March 8, 2023 (Wed) Update Details

Updates Mar 8, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8)


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on March 8, 2023.

(Patch size: approx. 1.81 GB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



  • Event 1.The Best Horse is Mine! 
    • Event Period : March 8, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – March 22, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance 
[More details]


  • Event 2. Marsella’s Call for Help! Please help find the Unpolished Crystals!
    • Event Period : March 8, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – March 22, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance 
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  • Added and expanded spots where you can fish [Season] Coelacanth for [Spring Season] fishing.
    • Expanded spot: Velia

    • Added spots: Valencia City, Duvencrune, Grána



  • Fixed the issue where you could equip Fughar's Fishing Rod while riding a mount.
  • Added Destruction Chance text to crystal item descriptions.


Land of Morning Light and the Ratt Delegation
  • Located at the very edge of the Great Ocean, Port Ratt has been newly christened Nampo harbor, the gateway to the Land of the Morning Light. The NPCs of what was formerly Port Ratt have now been sent out as the Ratt Delegation to Oquilla, where they now proudly represent the Land of the Morning Light.
    • You cannot approach Nampo harbor until the Land of the Morning Light is released.
※ All NPCs/mounts/gardens, etc., once located in former Port Ratt/Vadabin Sea/Juur Sea/Nada Island/Mariul Island/Zagam Island have all been relocated to Oquilla's Eye.

Oquilla's Eye

  • With the reveal of the new territory, the former hub of Port Ratt in the Great Ocean has shifted to Oquilla's Eye. Resurrecting in the Great Ocean will now relocate you to Oquilla's Eye instead of Port Ratt or Lema Island.
    • Great numbers of adventurers are expected to frequent Oquilla's Eye while traversing the Great Ocean. As a result, the residents of Oquilla's Eye are also worried about a sudden rise of outlaws.
※ Changed certain areas of Oquilla's Eye into safe zones.
※ Changed so that you will be resurrected into a safe zone of Oquilla's Eye.
※ Changed so that using the Old Moon Flare will move you to Oquilla's Eye instead of Port Ratt.

  • [Old Moon Guild Officer] Herrad Romsen has relinquished his role as guild officer to Ravikel and taken up the role of [Storage Keeper].
  • Greet Oquilla's new storage keeper Herrad Romsen on behalf of the Ratt Delegation to receive a quest that will reward you with the residence item "Memories of Port Ratt" jukebox. (Available once per family)
    • You will receive the title [Port Ratt Remembers] upon completing the quest.

Great Ocean

  • The ferry that once brought adventurers to Port Ratt is in need of repair, and thus has paused operations for a certain period of time.
  • Changed certain regions, ocean currents, and sea storms of Margoria, Juur, and the Vadabin Seas.
  • Relocated Haran and his crew, who navigated ocean currents to the Margoria Sea.
    • Changed the location of Shipwrecked Cargo Ship.
  • The Goldmont Pirate Territory, Black Rust Habitat, and Nineshark Habitat have all been moved from Port Ratt to nearby Oquilla's Eye.

Category Criteria Changes (if any)
Mounts, Characters, Other Mounts, garden/fences, and characters located in Port Ratt, Vadabin and Juur Seas, Nada, Mariul, and Zagam Islands Mount and Characters: Moved to Oquilla's Eye
Fence: Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage
Port Ratt ferry Discontinued
Items Items stored in containers of campsites and/or inventory of mounts located in the Vadabin, Juur, and Margoria Seas near the Land of the Morning Light continent  Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage
Port Ratt Wharf Expansion Coupons (Used/in possession) Changed to Nampo Wharf Expansion Coupons and moved to Heidel storage 
Items/mounts stored in Port Ratt storage/wharf Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage/wharf
[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs crafting materials  Moved location of  treasure chest used with the Ocean Horizon Key
Old Moon Flare Using in the Great Ocean now moves you to Oquilla’s Eye instead of Port Ratt 
Contents Contribution Points (CP) invested in nodes and production nodes of Nada, Zagam, and Mariul Islands CP refunded to Family
Workers at Nada Island's Fish Drying Yard 1 and 2 Workers: all tasks completed

