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Kuuro's Cooking Guide pt2 - Cooking for CM
Dec 13, 2020, 16:31 (UTC+8)
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Hey guys, 


Bringing part 2 of Kuuro's Cooking Guide. This time let's discuss one of the most asked questions to me - Cooking for the Central Market and cooking for profit beyond Imperial. On part 1, we've discussed the fact that buying meals from CM will save you the hassle of cooking and still earn a ton from imperial. This time, let's discuss how to profit beyond imperial if you want to cook as a semi-afk lifeskiller. [I hope cooks don't hate me for this xD] 


Part 1:


This guide is not beginner friendly and assumes you already know what you're doing and have the necessary set up. 


In this guide: 

1. Can you profit by selling cooked stuff in CM? 

2. How to calculate profit? 

3. Calculating profit for big meals - Valencia Meal and Balenos Meal 

4. What dishes are profitable to make for CM? 

5. Minimum profit due to delicacies

6. Warning when cooking for CM 

7. Silver Embroidered vs Manos Cook's Clothes 


1. Can you profit by selling cooked stuff in CM? 

The short answer is definitely YES. This is given you have 1 second cooking time and you are calculating properly using bdodae ( 


2. How to calculate profit? 

In order to calculate profit for simple things like Fig Pie, Date Palm Wine, Dressing, Vinegar, Essence of Liquor, just use bdodae linked above but change the proc rates depending on your mastery with the below table. It's very straight forward. This only becomes complicated when you're calculating for big meals like Balenos or Valencia as they require submeals. 


Mastery table: 



Below is an example of profit you can look forward to with 10,000 batches of Hamburg (this is calculated with my 1400 mastery). 


3. Calculating profit for big meals - Valencia Meal and Balenos Meal or other big meals

The common mistake people do is they think the big meals give a lot of profit. This is actually incorrect and given the current market and due to Oasis Meals, big meals REDUCE your overall profit and are ONLY done for exp or for your own imperial. Generally, submeals (components that make up the main meal) are more profitable to sell than the main meal itself as people buy this for exp. How do we calculate this? 


Go to BDODae and enter the recipe as if you're buying the submeals. This is because this allows you to check if the submeal is more profitable to sell than assembling the main meal. Let's look at the example below calculated using the current market prices. The below is calculated using 1400 Mastery (Guru 48, TET Manos Accessory, 5000 batches). 


As we can see on the above table, you're making -117 MILLION if you assemble the main meal instead of selling the submeals. If you sold the submeals, you would have pocketed away more profit. The same trend can be observed for other big meals such as Balenos, Calpheon, Mediah, and Kama Meals. Just be careful to check which submeal is profitable to sell. 


4. What dishes are profitable to make for CM? 

Profit levels vary depending on your mastery so make sure to use the above table and use bdodae. Some profitable recipes below in order of most profit (1 having the most profit, 15 having the least). Please note the below table are the ones I used to make hence cooking other things may also be viable and profitable. I checked the below dishes and they are still very profitable given the current economy.

1. Teff Sandwich

2. Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt

3. Couscous

4. Grilled Scorpion

5. Freekeh Snake Stew

6. Pan-Fried Oyster

7. Stir-Fried Bracken

8. King of Jungle Hamburg

9. Ghormeh Sabzi

10. Whale Meat Salad

11. Stir-Fried Vegetables

12. Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich

13. Soft Bread

14. Smoked Fish Steak

15. Fig Pie 


5. Minimum profit due to delicacies

When cooking, you get the bi product Witch's Delicacy. This guarantees some level of profit per hour as you can exchange this for Milk or Beer. It is recommended you only exchange this for money once you have 400 CP. As long as you keep cooking and you maintain 1 sec cooking, delicacies guarantee profit of 20 million to 50 million per hour (Starting at 0 mastery to 1400 mastery respectively) if you straight sell the milk/beer to CM or you can double this if you overnight process cheese (Cheese sells slowly however). The higher your mastery, the more delicacies you'll net per hour. 


This is why some people spam Vinegar, Essence of Liquor, Dressing, Teff Bread, Date Palm Wine, etc as cooking semi AFK can be very profitable as long as you sell the vinegar/EOL to break even and sell milk/beer/cheese. 


6. Warning when cooking for CM 

The biggest bottleneck for cooking for CM is NOT eggs, milk, meat, etc. It's the amount of sales you'd be able to do per day. This is why I spammed vinegar from Guru 28 -> Guru 32 due to the minimum profit I get from delicacies. When I was boosting my cooking level before, I was rotating 10-20 dishes that I can liquidate to CM as selling them takes time and CM cooking is fiercely competitive with people undercutting your listing all the time. In my experience, the best profitable submeals that sell are Teff Sandwich and Hamburg as people often buy these to boost cooking exp and these submeals itself give 1600 exp. 


7. Silver Embroidered vs Manos Cook's Clothes 

Another frequent question I get is if people should cook with Silver Embroidered or Manos Cook's Clothes. I've personally tried PEN Manos Cook's clothes and cooking with it shrinks the profit per hour to 1/3 to 1/2 what SE gives and Manos Cook's also REDUCES your delicacies per hour due to the slow cook time. I wouldn't recommend getting Manos Cook's and for practical reasons, TET Roroju Cook's Clothes is most practical as you use this when turning in your imperial meals. 5 billion for a little bit of extra profit using TET Manos is not worth the practicalioty of TET Roroju for only 1 bil.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and I'll address them. 

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Kuurotsuki, report date services still up for you hehehe !

Happy Cooking Life skill Goddess!


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I've even used my 1 dura PRI manos kuru for turning in.. ;)

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On: 2020-12-15 18:52, By: MeisterBlank

I've even used my 1 dura PRI manos kuru for turning in.. ;)

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This is extreme xD But ye, it works. 


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