[Story] A Few Drinks
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Valley Lily Inn

The Valley Lily Inn, the inn by northern Heidel City, is owned by Grace Lauren.

Grace Lauren is known as the Queen of Heidel Market Street, she once took over the whole of Heidel business operations using the power of her noble background and the help of the Lord Domongatt. She also became the first Head of the League of Merchants after tremendously contributing to the establishment of the union.

She has handed over the presidency to her cousin Bobby Lauren and is running a big inn near Heidel Castle now at the advice of Jordine. [src]

Since the Xian Merchant Guild gained the title for the Golden Toad Inn, a lot of their former patrons now went to the Valley Lily Inn.

A Few Drinks

Tired All Day

Florentino Ibarra went to the Valley Lily Inn after a day’s work. There he was greeted by two Heidel guards, Marcus and Samson, that are seated with food laid at the table as he passes through the door.

“Ibarra! Over here!” The two guards shouted as they wave their hands.

Florentino smiles and approaches the two, “Started eating without me, are we? How are you two doing?”

“Best day of the month!” Samson said, “We got our wages and also some bonus because of the upcoming holiday.”

“Oh, it’s that time of the year again, is it?” Florentino sits beside Samson and looks for the waitress, “Waitress? Four tankards of your cold draft beer, por favor. Two for me and one for my friends here.”

“Starting strong, are we?” Marcus said, “Rough day?”

“You can say that…”

“Come on, Florentino,” “you can tell us.”

“I probably should not, this is business.” Florentino then sighs, “All I can say is that it has been a long and tiring day.”

The waitress arrives and puts the tankards of cold draft beer in front of the four, “Enjoy your drink, sirs.”

“Thank you,” Florentino then reaches for the two tankards and starts chugging.

“That rough huh…” Samson said as he sees Florentino trying to drown in beer.

“Waitress!” Florentino shouts, “Keep the beer flowing!”


A few hours have passed and the tankards of beer keep piling up by Florentino’s side.

“Wow, Florentino, you sure can drink,” Marcus said.

“Well, it’s been rough! I needed a drink,” Florentino said sluggishly.

“Clearly you needed more than just ‘a‘ drunk.”

“These people complaining and the naggy-naggy nag. And these… people… willing to just throw their problems at other people when clearly they’re the ones at fault! I’m this close to having enough of it all! Honestly, if it weren’t for my position I would’ve dealt with them in another way.”

“Well, you didn’t and you know why you didn’t?” Samson said.


“Because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Samson’s right,” Marcus said, “You take it to yourself to just let them be because it’s clear that they’ll not change no matter how hard you tried.”

“But look,” Florentino said, “what I’ve only been doing is feeding their egos. Everyone around those types of people as well is just feeding their ego.”

Dragon Problem

Florentino sighs, “And this job… this job I’ve accepted recently along with this guy who came from Drieghan with a little red dragon for a pet. We were assigned to escort Kamasylvia’s Ganelle elf delegate during her stay in Heidel. Now guess what? This guy has the audacity to be all chummy with her.”

“HAH! Like you’re the one to talk,” Samson said.

“No, no, no. This is different see. Sure I would take her out for dinner and all that but this is work. If it’s work, I’m quite serious about it.”

“Sure…” Marcus and Samson said sarcastically.

“I’m telling the truth!”

“Sure you are,” Samson said sarcastically.

“How about continuing with your story?” Marcus said.

Florentino is getting dozy slowly, “What? Oh, right. Anyways, now these two are in the other room because the delegate saw roaches in her room. They closed the door shut so the little buggers won’t go to the living room. Now I’m left with the little dragon in the living room. Don’t get me wrong, the little rascal is cute… until it starts running around and just started scratching the furniture, crapping at the rug, and just starts peeing all over the place.”

“Oh god…”

“I’ve spent the first! Three! Hours! Trying to catch the dragon and calm it down but nothing can calm that dragon. Nothing! Now, you’ll think that the dragon’s owner would hear what’s going on. No, he did not. They’re making so much screaming and banging in the other room because of the roach infestation in the Embassy building. I’m now trying to fix the living room. Oh, don’t get me started about the furniture, that’ll cost me a year’s worth of my savings. And the rug! The rug! How do you remove the stains and the smell!?”

Need Another Drink

Florentino then grabs another tankard of beer and starts drinking it to the last drop.

“Now then,” Florentino continues, “when the door finally opens, their clothes and hair are all messy. Probably because the roaches prove harder than they’ve anticipated. To their surprise, the whole living room was a mess.”

“I don’t think it’s because of the roaches, Florentino…” Samson said.

“Well, whatever it is, this guy just scolded the dragon and acts like it’s nothing! And the delegate even giggles and said the dragon is cute. Can’t you believe it!?”

Florentino then sighs, “I need another drink.”

“I think you’ve had enough.” Marcus then looks for the waitress, “Hey Sonia?”

Happy Hour

The waitress then approaches them.

“Sonia, what do we owe you? That was delicious.” Marcus said.

“Oh, just 50 silvers.”

“Alright, let’s see if I got some here in my pockets.”

“Best deal in the city.”

Florentino then turns around and looks at Sonia, “Sonia, I’m gonna give you 500 silvers but you’ll have to give me more than er… heh…”

“Oh no,” Samson said then laughs hard.

“That’s not gonna happen,” Sonia said, “It’s not gonna happen.”

Samson then looks at Florentino, “Let’s leave that on a good note, shall we?”

“I’m gonna be sick,” Florentino said.

“Well, you had a number of tankards, I’m not surprised.”

“Sick bucket’s outside,” Sonia said.

“Hey, can I get some of those apples to go, Sonia?” Marcus said.

“Oh, these here big ones? Yeah, those are on the house, man.”

“On the house! Oh yeah, thanks.”

Florentino is now swaying sideways. “Can I get my hands on your big ones?”

Marcus and Samson start laughing.

“You sure can’t.”

“Alright, Florentino, that’s enough,” Marcus said then looks at Sonia, “Sonia, let me apologize for our friend here. He’s had kind of a… kind of a rough day.”

“A rough night, I see.”

Be Leaving Now

After a couple of minutes, Florentino then pays for his order and stands up slowly. “I think I’m going to head out first.”

“Alright, good night, Florentino,” Marcus said, “Be careful on your way back to your house.”

“Yes, yes. You and Samson are my good friends.”

“Yes, we love you too,” Samson said, “I think I’m going to head out as well, my wife’s with her parents along with our kinds and they’re coming home this evening.”

“Stay safe, Samson,” Marcus said, “Speaking of which. I think my wife’s waiting for me to go home too.”

A Fine Night

Florentino went outside and starts stretching his arms.

“Wow, what a beautiful night,” Florentino said then took a deep breath, “Marcus was right, I think I have too much to drink.”

A few seconds later, Marcus and Samson went outside. They all bid their farewells and the two went their separate ways, leaving Florentino by the door.

Florentino then sighs. This will be a great hangover tomorrow…


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