Awakening Woosa, the Do Wielder of Blooming Death

GM Notes May 31, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8)

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Woosa & Maegu.
The Twins Embrace Each Other’s Path.

Though you walk down different paths, your fate,
preordained by the heavens, will lead you both to one enlightenment.

Are you ready to face each other?



Woosa, the Do Wielder of Blooming Death

Awakening Woosa weaponizes charms bound into a tome and a calligraphy brush that writes
the names of the deceased to harness the power of the Seocheon Flower Garden, a field blooming in the netherworld.

With the power of this netherworld, Woosa summons the souls of the deceased from the tome using the calligraphy brush to attack. Also, she can summon flowers of death to strategically block enemies.

These flowers can be used like mines or for timed attacks, effectively disrupting the enemy's actions.

Combat Type: Melee/Mid Range

After calling upon this Seocheon Flower Garden, Woosa can unleash various long and short-range attacks based on the distance between her and the enemy.
Woosa can also take down enemies using the summoned flowers, relentlessly tracking them and inflicting explosive damage, thereby ensnaring the enemies in a state of confusion.

[Primary skill] Blooming Death - Flow: River’s End

Opens the doors of the netherworld to unleash the power absorbed by the Sari Flowers
upon her enemies. The absorbed power is gathered then unleashed laterally.

[Primary skill] Mark of the Moon

Inscribe the song of the moon, which is then absorbed into the soul tome and unleashed as an attack.

[Primary skill] Soul Cleanse

Cast a spell to cleanse tainted souls with the aid of your Sari Flowers.

[Primary skill] Moonlit Blast

A moon as bright as the sun will rise and summon Sari Flowers around Woosa, which then explode to inflict damage.

Woosa’s Awakening Weapon: Soul Tome

Enemies written in this record of those destined for the underworld will tremble as Woosa beckons at their souls.

[PvE Basic Combo]

Nether Blast (S + LMB)

Life Lure (Shift + RMB)

Flow: Seocheon Field (Hold RMB)

Bloom Deluge (Hold RMB)

Bloomburst (Hold RMB)

Soul Shower (W + E)

Flow: Soul Shock (Hold E)


Soul Cleanse (RMB)

Flow: River‘s End (E)

Mark of the Moon (SHIFT+ E)

Flow: Death‘s Proclamation (Hold E)


What stories lie behind Woosa’s Awakening?

May 31 (Wed),
Meet Woosa and her newfound powers.


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