Spring Season Graduation!

GM Notes May 10, 2023, 13:21 (UTC+8)



Spring Season graduation! 

Time to leave the Season server and find a new adventure! 

From the April 12, 2023 update, you’ll be able to graduate from the season servers! 

This means you’ll be leaving the season servers, and heading out into the big wide world of normal servers. 

To all the Adventurers who have grown on the Season Server, we wish you all the best for your Adventures here on.  

Let’s take a look at all the content that you can enjoy after graduation. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 


Adventurers who have been eagerly awaiting graduation! 

Shall we take a look at how to graduate and other contents? 


Graduated from Spring Season!

Shall we take a look at the Narchillan Gear for non-season characters?

For adventurers who would like to prepare gear for other characters excluding Tuvala gear!
For adventurers who unfortunately couldn't get Tuvala gear on the Season server!
Shall we take a look at “Narchillan Gear” which has the stats of “Blackstar” gear from DUO (II) - TRI (III)

▲ Reliable Narchillan Gear! You can always convert it to gear for other classes!

Reliable support gear for your adventure!
Curious how to obtain and convert Narchillan Gear?!



When does the Spring Season end? 

How do I graduate?


With so many Adventurers still utilizing the Season Servers, we’re  

extending the current season until May 10, 2023 (Wed) maintenance! 


All season events have been extended along with the Season, so don’t feel pressured to complete everything now, and enjoy the super-fueled growth that Season characters have!

Curious about the content you can enjoy during the spring season and graduation?  


Travel quickly with Abyss One: The Magnus

▲ Within the cracks of the Black Desert world resides Abyss One: The Magnus.  

Complete Abyss One: The Magnus quests, and you’ll be rewarded with three huge rewards!  
One! PEN (V) Boss Defense Gear x1 
Two! Move from city to city through the Magnus!  

Three! Access any warehouse, from any where! 


These rewards can greatly help you on your newest adventure, so we heavily recommend completing it!  

Want to find out more about Abyss One: The Magnus?  


What’s your new goal? Progression Pass and Adventure Logs

▲ Graduated from the Spring Season? Let’s start the Progression Pass!   
▲ Get boosts for your whole family with Adventure Logs!  

The Progression Pass helps new Adventurers adapt to various content that Black Desert has to offer after Season Servers conclude.   

For those who are looking to forge their own paths, Adventure Logs are a great way to raise the stats of your whole family! Complete these Adventure Logs to unlock lots of helpful buffs for your adventures.   

Would you like to learn more about the Progression Pass and Adventure Logs?   


Old Moon Guild’s PEN (V) Gear and Accessory quests!


▲ Each step allows youy to create your own guaranteed PEN (V) gear! 

PEN (V) Narc’s Ear Accessory 

PEN (V) Tungrad Earring 

PEN (V) Ring of Crescent Guardian 

▲ Accessories that are guaranteed to reach PEN (V) through quests available from Jetina!  

Have you already heard of the Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory method from Jetina of the Old Moon Guild? 

You can get your guaranteed PEN (V) accessory through quests and with other materials, and though the journey is long, the items are a great boon to all Adventurers! 

Want to learn more about Guaranteed PEN (V) Gear?   


Pay Attention Lifeskillers! 

Floramos Accessories and Liana’s Toolbag! 

Floramos Necklace
Floramos Earring
Floramos Ring
Floramos Belt
▲ Make your lifeskills pop with the Floramos Accessory.  
▲ Put all your gathering tools into one convenient toolbag!  

Lifeskillers pay close attention!  

Get Liana’s Toolbag which allows you to store a variety of gathering tools in one convenient place! You can also grab Floramos accessories to make your lifeskills richer!  

Find Liana in all major Black Desert cities in order to get the Floramos Accessories, and to grab Liana’s Toolbag you can start the quest from the Black Spirit!

Want to learn more above these lifeskill boons? 

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