Land of the Morning Light Q&A!

GM Notes Jun 14, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8)


Land of the Morning Light Q&A!

Finally, the door to the Land of Morning has opened, and many like yourself are enjoying their adventures! So, we prepared a Q&A session to answer some of the key questions that may be raised while exploring the new region for the first time!

The core Q&A will be continuously updated based on frequently asked questions from adventurers like you. So, shall we embark to the Land of Morning with this helpful Q&A?

Q1.  How do you reach Land of the Morning Light? / Is there a way to return from the Land of the Morning Light to an existing continent?

A. You can travel to the Land of the Morning Light through the Abyssal Well that leads to the Magnus or by sailing across the sea on a ship!

Hold up! Are you a new adventurer?
The adventure in Black Desert now includes the "Land of the Morning Light." After creating a character at level 1, adventurers can choose to enter the Land of the Morning Light. For details on how to enter, check out the [Guide for New Adventurers: Entering the Land of the Morning Light] GM Note.

Q2. I've arrived at the Land of the Morning Light but can't seem to proceed with the main quests.

A. If you were already progressing through the main quests as an adventurer, you can take on the "[LoML] Emma's Invitation" quest via the Black Spirit (/) - Main Quests. Once you accept this quest, you will be able to travel to the Land of the Morning Light!
Q3. Can I choose to start my adventure in the Land of the Morning Light if it's my first time playing Black Desert?

A. Yes! While the overarching story of Black Desert begins at the Ancient Stone Chamber, LoML is designed to provide its own unique stand-alone story experience.

Q4. I want to start another main quest in the Land of Morning Light, but I'm unable to do so.

A. If you have a currently ongoing journal/tale, you will be unable to start on a new quest tale even if you forfeit the current ongoing quest. Please be patient and complete the storyline you are currently working on. Since each boss in the collection of tales has an interesting story to tell, we encourage you to take your time exploring each of them one by one.
Q5. I can't use potions or food buffs during combat.

A. In the Land of the Morning Light, you will be unable to use potions or food items during boss combat and other combat quests during the main storyline.
Q6. I've completed all my LoML quests, but I'm still missing some knowledge.

A. Some knowledge such as "Little Sangoon", may be difficult to obtain depending on the Crossroads quest selected during the main quest. In this case, you will be able to obtain the unobtained knowledge by playing through on a different character and selecting the other Crossroads quest.
Q7. The Dahn's Glove quest was cut off halfway through.

A. Once you've completed all of the Dahn's Glove story quests, you can accept the crafting quest from the Fox Goddess Statue NPC in Yeowoo Cave.

Hold up! What if I still can’t proceed with the quest?
1. Please check if the quest type is activated.
2. Please make sure you don’t have the gloves equipped and that they are in your inventory along with the Flame of Hongik!
Q8. I've completed all of the main quests, but I still don't have Kkebiwater.

A. Please ensure that you've cleared the Black Spirit quests "[LoML] Strange and Beautiful Dokkebi Chest (Tale of Duoksini)" and "LoML] Ruler of Taebaek".

Hold up! What is Kkebiwater?
Kkebiwater is an item that can be obtained by completing the two main quests mentioned above. It allows you to unlock the left and bottom-right Crystal Slots.
Q9. I'm trying to use the LoML manor: Shimhyangje, but there's no UI that pops up even when I'm standing in front of it.

A. To access the LoML manor: Shimhyangje, you must first complete the Land of Morning Light main questline.
Q10. If my character dies during combat with bosses in the Land of the Morning Light, will my crystals be destroyed?

A. Don't worry! In the Land of the Morning Light, your crystals won't be destroyed if your character dies during a boss fight.
Q11. Where can I find the Donghae knowledge NPCs Dodong and Ayool in the Land of the Morning Light?

A. Rumor has it that these NPCs are on Haemo Island.  ᖗ( ᐛ )ᖘ
Q12. Can I turn off the Gathering minigame?

A. Sure! Simply press "P" to access your character's information. Click on "Learn More" and click the Gathering toggle to set it to 'OFF’.
Q13. "I appear to be heading in the wrong direction, moving away from the quest completion location as I progress through the main quest."

A. While progressing with the main quest, it's common for the navigation to disappear. In such cases, you can re-enable the navigation by right-clicking on the active quests list.

If you're still having trouble finding the quest location through the navigation, don't worry! You can also check the World Map (M) to find the locations where you can progress the quest.
Q14. I can't seem to proceed with "Steal Dried Persimmon from behind Miss Myo" during the [Duoksini] Stripefolk Ahryung quest.

A. You can proceed with the quest by interacting with "Blind Spot" Transparent NPC (R) behind Miss Myo.

That’s a wrap on the Q&A! If you still have any lingering questions, feel free to utilize the "Morning Light Inquiry” category on Support page.

By the way, did you know that our official Black Desert supporters are here to lend a hand to adventurers like you? Seek assistance now in the “Land of the Morning Light FAQ” channel, located within the official Discord server for the Black Desert SEA server.


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