[Gathering Spots] Mythril Ores
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Hi! Shifaa here, or you can call me El from my family name ^ u ^)/

I just remembered i created a guide to mythril ores gathering spots for my guildies and friend back then, and i thought why not share it here too just in case someone needs it rite. So yea! Hope it helps!

Big thanks to Kass (Kassag ; ALAW) who showed me these spots I mentioned bellow! You can PM him a dad joke as a thanks too :D


So why you'd want to gather mythril ores, you ask?

Main reason probably you're doing the Igor Bartali's Adventure Log, Book 7 will requires you to gift a Manos Ruby Necklace to Islin Bartali.

Of course, you can just buy it straight from the Central Market (will cost you around 20mil-ish atm) then WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE JUST CLOSE THIS TAB YOU DONT NEED THIS GUIDE smh.

You still reading? Can we be friends? You must be a fellow nerd who likes to craft/gather their own stuffs huh? Cool! 8D


And just to give you more info this is what else you can use the Mythril for:

Source: BDO Crafting Notes (F2)


And yes, there's also a node where you can send your worker to gather mythril ores, but i heard it has low chance and not to mention it gonna cost u some CP and time.



so ye, dont bother. I dont think it's worth investing. WE WANT OUR MYTHRIL LIKE, RIGHT NOW RIGHT???


If you check Mythril Ore from here, you can find this map with pins on where you can found em ores.

And we’ll be focusing on 8 spots with 2 mythril ores in each spots, starts from near Gorgo Rock Belt until near Shakatu, and this will be your route map:


1. Gorgo Rock Belt

Park ur horse near the pond, and you’ll see a big tree near there with a pathway on its right, go through the path there and you’ll see a stone platform which u’ll need to climb on to get ur first two mythril ores!


2. Basilisk Den, Accross the River

Three Elder trees will become your guide here.

Park your horse by the first elder tree, then cross the river, climb up the mountain till you reach the 2nd elder tree, then walks up towards the 3rd elder tree. Make a U turn on top of the rock on the left side of the third elder tree and you’ll see the mythril ores behind em ~


3. The Fountain North from Kunid's Vacation Spot

This one is priddy self explanatory, 2 mythril ores hiding under the rock across from the fountain owo


4. The 'Trap' Cave

Park your horse until the next spot between the two big acacia trees there and you should be able to see the cave from that spot. Just climb there and gets urself inside the cave to the very bottom and you’ll get 2 mythril ores to mine.

There’s a high chance for you to get trapped there and cant get out, either just try to spam space or Q trying to get out, or just simply esc>escape!


5. Crease on Cadry Ruins

Leave your horse on the 4th spot parking place, and head to the south there until you reach a body water with a structure and some cadry mobs. Look for a crease, and climb there.

Be careful not too slipped ur way too deep or you’ll fall onto another trap cave!


6. The Three Palm Trees Intersection

Get back on to your horse and heads to the pinned point. You’ll see three palm trees there with a cave behind them, ez climb there for your mythril ores~


7. Villa's Intersection

Head to the north from your last spot to the intersection bellow two villas.

You’ll see a high platform near a tunnel, just ez climb there and the ores are pretty much exposed o/


8. Last but not Least

Go to south from Shakatu till you see a turn there. Park your horse by the dead tree, and head to the left you’ll see 2 harpies and 1 tombback crab, kiss them goodbye and go behind them to get your mythril ores!

From here you can just go server hop and backtrack the spots :3



You can 'kindly' ask me for a live guide, I'd be happy to help you if i'm available!

I'm sorry I cant provide you with video guide, i hope my doodle-ish screenshots are clear enuff to guide you ; - ; )

And while you're at it, if you like this guide why you dont check the Fanart Section of the Forum? I made some posts in there too that you can check! :D

Good luck, adventurers! ;D

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Thank you so much for this helpful guide.

Since I've been doing this rotation a lot, I've made a roadmap with the key areas from Shifaa's guide. 




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How did u even find them in the first place?? They are all hidden. Thank you so much for making this guide <3 

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3 Years later this guide is still helpful and easy to understand! Thank you for making this 


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This guide will forever be helpful, perk of MMORPG (they never touch ancient things)

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