Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins Chapter 4

GM Notes Jun 9, 2023, 15:21 (UTC+8)

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins Chapter 4

Immerse yourself in the enchanting backstory of the Land of the Morning Light, as your

imagination weaves threads of curiosity and wonder through these illustrated tales.


Familiarizing yourself with these tales will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience!

Chapter 4 of the Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins is about the Bamboo Legion.

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❖ Story 1 1 ❖
Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang
~The Story of a Kindhearted Man and a Princess~

Ondal was a poor and unattractive young man, but he had a kind heart.

He would even give away the herbs he worked hard to obtain to others
without hesitation. People called him “Foolish Ondal” because of this.

Princess Pyeonggang had a habit of bursting out in tears at the smallest thing since she was very young, and the king always teased her by saying that he would marry her off to Ondal when she grew up if she didn’t stop.

Princess Pyeonggang grew into a confident young woman and left the palace,

choosing to really marry Ondal in an act of rebellion against her father.

Under the princess's guidance, Ondal studied writing and trained in martial arts,

eventually becoming a great warrior recognized even by the king!


❖ Story 2 ❖ 
The Legend of Manpasikjuk, the Tideturner Flute
~What Happens When You Play the Mysterious Bamboo Flute?~

Once, a king built a temple to carry on his father's will.

One day, while observing the sea, an officer said to the king,

"Your Majesty, a small mountain is floating toward this temple."

The king boarded a boat and headed to the mountain.

There, a dragon presented a bamboo shoot and spoke,

"If you make a flute out of this, peace will prevail throughout the land!"

Following the dragon's advice, the king crafted the flute.

Whenever the kingdom faced hardship, the king played the flute, bringing tranquility back to the realm.


❖ Story 3 ❖  
The Legend of King Kyeong-moon

~The King with Donkey-like Ears!~

In a distant kingdom, there once lived a king whose ears suddenly grew very long, and resembled those of a donkey.

Ashamed of his transformation, the king hid his ears, and only the hat-maker,
Bokdujangi, knew the truth.

Bokdujangi kept this secret throughout his life, never daring to utter a word.

However, as his final moments approached, he shouted out in the bamboo forest,

"Our king has ears like a donkey!"

From then on, whenever the wind blew through the bamboo forest,

Voices echoed, "Our king has ears like a donkey!"


❖ Story 4 ❖  
King Mi-Chu and the Bamboo Legion
~The Mysterious Soldiers Who Defeated the Enemy and Vanished~

This is a story of when a kingdom was under threat of enemy attack.

Suddenly, soldiers appeared with bamboo leaves stuck behind their ears,

and they drove away the enemy forces.

After the enemy retreated, when the kingdom’s citizens followed the trail of fallen bamboo leaves,

They discovered the tomb of the late king covered in leaves.

On one occasion, the spirit of a great general, carried by a swirling wind,
visited the tomb and expressed a desire to leave this kingdom.

Hearing this, the spirit of the late king pleaded for the spirit to stay and continue protecting the kingdom.

In response, the swirling wind turned back.

When the current king heard of this, he apologized to the spirit of the great
general, paid respects, and held a ceremonial rite to honor him.


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Q . What was piled up at the tomb of the late king?

2.King's hat
3.Bamboo leaves


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Go to the link below for the previous chapter!

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins

Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins


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We’ll return next week with Chapter 5: Tale of the Geuseunsae and Changui,

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