something else..?

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