Begin Your Lifeskills, Floramos Accessories!

GM Notes Apr 14, 2023, 15:00 (UTC+8)



Begin your lifeskills!

✧ Floramos Accessory ✧

Do you know about Floramos Accessories?
Added during the February 15, 2023 maintenance,
you can get one Floramos Accessory through your event quests!

Make your life richer with the Floramos Accessories!


Floramos Necklace

Floramos Earring

Floramos Ring

Floramos Belt


Make sure you get your Floramos Accessories!

Massive life skill benefits!


A lifeskillers dream! The same stats as a
TRI(III) Manos Accessory

Manos Set Effect!


Floramos Accessories will also activate the
Manos Accessory set effects!


◆ Learn more about Floramos Accessories!



Now, let’s get some Floramos Accessories!

Trade 300 of the following items to Liana! (* available once per family)

Fairy's Breath
* Gathering by-product

Witch's Delicacy
* Cooking by-product

Mysterious Catalyst
* Alchemy by-product

① Find Valentine’s Apprentice Liana in major towns and cities!

② Complete the Floramos Accessory quest from Liana!
③ Use the chat function with Liana and hand over the by-products.
▲ Hand over 1 of the 3 items to complete the quest.
④ Now you’ll be able to select the Floramos Accessory you want!
▲ Now I have the power of Floramos in my hands!


How do I get by-products?


Fairy's Breath


Lumbering, Fluid Collecting, Tanning, Mining, Water Scooping etc

You can get these at a set rate while gathering!


You can also exchange Fairy’s Breath with Dalishain for a collection of different items.

Witch's Delicacy


Cook successful recipes and get these at a set chance!


Deliver Witch’s Delicacy to Liana in major cities,

or Nadia Rowen in Olvia!

You can get a variety of different items by exchanging them!

Mysterious Catalyst


Perform successful Alchemy and you can obtain the Mysterious Catalyst at a set chance!


Exchange the Mysterious Catalyst with Dalishain in major cities,

or with Bofin in Olvia!

Get a variety of items through the exchange option!


◆ When you want to change your Floramos Accessories!

I chose the wrong Floramos Accessory...what can I do?

Worry not! Liana will exchange your Floramos Accessories to a different type each day!

① Interact with Liana in major cities.

② Grab the quest '[EXC] New Choice: Floramos Accessory’

③ Hand over your Floramos Accessory and 10 Concentrated Magical Black Gems.

④ Select your desired accessory and you’re done!



Did you get your Floramos Accessory?
Then starting today, a new life skill day begins! ෆ⸒⸒⸜( ˶'ᵕ'˶)⸝

We’ll be back with more information!


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