2023 Asia Node War Championship

Events Sep 15, 2023, 08:00 (UTC+8)

2023 Asia Node War Championship 


A New Festival for the Asian Region! 

Asia Node War Championship starts on Sept 24. 

Asia Node War Championship
Asia Node War Championship Details Sept 20 (Wed), 2023
Participating Regions Korea, Japan, Taiwan·Macao·Hong Kong, ASIA (Thailand·SEA)
Qualifier Schedule Sept 24 (Sun), 2023
Oct 8 (Sun), 2023
Qualifier Node
(Unlimited 100-player Node)
Ash Forest (Tier 5 Node)
Hexe Sanctuary (Tier 5 Node)
Representing Guilds
4 Guilds per Region
Qualifying Condition Claim the designated node during qualifiers
Qualifying Guilds Announcement
Node War Groups Broadcast
Asia Node War Championship
1st: Oct 22 (Sun), 2023
2nd: Oct 29 (Sun), 2023
 ※ Participants will use distributed equipment in an event server for the Oct 22 and 29 Asia Node War Championship. 
- If your guild wins a node and is selected as a representative, you are prohibited from participating in other qualifier Node Wars or building a fort. 
(If it's confirmed that the qualifying guild has records of building a fort and participating in the Node War, its qualification may be revoked and canceled.) 
※ If no guild wins the node and it is liberated, the representative guild will be selected according to the specific conditions based on the records of that Node War. 
※ If the guild that won the Node War on September 17 (Sun) participates in the same node on the day of the qualifier and successfully defends without having the fort destroyed during the war, it will be considered as liberation instead of winning. And the guild will be selected as a representative guild according to the specific conditions based on the records of that Node War. 
(However, if all forts of participating guilds are destroyed and they win, they will be selected as a representative guild.) 
※ Detailed information on the qualifying conditions based on the records of the Node War when liberating it will be announced on September 20 (Wed), 2023. 
- After all qualifiers are over, confirmation of agreement to participate in the Asia Node War Championship will be conducted for participating players and guilds. 


Q . What is a Node War? What do I need to understand to enjoy it more?
A .
Node War is an RvR content where guilds compete for control of nodes in the Black Desert world. 
If you are curious about Node War, you can check out the Node War section in the Adventurer's Guide to learn more! 

Q . What is the difference between tier 5 nodes used in qualifiers and other nodes? 
A . Tier 5 node refers to an unlimited node where the equipment level of characters is applied as it is. 
Therefore, we recommend that Adventurers who are still growing experience lower tier nodes first!

Q . What guilds can participate in the Asia Node War Championship?

A . Qualifiers held on Sept 24 and Oct 8 can be participated by all guilds (alliances).

Q . What is the difference between the Asia Node War Championship and the regular Node War? 
A . The format of the Championship is the same, but the Championship, where guilds selected as representatives of each region compete, requires separate agreements to participate in the competition. 

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