April 12, 2023 (Wed) Update Details

Updates Apr 12, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8)


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on April 12, 2023.

(Patch size: approx. 1.16GB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



  • Event 1. Ellie’s Special Shop is here!
    • Event Period :  April 12, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – May 17, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance
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  • Event 2. Special Black Desert Day!
    • Event Period :  April 14, 2023 (Fri) 00:00 – April 23, 2023 (Sun) 23:59
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  • Event 3. Black Desert Cosplay PARTY-!
    • Event Period :  April 12, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance – April 26, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance 
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Trap of Vedir
  • Fixed an issue where only the first three hits of the attack would be applied when using the skill.


Trading Activity

  • Improved so the trade item types are now displayed in the trade item description.
  • Improved so you can now view trade items by type in the Order Contract window.
  • Improved so you can check profits in the Sell window when selling trade items via "Sell All."

  • Changed so that if there are no order contracts at a node when entering the Trade window, the Order Contract window will not be displayed.
    • The Order Contract window will only be displayed if there is at least one order contract.

  • A mysterious giant merchant guild has appeared, who buys up all the cheaper trade items to sell them later when the prices stabilize.
    • If the giant merchant guild buys up all the stock, there will be a shortage of trade items for a while, and the prices will remain stable for a certain period of time.
    • After the shortage ends and demand increases, the prices of trade items will rise, and the giant merchant guild will sell their stock, making it possible to purchase trade items again.
Condition Market prices for trade goods stay within 40% of the original price for three cycles
Purchase Restriction Period Trade goods cannot be purchased and the market price will not fluctuate for 42 cycles (7 days). (Purchased trade goods can still be sold.)
After the Purchase Restriction Period Market prices for trade goods reset to the original price.
  • Improved so the purchase price and current trading price of trade goods are now displayed on the Order Contract window.

  • Changed the required trade items for the following quests due to the removal of existing trade items:
Quest Before After
Urgent Request from Calpheon Workshop Pure Iron Ore Dwarf Tool Pack
(Eastern Gateway)
Must-Haves for Calpheonian Madams Crystal Glass Transparent Crystal Glass
(Western Guard Camp)
Dreaming Little Girl Love Potion Mystical Love Potion No. 6
Luxuries of the Altinovan Nobles Fogan Skin Oil Party Cocktail Dress
Parade of Research Wad of Bush Spider Cobweb Rare Bush Spider Web
  • Improved the phrases in the [Old Moon Guild Newsletter] regarding market price fluctuations for trade items.
  • The trade managers, Harden and Lindsiyana Herba, in the Calpheon region have resumed buying trade items.
  • Fixed an issue where trade items couldn't be sold depending on where you start conversation with NPC Wolfgang in Calpheon.
  • Fixed so the Imperial Crafting Delivery manager in Calpheon, Bech, now accepts imperial deliveries.
  • Fixed so Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs in areas outside of major cities and towns now accepts imperial deliveries.
  • Removed the title [Imperial Delivery] from NPCs who previously held it due to the removal of Imperial Trade.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Contract menu was not appearing in the Recently Used.
  • Fixed an issue where the purchase tab was appearing on some city trade managers when checking market prices on the world map.
  • Removed the "Magnate" effect, which was applied when the total cost of purchased trade items exceeded a certain amount.
  • Fixed so that the guild mission "[Trading] Urgent Delivery Mission," which used the trade items before the trading revamp, no longer appears.
  • Fixed an issue where the stock quantity was displayed as 50 when checking the market price for trade items that had a purchase limit.

Spring Season Graduation Begins!

  • Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, is lending a hand for Spring Season graduation so that you can convert your season character who has completed the 2023 Spring Season into a normal character.
Graduation Period April 12th, 2023 (after maintenance) - May 10th, 2023 (before maintenance)
Graduation Requirements Adventurers who did not purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the Season Pass Challenges and accepted the rewards.
Adventurers who purchase the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must have accepted and completed all of the all of the Black Spirit Pass Challenge and accepted the rewards.
You must not have Fughar’s Timepiece in your possession.

  • Season Graduation requirements for Spring Season 2023 are as follows:
Quest NPC Quest Objective Completion NPC
[Season Server Graduation]
At the Crossroad
Leyla the Crow Merchants Guild Scribe located at the Workshop in Velia Accept and complete the [Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece from Fughar and talk to him. Fughar
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate Fughar
    • Season characters can be converted into normal characters upon using the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate.
    • You can obtain [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement upon completing the above quest.
    • Items contained in the Gift Box Full of Memories are as follows:

Gift Box Full of Memories
[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon x1
Graduation Cap x1
Advice of Valks (+60) x1
Golden Graduation Gown x1
Cron Stone x100
[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
[Event] Elion's Tear x10
[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x5
[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x5
[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone x1
Blessed Message Scroll x5
Premium Elixir Box x3
Finto's Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10
Graduation Notice
- Adventurers who have purchased [Event] Black Spirit Pass, make sure to claim all Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass challenges and rewards.
- Unused purchased [Event] Black Spirit Passes can no longer be used after Season graduation.
 - Honorable Adventurer's Certificates that can be obtained during the Season Server Graduation quest can be used on normal servers.
- You cannot graduate if the character has Fughar's Timepiece.