Production results: transferred to the storage in Oquilla's Eye
Trade Good origins Port Ratt → Margoria Sea
Wharf usage (supply, repair, etc.) Port Ratt wharf → Oquilla’s Eye wharf
Trade managers from former Port Ratt Unavailable
Gathering items in updated regions Unavailable
Background Former Port Ratt regions Unavailable
Ocean currents and storms
Changes to certain ocean currents and storms in Margoria, Juur, and Vadabin Seas
Monster Great Ocean monsters Changed the location of the Goldmont Pirate Territory, Black Rust Habitat, and Nineshark monster zones 
NPC All NPCs located in Port Ratt, Nada/Zagam/Mariul Island Move to Oquilla's Eye
Barter NPCs for Margoria's Star in the Great Ocean Changed Shipwrecked Cargo Ship location
NPC lines Changed certain lines
Quest Quests from Port Ratt Village, Nada/Zagam/Mariul Island Can be accepted and carried out through NPCs in Oquilla's Eye
Knowledge Knowledge description Changes to certain descriptions
Knowledge Category "Residents of Port Ratt" Category name changed to "Those Who Left Nampo"
Character Knowledge: Obtain by talking with Ratt Delegation NPCs
(Same method as before) 
Knowledge Category "Margoria Sea" Margoria Sea knowledge: Obtain by exploring the region
(Same method as before)
※ Since you can no longer explore the islands of Zagam, Mariul, and Nada, you will need to talk with Zawoon, Daenata, and Katio of the Ratt Delegation
Knowledge Category "Oceanic Creatures" Obtain by talking with the Ratt Delegation
(Same method as before) 
Knowledge Category "Margoria Adventure Journal I" Obtain via questline
(Same method as before)
Knowledge "Ocean of Destiny" Obtain via Mysterious Painting 4: Goldmont Fleet questline
(Same method as before)
※ With the origin of Port Ratt trade goods now being changed to the Margoria Sea, there may be changes to the price of certain trade goods after the official server update.

  • Added a quest where you look around the Griffon transportation field and fishing spots in Velia during the Balenos main questline.


  • Removed some objects in Calpheon City to lessen interruptions while auto-navigating on your mount.


  • Changed some UI that previews content in Black Desert.
    • This UI will be displayed for adventurers who reach a certain level and enter a Safe Zone.
      • The level at which the UI will be displayed has been changed from Lv. 50-52 to Lv. 57.
    • The content displayed in the UI has been changed and marked with a "NEW" icon.

  • Improved the Adventure Log so you can not only turn pages between chapters by the arrow buttons but by also clicking on the left and right sides of the Adventure Log.
  • Improved the conditions and requirements for the guild skill "Command to Gather!" to be more clear.
  • Added an adventurer's guide on the "Present" window within the guild storage.
    • The "Present" feature can only be used by the guild master of a Lord's Guild/Alliances.
  • Improved the message that is displayed when the Lord awards "Epheria's Star" to guild members.
  • Fixed the issue where the Node/Conquest War Annex Assembly Tool was displaying incorrect number of ingredients to build certain annexes.
  • Fixed the issue where the guild member receiving an item via the "Present" function would see the Guild Storage UI displayed.
  • Fixed the error text to better explain reasons for being unable to enter the Magnus: Abyss One.
  • Fixed the issue where opening a bookmarked adventure log would sometimes display an empty page.
    • All bookmarks have been reset accordingly.


  • Improved to be able to check login history even if OTP verification fails.
  • Fixed the issue where the login window appeared in an awkward position on the official website.
  • Fixed the issue where attaching large files in a post to Community threads would sometimes refresh the page and make you lose any unposted content.
  • Added the "Presentation" hashtag to the Adventurer's Feedback Board.


  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • [Event] Valks Enhancement Help Kit → [Event] Valks' Enhancement Help Kit
    • Sihuram → Si Huram
    • Siyunchae → Si Yunchae

  • Changed and unified the following terms in Indonesian:
    • Pedagang Cooking, Pedagang Masak, Saudagar Masak → Pedagang Masak
    • Mackerel Pike → Pike
    • Tyrie (Short) Classic Set → Tyrie Classic Set (Short)
    • Utusan, Delegasi, Misi, Parlemen, Delagasi, Misionaris, Pasukan → Delegasi
    • Sihuram → Shi Huram
    • Siyunchae → Shi Yunchae
    • Sibyl, Peramal → Dukun


  • [Wizard] Fixed the issues of the following outfits being displayed abnormally:
    • Crescent Moon Clothes with low durability
    • Performing certain actions with the Pumpkin Tailor Hat
    • Performing certain actions with Cantabile Clothes
    • Wearing Winterland Soiree or Salanar Gloves with Pumpkin Tailor Clothes
    • Kibelius Divinus Robe or Kibelius Robe
  • [Wizard, Nova (Awakening), Woosa, Maegu] Fixed the issue of the feather effects not displaying properly while wearing the Kibelius Divinus Armor.
  • Fixed the issue where your character would clip through monsters during combat in cutscenes.
  • Fixed the issue of Ulutuka being able to travel abnormally long distances than intended.
  • Fixed the Enhancement UI to properly display the correct text when failing to enhance the Silver Embroidered Life Clothes.
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue where wearing the Tempyrion Robe would make your eyebrows and beard vanish.
  • Fixed the issue where the text for Character Slot Expansion Coupons would bleed out of the quick purchase UI.
  • Fixed the issue where a production node without invested Contribution Points (CP) would appear as if it had CP invested in it for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the client would occasionally shut down while the screen was loading when playing Abyss One: The Magnus content.
  • Fixed the issue of rocks being displayed unnaturally in certain areas of Asula Highland.
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue where wearing the Snowflake Outfit would make your shoulders appear awkward.
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue where wearing the Crescent Moon Outfit would make your shoulders appear awkward.

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