[Story] Adventure of My Own – Part 1
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Noble Quarters

One peaceful sunny morning near the Ibarra family home at Calpheon’s Noble District just near the fountain and the archway leading to the Church of Elion and the Kalis Parliament.

The other Calpheonian nobles are casually walking by, some are talking with their friends, there’s also a choir performing near the fountain.

Suddenly, a large bang is heard by the Ibarra family home. Its door is wide open. Then comes out a female Shai with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears an orange rimmed glasses, a sky blue and white dress, gloves, and sandals, with her right sleeve rolled up and a large book strapped on her left side, what seems like a small tree inside a glass ball strapped on her right side, and a Florang almost as tall as her attached to her back.

“I’ll be on my way!” The Shai said in a loud but cheery manner.

“Stay safe now!” A voice with a deep baritone coming from inside the house shouted back.

Commander Present

This person with a deep baritone voice slowly steps outside from the dark shadows of inside the house. Revealing a large male figure wearing what it seems like a red, black, and white Calpheonian noble military uniform with golden embroidery together with gold, red, and black sash with several medals attached to it.

This man is quite tanned with black hair and blue eyes, with a scar located on his right eye.

“A fine day it is today,” the man said.

He looks to his left to see three Calpheonian noblewomen looking at him, all giggling and hiding their faces with their handheld fans.

“Ladies,” he said as he closes his eyes and lowers his head. This made the noblewomen in the middle swoon, her two friends try to support her and prevent her from falling to the ground.

Moments later several soldiers that are currently making their way to the Kalis Parliament suddenly stops in front of this man then salutes.

“Commander Ibarra!” The soldiers shouted in unison.

This man they call “Commander” simply nods, then the soldiers continue their way to Kalis Parliament.

“It seems they’re finally sending troops to aid Drieghan,” he said then makes his way inside the house, closing the door behind him.

The inside of the house is finely furnished with simplicity, it’s not something you’ll find that fit for Calpheonian nobility. The Ibarra family finds simplicity is best.

“So, you’re finally letting Lorrelle go on an adventure?” A male voice said.

Commander Ibarra looks to his left and sees a man in black robes crossing his arms while sitting by the couch, it’s Montgomery Ibarra.

“Yes, brother,” Commander Ibarra said.

Montgomery stands up, “Are you sure? You’re quite overprotective of her ever since the day you took her in.”

“Yes, I’m fine, brother.”

Lesson Learned

“Oh? The great Crisostomo Ibarra who is overprotective of his daughter is finally allowing her to roam outside the safety of the walls of Calpheon City?”

“Well… when you put it that way…” Crisostomo turns around and is about to put his hand on the door’s handle.

Montgomery quickly extends his right hand towards the door and casts a spell just as quickly. Now, Crisostomo is having difficulty opening the door, as if the handle is just attached to an immovable wall.

“Open the door, brother,” Crisostomo lets go of the door and braces to kick the door open.

“Don’t even try to-”

Before Montgomery finishes his sentence, Crisostomo went flying to the other side of the room after kicking the door.

“-kick… the door…” Montgomery approaches Crisostomo and leans forward, “What have we learned?”

Crisostomo groans, “Not to kick a magical door.”

“Good,” Montgomery then helps Crisostomo stand up and brush the dust off his brother’s uniform, “Lorrelle is a good kid, a resourceful one too. She’ll be fine.”

Concerned Father

“I know, brother, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

“I said she’ll be fine!” Montgomery assures Crisostomo, “She’ll never get anywhere in this world if you just make her stay here for the rest of her life.”

Crisostomo them makes his way to the stairs and starts walking up the stairs.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to my study,” Crisostomo looks at Montgomery, “Can I please go to my study at least?”

“No funny business?”

“No funny business, I promise.”

Montgomery nods, “Good, now I’ll be going to the College library and I don’t want to cast a binding spell on you again, so you best well behave.”

“I won’t! Sheesh, give me more credit than that.”

Montgomery extends his right hand to the door and removed the spell he has cast earlier. He then raises his staff and hits the ground with it. A bright flash of light then engulfs him. When the bright light finally faded, he vanished.

“I’m going to make Jacinto watch over her from the shadows,” Crisostomo mutters.

As Crisostomo enters his study and closes the door behind him, he walks towards the open window overseeing the plaza. He closes his eyes and took a deep breath. As he opens his eyes, he looks up to the sky.

“It has been over 2 years huh.”

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# 2

Can't wait to be a guest in the story.


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# 3

I want to be there when that 'one' Character dies. Front seats pls.. ?

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# 4

As always, great story! *w*

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# 5

Rumours has it Aura is in the next few chapters, I want to make appointment to be in it too...... go away Reinswoth! I booking !

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# 6

It's not a rumor. We already did the photo shoot Sunday after Vel. It's just a question of WHEN not IF. I'm excited!


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# 7

OMG! OMG!! Can't wait to get featured too!!!! 


(Sorry too late to jump on the wagon.. Donkey leg too short)

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