Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins - Chapter 1: Tale of the Mudang Wraith

GM Notes May 19, 2023, 18:06 (UTC+8)

A Visual Journey into the Origins of
the Land of Morning Light!


Become absorbed in the enchanting backstory of the Land of the Morning Light

and let your imagination weave threads of curiosity and wonder through an illustrated tale. 


Familiarizing yourself with them will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience! 

Join us this June in the mesmerizing world of the Morning Light,
where magical stories lie, just waiting to be discovered. 


Don’t forget to take the pop quiz at the end of the GM Note,

read the story, and put your knowledge to the test! 



❖ The First Tale ❖
The Maiden and the Woodcutter
~The Maiden and the Woodcutter ~

Once upon a time, there lived a poor woodcutter.

One day, he helpd a deer who was being chased by a hunter.

The deer felt bad for the poor woodcutter, too poor to ever marry,

It told him about the bathing place of the celestial maidens.

The deer said that if he stole one of the winged gowns the maidens took off while bathing, that maiden wouldn‘t be able to return to the sky,

and the woodcutter could offer her his home.

The woodcutter, having stolen the neatly folded winged-gown of the celestial maiden, approached her and proposed as the deer had suggested.

The maiden accepted the woodcutter’s proposal,

and went to live with him.

The maiden always lonnged to return home, but the deer had cautioned the woodcutter to never speak about the stolen winged-gown until they had their third child.

One day, after their second child was born, 

the woodcutter's guilt finally got to him and he returned the gown to her.

The maiden flew off with their two children, never to return again.

❖ The Second Tale ❖ 
The Hare’s Liver

~Who is wiser, the turtle or the hare?~

Once upon a time, in an undersea kingdom, there was a dragon king who was very sick. In his search for a remedy for his illness, he found a remarkable physician who told him that consuming the liver of a hare would surely bring back his failing health.

The dragon king pondered,

"How can I get my hands on the liver of a hare that lives on land?"

With great courage, a turtle proclaimed,

"I will venture onto the land myself!” and set off on their journey. 

Upon encountering a hare, the turtle promised them a prestigious position in the undersea kingdom. Fooled by the turtle’s persuasive words, the rabbit eagerly descended to the dragon palace.

Quickly realizing that they had been tricked, the rabbit stood before the dragon king and bravely declared,

“I’ve left my liver behind on dry land!”

The king and turtle foolishly agreed to bring the rabbit back up to the land once again

Seizing the opportunity, the rabbit escaped into the distant forest,
never to be seen again!

❖ The Third Tale ❖ 
The Serpent Husband

~Destiny of a Serpent’s Bride~

In the heart of a village, an elderly couple who had longed for a child finally welcomed a son, but he was no ordinary child – he was a serpent baby!

When the three sisters from the neighboring houses came to see the child, it was only the youngest among them who found him to be beautiful.

The serpent ended up eventually marrying the youngest sister.

On the first night, as the serpent shed its skin, a handsome, scholarly Seonbi emerged from within!  

However, consumed by jealousy, the two elder sisters decide to set fire to the serpent's shed skin.

Believing his wife to be the one who did such a heinous act, the seonbi sorrowfully left her.

However, by enduring numerous moments and numerous trials, the wife managed to work out the misunderstanding,

and they were reunited once again, living happily ever after.


❖  The Fourth Tale ❖ 
Princess Bari
(Princess Bari's Journey)

~The Abandoned Princess~

The King and Queen, who had longed for a son, inexplicably continued to have daughters, one after another.

Upon realizing that their seventh child, Princess Bari, was also a daughter, they decided to abandon her.

Rescued and raised by an elderly couple, 

She finds out one day that the king, her father, was suffering from a terminal illness.

Despite being abandoned by him, Princess Bari embarked on a journey to the underworld, enduring countless hardships along the way. 

Through great trials and tribulations, Princess Bari obtains the Water of Life, and the flowers of blood, breath, bone, and flesh.

Princess Bari, who successfully helped save her father, having fulfilled her purpose,

departed once again, determined to guide more souls in need.


How did you like these tales that inspired the stories Land of the Morning Light?

Leave your answers to the quiz below in the GM NOTE comment section!
May 19, 2023 (Fri) to May 24, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

Q . Who told the woodcutter about the celestial maiden’s whereabouts?

1. A Serpent
2. The King
3. A Turtle
4. A Deer

10 lucky adventures will be chosen from 
Those who leave their answers in the comment section

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) x1 

Tip! You’ll have a higher chance of being chosen
if you leave your thoughts about the tales along with your answer!
※ Players who were chosen will be announced within 2 weeks after the end of the event through this GM note.


[ Winners Announcement ]

Did you enjoy the background story for the Mudang Wraith? 

We will randomly select 10 adventurers who answered the quiz correctly to receive [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) as a reward! 

Stay tuned for the Gumiho tale!(๓˙ ₋ ˙๓) 

 10 lucky winners
Meicry YoungKnights Silvermoon1 SanmeR Bararaq
Darkwrath NoobToPro BadBatch Lemina Krokos

 *The event rewards will be sent by in-game mail (B) on May 31, 2023 (Wed) during Maintenance.


We’ll return next with Chapter 2: Gumiho,

so stay tuned! 👋👋

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