Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins - Chapter 2: Tale of the Gumiho

GM Notes May 26, 2023, 14:20 (UTC+8)

A Visual Journey into the Origins of the Land of the Morning Light!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting backstory of the Land of the Morning Light, as your

imagination weaves threads of curiosity and wonder through these illustrated tales.


Join us this June in the mesmerizing world of the Morning Light, where magical stories lie, just waiting to unravel.

Familiarizing yourself with them will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience!

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins Chapter 2: Tale of the Gumiho!

[!] Adventurers who haven’t read the first chapter!
Make sure to check out
Chapter 1: Tale of the Mudang Wraith


Don’t forget to take the pop quiz at the end of the GM Note!

Read the story and put your knowledge to the test!



❖ The First Tale ❖
Jeju Island’s Jin-guktae 
Who ever can this beautiful girl that the boy met be?

Once upon a time, a boy was on his way back home from studying at an institute when he
met a charming girl who lived in a giwa-roofed house. He fell in love with her at first sight.

For several days, the boy and girl played a game where they would
pass an orb between them with a kiss.

However, the boy’s health deteriorated day by day.

The headmaster who heard about the incident told him to swallow the orb.

So the next day, the boy swallowed the orb,

and the girl transformed into a fox with many tails.

The boy barely managed to escape from the fox!

In the end, the boy became a skilled doctor who could heal any kind of disease,
thanks to the fox orb with mystical powers.

❖ The Second Tale ❖
Fox Sister 

What the Brothers Saw

Once, a married couple with only sons, three of them, finally gave birth to a daughter.

After a few years, the brothers saw their little sister transforming
into a fox every night and eating the livers of cows and chickens!

The brothers told their parents what they saw.

However, the parents were furious that they would badmouth
their daughter, and kicked them out the house.

Years passed, and the eldest son got three Gourd Bottles of different colors:
white, red and blue, each with a mysterious power.

He went back home with the bottles.

Then, he followed his sister, and when she was alone, she transformed into a fox.

The eldest son defeated his sister by throwing all of the gourd bottles.


How did you like these tales that inspired the stories in Land of the Morning Light?
Leave your answers to the quiz below in the
GM Notes comments section!
May 25, 2023 (Thu) to May 31, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

Q. What did the eldest son throw to defeat the fox?

1) Chicken
2) Orb
3) Gourd Bottles
4) Liver

10 lucky adventurers will be chosen from
those who leave their answers in the comment section!

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) x1

Tip! You’ll have a higher chance of being chosen if you leave your thoughts about the tales along with your answer!
※ Players who were chosen will be announced within 2 weeks after the end of the event through this GM note.

Go to the link below for the previous chapter!

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins

Chapter 1: Tale of the Mudang Wraith

[ Winners Announcement ]

Did you enjoy the background story for the Mudang Wraith? 

We will randomly select 10 adventurers who answered the quiz correctly to receive [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) as a reward! 

 10 lucky winners
Calista Dragonspyre Flashfreeze Khaleesi Maegu
MiuMiyu ElysiuM Vanling Landep Inanna

 *The event rewards will be sent by in-game mail (B) on June 7, 2023 (Wed).


We’ll return next week with Chapter 3: Tale of Songakshi, so stay tuned! 👋

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