Succession Striker changes suggestions after a few more months of experience with it.
May 22, 2024, 08:42 (UTC+8)
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Succ Striker Changes Suggestions 2024
Just to make a point before my suggestions for Succession Striker, Succession Mystic have these and a lot more. Just to be clear hear, I don't want Succession Mystic to be nerfed. What I want is for Succession Strikers to have fun too and it's the only class i can really compare it with.
1.)Absolute: Soul Basher - Super Armor THAT END'S IN 3sec, 3SEC Cooldown!, ZERO! stamina and SP used, 10980 damage(Crit), 10sec +10% critrate,
-15% Movement speed, 15hits, Air attack, Down Smash and also rotates with the camera.
2.)Prime: Thunder Pound - Forward Guard, 3sec FG! and ALSO 3sec COOLDOWN!, 14787(Crit), 2CC's(Stiff Scan to KD to Down Smash),-9% Evasion and also rotates with the camera.
3.)21 Super Armor Skills including the unlisted SA in (Space+left click), compared to Succession Strikers 18 SA skills.

1.)Both of our -DP skills (Hidden Claw and Death Strike) can't hit all monsters because the hit boxes are too short and narrow.
2.)Crimson Fang & Admantine skill Tree hit boxes are too narrow and short.
1.)Skills that moves you forward(Knee Hammer,Crimson Fang etc.) if used after a grab, put's your enemy on your back and ruins your combo.
2.)Skill AOE/range is also a BIG problem in PVP because most class now can do damage in range. They can hit you but you can't hit them.
3.)Healing to full health ALONE takes too long and constanly dying crashes the game, so dying is not really a good option to heal too.

SKILL CHANGES SUGGESTIONS:This class PVP skills are badly designed and picked. It was obviously designed by a PVE GRINDER.
1.)Prime: Fist of Fury - 5/6sec Cooldown and Super Armor and please bring back the HP heal. We need our own Thunder Pound.
2.)Prime: Hidden Claw and Flow Savage Fang - Fully SA and please don't remove the backward I-frame.
3.)Prime: Rage Hammer - -DP debuff Good for PVP and PVE because this is our opener and the largest AOE skill.
4.)Prime: Sommersault - -DP debuff Bring it back! Why remove it? are there people complaining about our damage?.
5.)Rock Smash - Bigger AOE, Faster animation, Higher PVE/PVP Damage and Instanly/flow after Rage Hammer.
6.)Prime: Ankle Hook - Remove the second hit or make the animation alot faster if making it turn with the camera is a lot of work.
7.)Prime: Martial Deva - FG linger.
8.)Iron Fist Fury - Flow after Magnus skill Heart&Soul.
9.)Wolf Explosive Fang - Forward Guard. This class is not going to work without FG here. maybe make it only FG if used in succession.
10.)Prime: Wolfs Fang - Lower the Cooldown. Soul Basher have more damage and infinite SA and that skill is only 3sec CD.
11.)Prime: Wolfs Hunger - Fully I-frame. We need it as a skill that can be used to think in the middle of a fight.
12.)Prime: Adamatine - Put the +20AP of knee hammer here and the -20DP because that skill is too bugy to start a combo with.
13.)Prime: knee Hammer - This skill puts your enemy in your back and ruins your combo if used after a grab. Put the +20AP to Prime:Admantine instead, because the +20AP buff is too important to not be used in a combo.
14.)Prey Hunt - Activates longer version of Prime: Discharge buffs and 300HP heal.
15.)Wolfs Fang I-frames - It's too long, just allow us to use the I-frames after the skills themselves and remove the wolfs fang requirement.


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