Conquest War (June 22)

GM Notes Jun 24, 2024, 12:00 (UTC+8)

Conquest War Report

June 22, 2024


  KUBOTA (Alliance)

BLEED (Alliance)
Florin (Alliance)
GuwaiGuwai (Alliance)
KUBOTA (Alliance)
Serpent (Alliance)


  Negative (Alliance)

Angora (Alliance)
AnimalsParty (Alliance)
CLAWS (Alliance)
Kurotsukikuma (Alliance)
MILFS (Alliance)
Negative (Alliance)
Paralyzed (Alliance)
SpicyCatfish (Alliance)

  Smores (Alliance)

BlackPanther (Alliance)
EMPEROR (Alliance)
INGELNIX (Alliance)
ORDEBARU (Alliance)
ShaiBoboPatrol (Alliance)
SKYE (Alliance)
Smores (Alliance)



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