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[Guide] PEN Capotia accessories for New Players!
Jun 18, 2024, 13:41 (UTC+8)
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Hello adventurers!

Retromay( aka Mr. RAT) bringing you some tips and tricks about how you can progress faster and make PEN Capotia accessories.

I would like to say that any Capotia accessories CANNOT be used while you are still a seasonal character! So keep in mind that these will be obtained for after your graduation! However, you can start working on these before you graduate.



2. What are Capotia accessories, and why do I want them?


Capotia accessories are accessories that, at base enhancement level, are equivalent to TRI yellow-grade accessories. What are yellow-grade accessories, you might ask? These are accessoriess with a yellow border, and each Capotia is "equivalent" to one specific yellow-grade accessory. For example, a base Capotia Ring is equal to a TRI Ring of the Crescent Guardian, whereas a PEN  Capotia Ring is equivalent to a TET  Ring of the Crescent Guardian.


When you're a seasonal character, you will only have access to Tuvala accessoriesPEN Tuvala accessory is equivalent to a TRI yellow-grade accessory, or a Base Capotia accessory. The main benefit is that Capotia accessories can still be enhanced/upgraded to PEN, making them equivalent to a TET yellow-grade accessory, meaning they exceed your Tuvala accessories very easily.


A little cheatsheet for this:

PEN Tuvala = Base Capotia = TRI Yellow-grade

PEN Capotia = TET Yellow-grade


PEN Capotia Ring = TET Ring of the Crescent Guardian (Which typically gets shortened to "Crescent Ring")

PEN Capotia Belt = TET Basilisk Belt

PEN Capotia Necklace = TET Ogre Ring / Layten Powerstone

PEN Capotia Earring = TET Narc (With a minor bonus stat exception)


These are the four PEN Capotia accessories that you can obtain:


Here's a little cheat sheet to show the improvements you'd get upgrading from PEN Tuvala to PEN Capotia:

PEN Tuvala Ring -> PEN Capotia Ring = +3 AP
PEN Tuvala Belt -> PEN Capotia Belt = +3 AP
PEN Tuvala Necklace -> PEN Capotia Necklace = +5 AP
PEN Tuvala Earring -> PEN Capotia Earring = +4 DP

 Ideally you would get one PEN Capotia Necklace, one PEN Capotia Belt, and two PEN Capotia Rings.

 3. How to get PEN Capotia Accessories?


As I mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to get these PEN Capotia Accessories. For the purpose of simplicity I am going to be explaining the process by picking a specific item from each method, but you're free to choose your own path. I would highly recommend sticking to the optimal 4 Capotia choices, though, as this will net you the best AP increase.


So let's take a look at the available methods!




3-1. Special Accessory for Growth Support & Dreamy Crystal of Balance

This method is the first one that is available to you, literally straight after logging in!


Open your Challenge Tab (Y) and you will see both of these challenges:


For this guide we will be picking the TRI Capotia Belt from the top challenge, and we will then claim the Dreamy Crystal of Balance from the lower challenge.

You will be able to claim one (1) of these Dreamy Crystals of Balance every day that you log in, for a total of 21 days, and therefore 21 Crystals.

These Dreamy Crystals of Balance can be used to get a guaranteed enhancement success on TRI Capotia and higher!

The amount required to do this is as follows:

TRI -> TET Capotia = 7 Crystals

TET -> PEN Capotia = 14 Crystals


So with the 21 Crystals that we get in total, we can enhance our TRI Capotia Belt to PEN, guaranteed and for free!

An example of what this will look like:




3-2. Reaching Level 62 on any Character + Fishing

This method will take the most amount of time, so it's good to start doing this early on! 


There are many ways to level up, but typically it's most efficient as a new player to complete the main questlines (Balenos through Valencia), grind to level 60 at Polly's Forest, quest to Level 61 with the Chenga Tome, and then find a friend or a Guildie who's willing to let you leech to 62. There are other methods to reach Level 62 as well, of course, but that's not the focus of this guide.


Once you reach Level 62, you will yet again receive a reward in your Challenge Tab (Y):


Now, as you know from the previous section, we can use another 21 Dreamy Crystals of Balance to enhance this beauty to PEN as well! But how will we get those, you might ask. Well, that's where the fishing part comes in!


You can fish for these "fish" called "Plump Coelecanth". They don't count as a fish in the traditional sense, but rather as an exchange currency! This link will show you exactly where you can get these Plump Coelecanths from fishing. You don't have to actively fish to get these, since your character will automatically reel the fish in after a certain amount of time has passed. To speed this process up, you can use a Seafood Cron Meal, as well as a +10 Balenos Fishing Rod.


Since these Plump Coelecanths are technically a currency, they go into your currency tab, which is this icon in the top right of your screen by default: 

They will be on the left side of the menu, and look like this:


When you've managed to get 75 total of these bad boys, you can exchange 25 of them three times for a grand total of 21 Dreamy Crystals of Balance!


Once you've done this, you can once again enhance your TRI Capotia accessory to a PEN one, guaranteed and for free!




3-3. Season Gift Exchange Coupons

Currently we're at 2/4 of our PEN Capotia line-up, and we've arrived at the final method. This method will be used twice, but for two different items.


This method is quite simply and very quick for the first time. All you have to do is create (or be on) a seasonal character, and reach Level 10. After which, you can go to your Season Pass. You can access this by clicking the following icon in the top right of your screen: 


Once here, you can claim the reward from the "Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 2" challenge: The "Season Gift Exchange Coupon"!


With this coupon you can head to Fughar, whoi is located near one of the Stable Keepers in any major city, and exchange it for a PEN Capotia Necklace through the "Season Special Gift" option. Once you're in this menu, you want to pick the "2021 Summer Season" reward.


To get the fourth and final PEN Capotia, you will have to graduate your current seasonal character and create another one and reach Level 10 again. Once you've done this, you would pick the "Summer Season" reward, making sure to pick the PEN Capotia Ring this time! 




3-4. What if I (accidentally) picked the wrong one?

Fear not! For Jetina is here to save the day!


Jetina is an NPC who is affiliated with the Old Moon Guild. She can be found near Fughar in any major city! If you have your PEN Capotia accessory in your inventory she will offer you a quest called "[EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory". Once you accept this quest, you talk to Jetina again, give her your "incorrect" PEN Capotia accessory, and she will then let you pick any of the four Capotia accessories at TET, as well as give you 14 Dreamy Crystals of Balance to get it back to PEN! Do note that this quest is only available once a day.




Congratulations! You now have all four optimal PEN Capotia accessories!

At this point you will keep these accessories for a good while! Eventually you will want to upgrade them, though.

Unfortunately, Capotia accessories cannot be sold on the Central Market, meaning you are unable to sell them for monetary gain. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any other usecases for these accessories.


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