  • Added quest "Season Special Gift" to the 2023 spring season server.
Quest NPC Acceptance Requirement  Quest Objective Reward
[Season Special Gift]
Freshly Budding Dream
Fughar A Lv. 20 or higher season character or a character that has completed the
“[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” quest
Talk to Fughar Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon x1
Cron Stone x50
Sour Green Grape Juice x10
Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10
Fresh Orange Juice x10 
    • You can exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon obtained from the aforementioned quest for one of the following special rewards from Fughar.
* However, if you've already received the special season reward, you cannot receive the reward for that particular season again.
    • Adventurers who have not received any of the season special rewards can obtain the rewards from the previous season through the next Season.
Season Season Special Gifts 
2020 Spring Season
PEN (V) Capotia Earring or PEN (V) Capotia Ring (Select one) 
2020 Season
Perilla's Star
2020 Winter Season
PEN (V) Capotia Belt 
2021 Summer Season
PEN (V) Capotia Necklace 
2021 Season+
Advice of Valks (+100)
2021 Winter Season
Season: Drakania
Season: Dawn of Dragons
2022 Autumn Season
Winter Season
Spring Season

Advice of Valks (+100) Box

  • You can exchange Tuvala gear for boss gear with the "[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon" via the following quests.
    • Talk to Fughar with the "[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon" in your inventory to accept the following quests. You can only proceed with one of the following quests at a time.
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kzarka Main Weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kutum Sub-weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Dandelion Awakening Weapon
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Giath's Helmet
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Muskan's Shoes
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Bheg's Gloves

  • The Total Likes per Chat Group are scheduled to be reset during Apr 19, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have also been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons in any of the Hall of Adventurers Chat Groups.
    • All titles awarded for chat group rankings on Jan 18, 2023 (Wed) will be deleted during Apr 19, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
Chat Group Gold Silver Bronze
Lunar Halo Inn Protector of Newbies Luminary of Newbies Herald of Newbies
Dancing Marlin Tavern Oh Captain, My Captain Reliable First Mate Hardworking Steerer
Battle Arena Fist of Legend Born to Fight Backstreet Fighter
Hystria Ruins Relentless Slayer Perceptive Hunter Clever Tracker
Florin Neighborhood Meeting Touch of Midas Crafty Diligent Life Skiller
Garnier Troupe Virtuoso Genius Composer Rhapsodist
Heidel's Street City Celebrity Famed Storyteller Street Herald
Hall of Adventurers Pathfinder Role Model Mentor

The [Season] Coelacanth Emerges in Normal Servers!

  • [Season] Coelacanth, which could only be fished in season servers during the spring season, can now be found in normal servers as well.
    • This event will last until the end of the spring season.
Fishing Areas


  • Improved so that the name of each destination is displayed above their respective Abyssal Vein in the Magnus.


  • Changed the alert message displayed in the Launcher when an error occurs.


  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:
    • Mineral Workbench → Mineral Workshop
    • Wood Workbench → Wood Workshop
    • Mushroom Factory → Mushroom Workshop
    • Fish Factory → Fish Workshop
    • Crop Factory → Crop Workshop
    • Luxuries → Luxury
    • Military Supplies → Military Supply
    • Relics → Relic
    • Clothes → Clothing
    • Raw Materials → Raw Material
    • Rare Critter Box → Rare Item Box.
    • Ban → Kick

  • Changed and unified the following terms in Indonesian:
    • Sakramen, Sacrament, Relik, Halidom → Peninggalan
    • [Events] Forgotten Relic → [Event] Peninggalan Terlupakan
    • Valtarra Relic Fragment → Potongan Peninggalan Valtarra
    • Imperial Trade → Perdagangan Kerajaan
    • Rebel Supply Package → Paket Suplai Pasukan Pemberontakan
    • Sack of Shells → Karung Kulit Kerang
    • Dias' Eagle Statue → Patung Elang Dias
    • Rare Critter Box → Rare Item Box


  • [Maegu, Woosa] Fixed an issue where the black particle effect was not displayed when wearing the Blood-eyed Visor.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of an island near the Sycraia Underwater Ruins looked unnatural.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of a certain rock at the Derelict Trade Post looked unnatural.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of a removed object were still visible in a certain location in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the My Information (p) window with a hotkey while both the My Information and Inventory (I) windows were open would also close the Inventory window.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-navigation would stop when the Skill (K) window was opened during auto-navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to view Adventure logs in the Adventure Log Bookshelf in certain situations for the Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed an issue of the Daily Special UI overlapping with the Key Guide for the Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of the Crystal Preset Effect window were cut off in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the selling price for Imperial Crafting and Fishing Delivery was displayed as 0 Silver.
  • Fixed an issue where some text in the Old Moon Guild Newsletter was displayed in a different language.
  • [Wizard] Fixed an issue in Remastered mode where parts of the Sleepless Sun armor would look unnatural after being dyed.
  • [Sage] Fixed an issue where some parts of the [Event] Beginner Hunter's Matchlock looked unnatural when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming at the Sensitive Seagulls in the Balenos region with a sniper rifle was not smooth.
  • Fixed an issue where you could move Velian Drawers even after placing other furniture on top of the drawer.
  • Fixed an issue where abnormal icons and descriptions were displayed in the Life Skill section in My Information window.
  • Fixed an issue where the Special Barter window would be closed last when closing the windows with the ESC key while checking the Special Barter info via the Wharf Manager.
  • Fixed the issue where in some languages, the storage fee texts and prices would overlap in the Order Contract UI.
  • Fixed the issue where in some languages, trade-related text would overlap.
  • Fixed typos and incorrect quest objectives for the Trading Leap quests.
  • Changed the completion condition for the quest "[Fishing] Ever Fished a Maomao?" to selling the fish to a nearby trade manager in major towns or cities.
  • Fixed an issue where the horse attached to the wagon, which could no longer level up, would experience a stat increase in the third decimal place based on Training Guru Lv. 50 when leveling up.


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