Region War - Version 1.0 - Brain Storming
Sep 13, 2019, 10:30 (UTC+8)
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# 1

For Example

Pre requirement for all guild

Monday to Friday

Normal node war - any guild will control or guard those Baleno or Serendia Node


Satruday - 4 hr

Siege war - Baleno - A Guild , Serendia - B Guild


Region War - Declare on Saturday night


Baleno vs Serendia- 4hr

Baleno region - "A" guild will responsible or defence of whole baleno node, if there is a declared war from other region


Serendia declrared war on Baleno, which will get Baleno region alert which node will get attack but without number of guild

Serendia can attack in       2 way 1) heide pass node which is connecting node - northern guard camp is connect to heide pass node 

                                                    2) Sneak attack on baleno node without resouces - for example - altar of agris node without any resources, ( Serendia region will decide which serendia node guild will attack), offence guild can send army to attack this node without connecting which is "sneak attack". if winning , procede to connecting node area.


Heide pass node - Guild C occupied which is defence main guild, baleno owner or other baleno region node can send troops to help

Northern Guard camp - Guild D occupied which is main offence guild to atack Heide pass node. Serendia region or serendia node guild can send troops to attack.


if Heide Pass node main defence guild break, Serendia army can go for Baleno Forest or Forest of Plunder.



Serendia Region reward - tax will be increase depend on how many node winning, tax amount will distribute to those who participate in region war

Participate Guild reward - tax on that node


Special Reward

if winning on Baleno Forest - resouces can be collect like - ash timber, spirit leaf, sunrised herb, pile of sunrise herb

if winning on Altar of Agris - which node Red nose appear - may be there is a discount on buying red nose on cm, 10%, 20% , or get 1 on winning guild ( contributed point)


Full Winning Reward

Baleno region main guild castle break - guild who participate which get Region tax + earning RNG stat for a week - ap+15, dp+15, drop rate incease , exp incease, move speed+3 and  etc


Reset on Region war

4hr end,  back to normal on monday node war, therefor who occupied region war will bring the war


Allied Guild

allied information must be given on world allied list, or alert which your guild declared as enemy guild , allied guild not more than 3. 

Region war might more than 2 region, if there is a allied guild before conquest on saturday, therefore dont let enemy allied guild occupied other region.

the other way, allied region can help for defence too.



who own node without participate war


Contribution Calculation on war

in process





i try to link up all the game resouces to war, benefit for every participate guild

i will keep update or change in future if there is any new idea or comment. 

this is not the complete version, dont  blame me, just a suggetion and make more fun on game, thanks



















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