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Kuuro's Cooking Guide pt1 - No Cook Imperial
Dec 13, 2020, 15:28 (UTC+8)
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Hey fellow adventurers, 

Your friendly Lifeskill Supporter here, Kuuro. I'm an end-game lifeskiller that you can chat with at Florin Neighbourhood Chat. :) 

Making this guide for people who would like to maximize profit from imperial and from cooking. 


This guide is part of my Cooking Guide Series. Please note that this guide is intended for people who already have an understanding of cooking and imperial and does not dive deep into how to start cooking. 

Part 1 - No Cook Imperial

Part 2 - Cooking for CM -

Part 3 - [Open for Request]


Imperial Cooking is a lifeskill that you can earn around 80mil or way more per day. This guide is the lazy way capitalize on this and is highly recommended if you're not utilizing this to boost your silver. You can boost an alt to Guru 1 cooking, equip it with the below, park it in a city that doesn't quickly wipe its imperial quota like Dreighan, Grana, or Valencia and you can reap your daily silvers. The profit from making it yourself will be higher but the marginal difference does not justify the hassle of gathering and collecting all the materials. 


As an example, having full Tri Loggia Acce + Guru 1 Cooking will net you around 40 million silver per day at 200 CP, 60 million silver per day at 300 CP, and 80 million silver per day at 400 CP and this is WITHOUT cooking. It is also possible to do this with Master Cooking however Guru Cooking maximizes the daily profit. 

Let's get into the details how. 


In simplified manner: 

1. Get 1 second cooking time. This is attainable by getting the above gear (+4 silver embroider cook's clothes, life spirit stone) and using Seafood Cron Meal to cook with an advanced cooking utensil (all of which can be obtained from the market). The loggia accessories are optional but are a cheap way to boost your profit and exp. It is recommended that you get a TET Roroju Cook's Clothes that you wear when turning in your boxes. 

2. Power level to Guru 1 Cooking. Powerlevelling to Guru 1 cooking is quite easy as long as you keep spamming your cooking. Recommended recipes to spam are below. 

3. Buy cooked dishes from CM after you run out and you don't have to cook ever again. People dispose of their meal in CM as they are aiming for Guru 50 Cooking regardless of profit. 


Recommended dishes to cook for Power Levelling your Cooking: 

1. Date Palm Wine - 1000 exp per dish, very spammable, and can be liquidated through CM

2. Vinegar (400 exp) into Pickled Vegetable (400 exp) - Very spammable and gives a ton of delicacies as you got to keep spamming vinegar. Good way to raise CP while raising cooking exp. 

3. Valencia Meal (2400 exp) is not bottlenecked by milk, eggs, and other common bottlenecks. You can buy the submeals (Hamburg, Teff Sandwich, Couscous, Date Palm Wine, and Fig Pie) from CM and you can assemble for exp and box this once you're Guru. Note that you are making less profit this way than buying assembled Valencia Meals from CM as the mats can be expensive but they will always give positive profit if you box them for Guru Box. This is best used with Lifeskill Exp Buffs like scrolls, Lara's Milk Tea, etc. 


This method is also viable if you're a cook that is hassled by all the bottlenecks. Due to Oasis Meals, cooking is not very profitable beyond imperial and buying from CM is a quick and easy way to avoid these bottlenecks. 


Let's take a look at some maths. As lifeskill mastery is rather linear, we should expect similar yields at lower or higher mastery. 


At Guru 1 with TRI Loggia Accessories, we're expecting that you'd be around 550 cooking mastery with Silver Embroidered and have 800 mastery when turning in your meals. 

In summary: 

Cooking Balenos Meal yourself yields 73mil profit per 200 boxes. This requires you to assemble and go through all the bottlenecks. 

Buying Balenos Meal from CM yields 60.5mil profit per 200 boxes. This requires you to only buy Guru Meals from CM. 


Maths below: 

If you cook all from scratch and sell your rare procs, you're looking at making 73mil profit from making Balenos Meal yourself per 4800 meals (equivalent to 200 boxes). 

Math from buying Balenos Meal from CM: 

Current Balenos Price - 24,000 Silver or 72,000 Silver for Special 

Profit Per Box at 800 turn in mastery: 878,720 Silver

Each box of Guru Box using Balenos needs 24 Normal Balenos or 8 Special Balenos Meals. 

878,720 - (24,000 X 24) = 302,720 per box or 60.5 Million profit per 200 boxes. 


The similar math can be done for Valencia (making valencia yourself yields about 29.5% more profit) but it still cannot justify the hassle of having to gather lion, scorpion, and snake. 


The meals you generally buy are: 

1. Balenos Meal (24 Meals per box, 8 Special Meals per box) 

2. Valencia Meal (18 Meals per box, 6 Special Meals per box) 

3. Mediah Meal (15 Meals per box, 5 Special Meals per box) 


Just calculate it using the below formula: 

[320,000 X (250% + Bonus from your Mastery)]- (Meals total cost) = Profit 


In conclusion, if you are time conscious and you value your time, buying from CM is best as cooking is still a semi-AFK activity and can eat into your game time. 


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Thank you for promoting imperial, now my meals will sell!! Thanks Kuuro!!
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On: 2020-12-13 15:44, By: Tanzaki
Thank you for promoting imperial, now my meals will sell!! Thanks Kuuro!!
0 Minutes ago

Look out for part 2 as this discusses profit in making meals for CM. You might be making less profit than what you thought. 

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On: 2020-12-13 15:45, By: Valfrelea

Look out for part 2 as this discusses profit in making meals for CM. You might be making less profit than what you thought. 

9 Minutes ago

Okay, I'll check it out when it comes out!

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After reading this, I feel like rerolling to a chef from shai. Only thing I been cooking is BEER for workers...


More more more please, our LIFE SKILL GODDESS!!


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bruh thank you so much
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Thanks for the awesome guide!

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